This page features character builds for experienced players how are looking for another way to play this game. It is about the challenge and self-chosen handicap. For people who love this game and would like to enjoy it one more time but different.

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Estus Flask
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Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
Jedi Knight Blue Sword
Healing Items
Please consider your journey till Velstadt as your apprenticeship. As soon as you defeat him grab your Blue Flame and maybe a second one and get yourself dressed. You can get everything you need from the Leydia Pyromancer in the Undead Crypt. If you would like to use two swords, consider making your offhand as a poison infusion and your main hand as magic. I recommend using the four rings: Stone Ring, Ring of Giants, Third Dragon Ring and the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring. As for your appearance take the Leydia White Hood and Robe for the Legs I recommend Verlstadts and for Hand Lion Mage Cuffs since I don't see Jedis wearing gloves. For the spells try to use “Jedilike” appearance like Magic Weapon and Great Magic Weapon and Shockwave / Great Heavy Soul Arrow for “Force push” etc. Keep yout Twinkling Titanite during your apprenticeship, don't spend them.
Update your swords first till +5. If you are using Verlstadts legs, you should update them second. Fully updating your Armor (appearance) will rise your survivability very well.
Please keep in mind, that this is just a game and you do this for pure enjoyment, so feel free to customize as much as you like :). Try not to use Shields and Bows, never forget, it is not all about efficiency, being handicapped is a part of the challenge.
See this Video for a short presentation.
Thank you for your contribution and praise the sun!

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