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NPC Dialogue is a page dedicated to all NPC dialogue for Dark Souls 2, including any unused lines.

Ancient Dragon[Just SFX with the text overlay, but still 'dialogue'.]
  • "The murk shifts and stirs.. Yet another stands before us.. Then so be it. For the curse of life, is the curse of want. And so, you peer.. Into the fog, in hope of answers."

Bell Keepers
  • "Undead! UUUNDEAD! Keep your hands off our bell! The great bell of Alken! The bell belongs to the Princess it do. Stay back or we slice; slice ya to bits! Me and my chums we shan't be miffed."
  • "Stay back or your pieces! TIIINIEST PIECES! [maniacal laughter]"
  • "A loong looong time ago the Princess she maaade me, yeees, just like so. To guard this bell for the Prince's honor. Stay away foul undead or you'll be a goner! [maniacal giggle]"
  • "Stay back! It belongs to the Princess it do!"
  • [a lot of assorted maniacal laughter]
  • "You wish to guard the beelll, you dooo? For the Prince? and the Princess? Forever? For true?" [when saying yes] Ha! AHAHA! Here, for you. When you're 'round the bell, you'll be brought near.. When the bell is in trouble the ring brings you.. Here. Slice em' to shreds, whoever they are, wherever whoever be they near be they far! Slice em' to pieces for the Princess! [more laughter]"
  • "[When saying no to covenant offer] Useless fool, filthy undead! Be gone! Right now or it's off with your head! [maniacal laughter]"
  • "Bahahaha! The princess made me! To guard the Bell of Alken! IN alken the BELL of the Princess! In then, the bell, of, the prince. YYYES!"
  • "Tear em' to shreds, tear em' to bits! Gather around and ring the bell swift!"
  • "We've been ringing this bell forever we have! [maniacal laughter]"
  • "That's it! BRAVO! Tear em' to shreds! Slice em' and dice em' and bring me their heads! [maniacal laughter]"
  • "BRAAVO, my friend, look how they've bled! Keep slicin' and dicin' til they're all little shreds. [maniacal laughter]"
  • "YOOUU are the best! The absolute [inhale].. BEST. [maniacal laughter]"
  • "[combat] Bah! I'll slice YOU to shreds!"
  • "[combat] Slice you to pieces! Miiiniature pieces.."
  • "[death] [laughter]"
  • "[reward] Take these. Take em'! Take em', for you.. [maniacal laughter]"
  • "[unused] Keep your hands off our bell! The GREAT bell of Then! ['Then' is really the only difference here. Alken is still mentioned as the then bell's location.]"

Benhart of Jugo
  • "Have you business with me? The way yonder's all blocked up, you see. By this... god-awful statue. Heavens above! Who thought it a good idea to put it there? Sigh... I'm in quite the pickle, now."
  • "See that statue? Gives me the willies. Stare at it for long enough and it starts to look alive. It just does nae seem quite right. There are no craftsmen around these parts! Hey.. you don't think a real life person... was turned to stone, do ya?"
  • [after unpetrifying Rosabeth] "What? Clearing the way was your doing was it? Hmph. Didn't think you had it in ya pal. No no no that's not like it sounds no. It was a.. Pleasant surprise that's all. Name's Benhart. Thanks to you.. I can resume my journey. If we share the same path i'm sure.. That we, are gonna meet again. I'll repay my debt to you in battle. I swear it by my sword."
  • "The road ahead's gonna be long, but i'm here. To help! Hahahaha! I am in yer debt. It's a true man who honors his debts, and i'll see mine paid. I swear it. By my ancient sword."
  • "Ooh.. Well met, friend! Good to see you're well. Yes aha, very good indeed."
  • "I journeyed from the distant east to perfect my swordsmanship. Legend has it.. That powerful beings slumber in this land."
  • "My sword, it's been in my family for generations. And only a real man can wield it true. I may face.. Any manner of man or beast, but none shall be a match for my sword. Bahahahaha!"
  • "This land is a right mess, eh? King's gone, the people have a.. Mad glint in their eyes. The land itself is overrun by terrible beasts.. No better place to test my sword, eh? Bahahaha!"
  • "Well! We meet again! What're you doin here? Who'da thought we'd meet in a place like this? Haha."
  • "Fate just won't let us stay apart, will she? Bahahaha!"
  • "See the old sword's caught your attention. Well, you've a good eye then. Has been in my family for generations. They say.. It is crafted, with moonlight. And we all know what that means.. It wards off evil. And i would ne'er trade that for all the riches in the world."
  • "They say that no man has teased out the sword's true power. But in the right hands, bahaha.."
  • "I see you've taken a liking to the sword. Well, i applaud you. For you've a sharp eye. But this is one sword one pal that i will nae be giving up. If you still insist on having it.. Then you will have to pry it from my cold hands! Bahahaha!"
  • "I've a great debt to you, and i'll never forget it. I Benhart, swear by my honor to aid you in your darkest hours, so nae problem pal."
  • "Oh.. Look at you old friend. I see your travels weigh upon you yet. Just remember. I'm always ready to help."
  • "My homeland is in the far east. A kingdom of honorable fighting men. And this sword yet awaits a true man to wield it. I know swords think you see.. Bahahah!"
  • [combat] "Very well.. I benhart, would be honored to chop you to pieces. You're a sorry waste of life. You knew this would happen."
  • [combat] "Gaah! Enough of that!"
  • [death] "Hey.. How dare you.. What's done.. is done."
  • [reward] "A man's journey is never done. We have out-witted death.. a good many times. Ohoho my dear friend. Take these."
  • [unused] "Hey! kind soul!(?) Would you open this please?"
  • [unused] "I'm powerless in here. Pleeease.. Oh, dear me.. PLEEEASE.. Aw, drat. By the gods.."
  • [unused] "Bah.. What an embarrassment that was. Look here.. I'm in your debt."
  • [unused] "How naive i've been.."
  • [unused] "Ohh.. Hello there. Thanks for helping me pal!"

Blacksmith Lenigrast
  • "Who are you? Oh it doesn't matter.. Just help me open this door. I packed my tools in here, seeing it was vacant. But now somebody's gone and locked the door. I'm a blacksmith. I'm nothing without my tools."
  • "Ah yes, very good. Now i can get to work! But first, let me set up. Come again later."
  • "You. Stand back. This is dangerous work. The name's.. Lenigrast. Just a simple blacksmith."

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