Rosabeth of Melfia

General Info
icon hp souls Location Drops
2,550 1,300 Majula Fire Seed

Rosabeth of Melfia is an NPC in Dark Souls 2



Rosabeth of Melfia Information

  • Petrified at Majula before the gate to Shaded Woods
    - She can sell you Pyromancies, reinforce your Pyromancy Flame and Dark Pyromancy Flame if you have Fire Seeds.
    - You can give her equipment that she will wear in your game. (Unlocks trophy/achievement)
    - She claims to be the student of Carhillion of the Fold. She came to Drangleic following him.
    - You have to give her at least one piece of clothing or armor to make her move to Majula, in front of the stairs towards Crestfallen Saulden.
  • After giving her a piece of  clothing or armor she gives you a Prism Stone as thanks for rescuing her.
  • If you don't give her any clothing after unpetrifying her, she moves to just outside the room next to where you first meet Benhart.




  • She is petrified and needs to be freed first. You need Fragrant Branch of Yore, which you can find in Harvest Valley near The Mines bonfire or locked behind a door that needs the Bastille Key you obtain from defeated the Bell Gargoyles.
  • She will ask for clothes before she moves to Majula in front of the pillar, anything you give her will do and you will never be able to get whatever you give her back. Her clothes could be changed once she has moved to Majula but you will lose whatever you gave her before. This isindependet of which slot (head, chest, legs, hands) you are giving her and what she head before. F.e. if you only give her a chest-piece before and attempt to add some gloves afterwards, the previous chest-piece will be removed. So always gift her all the items you want her to ewar at once.



  1. Fire Seed




Sells Uses Slots Cost
Fireball 8 1 1,200
Fire Orb 4 1 3,400
Combustion 10 1 1,500
Poison Mist 2 1 3,400
Flash Sweat 4 1 2,300
Iron Flesh 2 1 3,500
Small Blue Burr     1,200
Small Yellow Burr     1,200
Small Orange Burr     1,200
Fire Seed     8,000
Flame Quartz Ring     2,000
Thunder Quartz Ring     2,000
Dark Quartz Ring     2,000




She can reinforce your Pyromancy Flame.

+1. 1000 souls
+2. 1250 souls
+3. 1500 souls
+4. 2000 souls
+5. 2250 souls
+6. 2500 souls
+7. 3000 souls
+8. 3250 souls
+9. 3500 souls
+10. 4000 souls




- First Encounter

  1. Cough! Cough cough!
    Th-th…Thank…thank you…
    Cough cough!
    I've been…petrified…hard to…speak…
    Cough! Oww…
    Give me…a moment, please!
  2. I'm fine, I think. Hrgg!
    No no no, I'm fine! Really, I am!
    Um, my name is Rosabeth.
    Thank you so much for rescuing me. Phew…
  3. Oh, you're that traveller!
    I still haven't thanked you!
    Well, I'm quite a hand at pyromancy.
    So, perhaps… You could consider this my thanks?
  4. I was attacked, and turned to stone…I think…
    I owe you my life! If you had not come…
    I feel shameful…wearing these rags…
  5. Um…I hate to burden you further, as you've already saved my life…
    But…just look at me, my clothes are in tatters.
    Do you have any clothing that you could spare?
    I'll take anything, whatever you don't need. I'm not particular when it comes to apparel.
    Anything at all will do.
    Just put it on the ground, and I'll change into it later.

- Re-encounter in Old Akelarre (before gifting clothes)
Er…Could you spare me something to wear?
Just put it here, and I'll change into it later.

- Re-encounter in Old Akelarre (after gifting clothes)
I'm going back to Majula.
I hope we can meet again!

- When gifting clothes
Thank you so much! I'm very happy for this gift.
After I change into this, I'm heading for Majula.
I'm not sure where I might find Milord.
But perhaps Majula is my best chance.

- Meeting again in Majula
Oh! There you are!
I'm here in Majula thanks entirely to you.
You even were kind enough to clothe me. Thank you so very much.
The only thing I can offer is pyromancy, but if that might help you, come to me.

- Re-encounter in Majula
Hello! Do you require pyromancy?
Yes! How may I help you?
I'm glad to see you're well!
Hello again! How have you been?

- Using Talk Option (Old Akelarre)

  1. I have my very own teacher.
    His name is Carhillion of the Fold, a famed sorcerer in Melfia, our home town.
    I was fascinated by sorcery! And so…! Well, he's so unique, you see…
    When he set out for Drangleic, I couldn't let him go alone.
    But we were separated…quite early on, I'm afraid…
  2. I'm rather unskilled…Milord probably ditched me.
    But oddly, I'm a fast learner when it comes to pyromancy.
    What we're fascinated by, and we're skilled at, are not always the same thing.
    Why can't I just focus on what I truly enjoy?
    Ooh, dear, I shouldn't be so choosy!
    It's hardly my place…

- Using Talk Option (Majula)
It was a perilous trek across the mountains.
I faced the most frightful things…
The number of times I nearly died! Tee hee!

- Using Talk Option after Carhillion returns to Majula

  1. I finally tracked down my teacher.
    But I've decided to keep at it alone.
    I need to see what I can achieve by myself.
  2. Master Carhillion and I are from Melfia, to the south. A land lush with sorcery and pyromancy.
    Master Carhillion polished his art at one of our renowned magic academies.
    But he argued that the academies were terrible places to learn magic…
    This quite angered Master Glocken, my previous teacher…
  3. Once, Master Carhillion spoke excitedly of this land.
    He made talk of the remnants…of some great power, and the deep abyss that surrounds it.
    I tried to ask more… But he didn't seem to hear.
    …I'll never be good enough, will I…

- Leaving after menu interaction
Be safe.

- Leaving after using services (Majula)
I'm always here, so come and see me when you're in town!

- Leaving without exiting menu
Wait! Where are you…cough…

- When attacked
Ouch! (no caption)
How could you… (aggroed)
B-but why? (50% HP)

- Re-encounter after defeat
I won't let you do this…

- When killed
dying groan (no caption)



  • Armor with special effects will work on Rosabeth as well as the player so it is advised to not give her harmful pieces such as the moon butterfly set (as you will get poisoned while near her as long as she is wearing it) or the symbol of avarice (as it will slowly kill her).


  • Rosabeth's Dress is a Unique armor piece that she wears when unpetrified.Although in the games files with both a description and model it cannot be obtained through normal method


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