Majula Mansion (Abandoned House)

An abandoned house located in the coastal hub area of Majula, not a separate area itself.
Requires the House Key from Cale the Cartographer to gain access.

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Each bonfire with their intensity up to +10.

Map of Drangleic

This house features a map of Drangleic carved into the floor of a large room with bonfires that burn in locations representing the main boss bonfires and where they have been defeated.
When 8 Bonfire Ascetic have been burnt, the flame for that bonfire now burns blue instead of red. It is yet to be discovered what will happen when they all burn blue, perhaps nothing at all.

NPCs in the Area

  1. Cale the Cartographer



  • x1 Soul Vessel (for list of items temporarily replacing the Soul Vessel, check the events page.)
  • x1 Pharros' Lockstone
  • x3 Titanite Shard
  • x3 Torch
  • x1 Great Club (reskined to bloody version, on NG+)
  • x1 Murakumo (reskined to white handle, on NG+)
  • x1 Longsword (reskined to blue blade, on NG+)
  • x1 Blacksteel Katana (reskined to white handle, on NG+)



  • Skeleton - Their numbers are equal to the bonfire intensity of the Majula bonfire (i.e. intensity = 2, there will be 2 skeletons), capping at 8. Each are guaranteed to drop a Human Effigy. They will not respawn unless intensity of bonfire is increased.


Required Bonfires to light up the flames


  • It is only required that 8 Bonfire Ascetics are burnt at each designated bonfire, killing the boss is not required (although it is when burning Ascetics).
  • NG level doesn't count towards the blue fire, only if 8 Ascetics were burnt.
  • Reskinned weapons can also be found on the chest when there is an official Event.

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