The Bell Keepers are a pvp and invasion-themed Covenant in Dark Souls 2. Upon joining the covenant the player will be given a Bell Keeper's Seal ring, and five Rusted Coins after talking to the dwarf. Clangorous%20Covenant%20Trophy One's objective as a Bell Keeper is to defeat any trespasser that sets foot in the bell tower. However, if there are no viable hosts to invade in that tower, the player will invade the other tower instead. The covenant icon of the Bell Keepers will pulse with light when one is placed in the matchmaking queue. In Belfry Luna, invaders will often spawn near the top of the tower, next to the door which leads to the Belfry Gargoyles boss fight. If the world host manages to enter the boss fight during an invasion, the invader will be returned to their world. Spawn points for Belfry Sol, are usually near the ballista, near the bell switch, or near the exit. As an invader you're also unable to use healing items.

Covenant Leader: Belfry Luna/Belfry Sol marionette/Dwarf.
Where to Join: Belfry Luna/Belfry Sol

How to Join Bell Keepers


Belfry Luna

After reaching the Servants' Quarters bonfire in The Lost Bastille, climb down the nearby ladder and use a Pharros' Lockstone on the contraption next to the chest. Attack the glowing wall, then proceed through the wooden door. Speak to the dwarf on the right to join the covenant. (Be wary of the black marionette phantom at the entrance to the invasion zone.he will will attack once you reach the top of the ladder. He can hurt and kill the talking marionette.)


Belfry Sol

After reaching the Ironhearth Hall bonfire in Iron Keep, proceed until you reach a large room with movable platforms. Next to the lever is an iron door. Open the door and use a Pharros' Lockstone on the contraption, then attack the glowing wall to reveal a ladder. Climb up the first ladder, then the second one by the bonfire to reach the top. Speak to the marionette found there to join the covenant.





To gain ranks in this covenant, one must defeat world hosts when invading as a Gray Phantom, or defeat Red Phantoms that invade the Belfries. Your total rank score is a combination of both. (e.g. 5 defeated hosts + 5 defeated Red Phantoms will raise one's rank from rank 0 to rank 1).
The rank system is confirmed. The Red Phantom Bell Keepers do not count towards the rank system because they are in fact Bell Keepers.
To gain rank 3 in the covenant, it's necessary to ring the bells in both Belfry Sol and Belfry Luna, in addition to defeating 100 trespassers. 

Rank Requirement Reward
0 Initial Bell Keeper's Seal, 5 Rusted coins
1 Defeat 10 trespassers Titanite Slab
2 Defeat 30 trespassers Hidden Weapon
3 Defeat 100 trespassers Bell Keeper Set




  • One cannot remove their covenant ring during an invasion.
  • One can be summoned to the Belfries in most areas of the game, but not all of them. The covenant icon will pulse with light if the area allows summoning.
  • One can be invaded by up to two gray phantoms at once (three in SotFS).
  • Being a Bell Keeper does NOT prevent other Bell Keepers from invading one's world.
  • Vanquishing another player through this covenant does not increase one's sin.
  • In Belfry Sol, there is a slim chance a Mad Warrior red phantom will spawn. Defeating him will increase rank in this covenant.
  • Successfully vanquishing a world host will restore one's equipment, Estus Flask charges and spell uses upon return
  • Dying in the Belfries as a gray phantom, with Dragon Stone Armor equipped, will result in the removal of the armor upon returning to one's world.
  • Vanquishing opponents within this covenant is one of the most effective methods for gathering a large amount of Titanite Chunks early on in the game.
  • The closer you are to either Belfry Luna or Belfry Sol, the higher the chance of invading (Tested with both bell keeper areas and it did affect where i was summoned and how frequently i was summoned.)
  • Sometimes it takes a while to be summoned, so its a good idea to wait in an infrequently invaded area. A good location would be The Blue Cathedral, as you cannot be invaded there, but you can be summoned into the Belfries there.
  • Rank up offline by listening when console loaded the Mad Warrior into the game. Only works with Playstation 3 and physical disc. Video guide.
  • Ranked up offline by adding Bonfire Ascetic to Belfry Sol so Mad Warrior spawns more frequently. Can achieve level 3 in a relatively short time using Feather or Homeward.
  • No Titanite Chunks dropped for killing Mad Warrior.

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    • Anonymous

      The 5 rusted coins you get from the dwarf are after you have been invaded by a bell keeper. I got them while i was at 25 credit on the covenant so it isn't a tier 0 reward, it's for getting invaded.

      • Anonymous

        So, the Unveil method works well for offline farming but requires a bit of setup to be effective:

        — First, clear Belfry Sol of all enemies enough time so they don't respawn.

        — Do the same with every other regular enemy encountered in the same room as the Belfry Sol bonfire. This will improve Unveil's accuracy as it can point to enemies such as the Alonne Knights if there are any nearby (it shouldn't, but whatever).

        — Once done, you can now rest at the Belfry Sol bonfire and cast Unveil right next to the bonfire; if it goes up in a straight line, rest again, but if it moves toward the ladder and goes through the fencing, then congrats: the Mad Warrior has spawned.

        No need to burn an ascetic, and I don't know if the Delicate String really increases the spawn rate or if it's just placebo, but at least by using this method, you won't waste much time and don't need to be online.

        PS: It goes without saying, but you should be in the Bell Keeper covenant. Doesn't hurt to remind it.

        • Anonymous

          Very easy and simple grind, it's almost enjoyable, took me 1,5 hours in NG+

          Start at Belfry Sol bonfire, equip Delicate String and Bell Keeper's Seal, go up the ladder and straight ahead towards the bell tower, you'll see the mad warrior spawn on your left ~30-40% of the time, use the feather to tp back to the bonfire (you dont have to use it at all, he respawns without you having to touch it)

          I got summoned for pvp 4 times at SL 9mil, every player or mad warrior kill gains you +1 point - talk to the covenant gnome after 10 kills for your first level up, 20 more will give you the sorcery needed for plat

          Clear the other 3 idiots while you're looking for him to remove them permanently if you want/for free souls. The Mad warrior himself gets easily staggered by somewhat heavy weapons and you won't take any damage at all. (Did it with fume UGS and curved dragon greatsword, both destroyed him)

          I have no idea why people are using weird niche task manager shenangigans, it's a pretty decent and fun farm, most of it is climbing a ladder and walking in a straight line. Just watch something on your phone and you'll be done faster than you were expecting

          Good luck!

          • Farming the Mad Warrior was faster than expected. Definitely spawned more often after killing every bell keeper.
            Also, it did seem that he was spawning more often after I reached rank 1 of that covenant.
            I used the delicate string, and the feather. i did not rest at the bonfire between attempts.

            • Anonymous

              the unveil method is very accurate to knowing if the mad warrior appears up there or not, very easy too, and with that, you don't have to go up using the stairs all the time in every rest in the bonfire like a moron, because you really know when he is up there. best offline method to date.

              • Anonymous

                Finally got all them Sorceries! Farmed Mad Warrior for at least an hour and a half in Belfry Sol.

                I don't know if it has any bearing but I was wearing the Jester's Cap, Jester's Gloves and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. All I did was despawn all the enemies in Belfry Sol, used the Aged Feather to get back to the bonfire, climb up the ladder, run towards the Bell to see if Mad Warrior spawned, kill him if he does then Aged Feather back to the bonfire and repeat. If he doesn't show up just Feather back to the bonfire, climb up the ladder and check again.

                Most of the time he would spawn once every 3-7 minutes of running back and forth to the bonfire. There are instances where he would spawn three consecutive times. Took about 1.5 hours to get to kill him 30 times. Just needs a lot of patience.

                • Anonymous

                  The unveil method is heavily unreliable. I have tested it multiple times just now, with my ass in the ladder and once facing the ladder, I used unveil and the light would move away from the ladder.
                  Yet he still spawned.

                  His spawn rate seems to completely random too as I definitely had him spawn 2 times in a row at least once.
                  And sometimes just nothing for 10 times in a row.

                  All in all, fckin annoying online from soft #&! £) ¿

                  • Anonymous

                    listen up kids, unveil is dogshit and a time waste, just reset at the bonfire 10-15 times in a row without going up, there is a higher chance of him spawning within the 10-15 tries and even if he spawns earlier, he will stay there once he is spawned. meaning that even after resting at the bonfire he will still be there. instead of running up like an ape after every rest and not seeing him just accept reality and go with the safe route

                    • Anonymous

                      If you're on PC forget about the unveil trick, I wanted to setup the unveil trick but before going up the ladder I tried the memory trick, so I windowed my game, displayed the task manager, made it so small that I can only see DS2, then moved it below the windowed game.
                      From there: feather once to move to the startup spot (you don't want to move during the process to avoid loading stuff into memory), hit the bonfire (enter, then instantly leave) and look at the memory usage of the game. You'll see the memory drop because the game is clearing the last area you loaded. Continue hitting the bonfire and keep an eye on the memory, you'll see it drop, sometimes slowly, sometimes by a huge chunk, but at some point you'll see it go up by 7-10mb. This is 100% a Mad Warrior spawn, go up the ladder, kill him, feather back and continue hitting the bonfire. I cleared it 30 times and got hidden weapon in under 1h with this method, and no setup is needed). The belfries ghosts don't change anything (they were there at first then they despawned but the memory trick kept on working)
                      To stay focused I repeated outloud the last two digits of the memory. If it started at 570 I'd say out loat 70, 65, 62, 63, 61, 64, 64, 72 - Mad Warrior spawn

                      • Anonymous


                        • Anonymous


                          • Anonymous

                            remember to use the bonfire ascetic BEFORE you permamently kill the enemies. Otherwise you obviously have to kill them again to use the unveil trick to see if red phantom has spawned. Good luck

                            • Anonymous

                              Easiest way to gain rank 2 to get Hidden Weapon is killing the enemies and gray bell keepers in Belfry Sol enough times to stop them from respawning. Then rest at the Belfry Sol bonfire and use Unveil miracle. If the Mad Warrior red phantom spawned the miracle will highlight his presence through the ceiling. If he didn't spawn just rest at the bonfire then use Unveil again. Repeat until he is spawned, kick his ass, and repeat until you achieve rank 2.

                              • Anonymous

                                Very fun covenant and probably the best way to get Titanite Chunks early on for little hassle since even if you ain't that great at PVP, the areas themselves & enemies within each Bell Tower can help you greatly. The chance of Slabs & Twinkling for successful kills makes this Covenant even better. Seems to be pretty active around the Soul Memory of 800,000 right now.

                                • very funny covenant if you want to gain titanite chunks and have fun!, but it's more active at low SL and SM, so try to avoid getting souls or at least, don't level up, it's a funny way to enter in PvP and gain rare materials.

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