Old Akelarre


The Old Akelarre is a structure containing the first bonfire in the Shaded Woods. It is located off Majula via a narrow path through the cliff face, near where the player emerges from Things Betwixt.

The building consists of two main, circular rooms, connected by a locking door between them. The door is opened by use of two pull switches, one on either side of the door. When the player first encounters the door, the nearby switch to open it is blocked by Rosabeth of Melfia, who has been petrified. The player will need to free her with a Fragrant Branch of Yore to proceed.

Each circular room has two cells on the ground floor and four cells located one level up on a circular ledge. The player will only be able to access the upper ledge in the further of the two main rooms. Each cell, barring the two ground-floor cells off the second room, contains an enemy. Use of the door mechanism will open all the cells and the enemies will attack the player.


  • Benhart of Jugo is located outside the Old Akelarre because he is unable to proceed while Rosabeth blocks the way.

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