Undead Devourers are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered on the right side of the mansion Majula .
  • Undead Devourers appear to be small, hollowed boars. They are almost always encountered in groups
  • Undead Devourers move and attack slowly, as well as deal poor damage, but have high HP and can be a nuisance if attacking in groups
  • The three little piglets near the Majula mansion can sometimes be replaced with 2 larger boars, it seems that they appear after the 3 piglets have been killed numerous times by the player.
  • Once these 2 boars have been killed a couple of times, 1 very big boar replaces them. After it has been killed, no boars seem to respawn.
  • Giant Undead Devourers appear in NG+ at Brightstone Cove Tseldora. They cause bleed build up and can stagger players with low poise
  • Provided you can manage to hit them, Soul Appease is an effective way to deal with them (the smaller pigs in Majula can be one hit Soul Appease, however they appear to be so small that if not on level ground the spell will "miss" them).

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