Majula Mansion (Abandoned House)

An abandoned house located in the coastal hub area of Majula, not a separate area itself.
Requires the House Key from Cale the Cartographer to gain access.

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Each bonfire with their intensity up to +10.

Map of Drangleic

This house features a map of Drangleic carved into the floor of a large room with bonfires that burn in locations representing the main boss bonfires and where they have been defeated.
When 8 Bonfire Ascetic have been burnt, the flame for that bonfire now burns blue instead of red. This is purely visual; nothing happens if all the fires have been turned blue.

NPCs in the Area

  1. Cale the Cartographer



  • x1 Soul Vessel (for list of items temporarily replacing the Soul Vessel, check the events page.)
  • x1 Pharros' Lockstone
  • x3 Titanite Shard
  • x3 Torch
  • x1 Great Club (reskined to bloody version, on NG+)
  • x1 Murakumo (reskined to white handle, on NG+)
  • x1 Longsword (reskined to blue blade, on NG+)
  • x1 Blacksteel Katana (reskined to white handle, on NG+)



  • Skeleton - Their numbers are equal to the bonfire intensity of the Majula bonfire (i.e. intensity = 2, there will be 2 skeletons), capping at 8. Each are guaranteed to drop a Human Effigy. They will not respawn unless intensity of bonfire is increased.


Required Bonfires to light up the flames


  • It is only required that 8 Bonfire Ascetics are burnt at each designated bonfire, killing the boss is not required (although it is when burning Ascetics).
  • NG level doesn't count towards the blue fire, only if 8 Ascetics were burnt.
  • Reskinned weapons can also be found on the chest when there is an official Event.

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