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Skare's To do:

-Add info from the text wall below
-Clean up things already done to remove clutter on this page (Bastille Walkthrough, Gutter walkthrough for example)
-Add Benhart/Rosabeth info to Majula page
-Help E with No Man's Wharf?
-salamander pit to Forest of FG?
-Shaded Forest to Shaded Ruins info. as Walky?
-Copse through Undead Purgatory Walky?

Exploration goals:

-Illusory walls in Ruin Sentinel fight room?
-Grandahl in Black Gulch?
-Revisit Gutter, see about that far tower. Start at beginning again from Grave of Saints bonfire
-Check door midway down pit in Majula? Needs key, don't think I have it
-Heide's tower for possible illusory walls? Short area with seemingly little in it.

Things betwixt


Milibeth and the Three Firekeepers
Silky the Crow (more stone trades: stone x 2 she will not take. titanite shard, human effigy, Soul of a Proud Knight, human effigy)


Cats, grasslands right after start (6 cats, 30 souls dropped upon death)
Hippo Cyclops: one on side path right after cats, guards gold pine resin, drops stone ring and 1k souls), two more guarding gender coffin
Hollow infantry (dagger, sword and archer varieties)

Items Found:

Rusted coin near cats on ledge
Gold Pine resin near hippo
Small smooth and silky stone by waterfall
Stone ring (first Hippo)
Human effigy in chest upstairs from the 4 ladies
Soul of lost undead 200 and torch by Wagon by 1st bonfire
Silky trades: great hammer for silky stone. Twinkling titanite for petrified something
Cracked red eye orb
2 Amber herb
Soul of nameless soldier

Things of note:

Coffin of gender changing



Emerald Herald
Blacksmith Lenigrast. Gives blacksmith hammer to you at some point
Maughlin the Armorer
Sweet Shalquoir (allows covenant abandonment and lets you see cov rank, sells items too)
Saulden (blue seal upon joining covenant and welcome gesture)
Cale the Cartographer (after entering Mansion and revisiting)
Melentia (after defeating Last Giant boss) gives covetous silver serpent ring +1 at some point


Pigs x3 (drop cracked eye orb upon first death only)
Prisoners x2 (by unnamed NPC looking to get past statue holding door lever, one prisoner swings what looks like a scythe made of bones)

Found Items:

Divine blessing
Lifegem x3 and homeward bone x3
Lloyds talisman x3
Rusted coin
Human effigy
Homeward bone
Soul of lost undead
Morning star (ledge reached from jumping down from hill when coming into Majula)
Cleric's sacred chime (same ledge)
Binoculars (same ledge)
Estus flask (from Emerald Herald
Blue seal
Soul of nameless soldier (800 souls)
Homeward bone x5
Estus flask shard (well by mansion)
Crimson parma
Soul of lost undead
Broken thief sword
Short bow (in Lenigrast's house)

Things of Note:

Company of Champions Cov at top of hill

Majula mansion

Pharros' lockstone
Titanite shard x3
Torch x3
Estus flask shard
Soul vessel

Pit in Majula

Cat ring allows non fatal falls although the first is a doozy still.
first ledge: corpse with radiant lifegem
second: corpse with Pharros' Lockstone
small beams can break
third beam: corpse with poison moss x3 (can jump to ledge with torches or down to ledge with ladder)
From ladder (locked door). Back down ladder, fall to ledge, fall to ledge, corpse with Ring of the Evil Eye +1
ledge with torches (2nd one) and seemingly end of road. Tunnel system crystal lizard. Opens to big room with bridge over center. Gap in bridge, either jump over or fall in. Chest on other side with ash knuckle ring
Fall in pit and exploding mummy city. These ones do die when exploding

First torch ledge
Short tunnel to Grave of Saints

Locked door opened with Forgotten Key, three chests with Soul Vortex,Witchtree Branch and Witchtree Bellvine, Great Lightning Spear

Grave of Saints

Large chamber with dired up fountain in middle (hole in base, can't access fountain yet), several rats attack
Skellie with large soul of nameless soldier
Up to hall area. Pharros' Lockstone opens bridge. Crossing bridge leads to large room with petrified rats. Small group of live ones crawl out. Corpse with poison moss x2. Stairs up and skellie with whisper of despair and torch. Terminates in what appears to be a slide (stairs later?)
corpse with smooth small & silky stone x3 to left facing bridge.
Pharros stone hole and ladder to right and scripted invasion Rhoy the Explorer. Drops shotel +5 Watch out for rats
branches off twice. with several lockstone holes. Right goes to bonfire, first lockstone is another bridge and left is tomb with giant skellie. Little skellie holds homeward bone x3
Bridge on second level with lockstone: just leads to other room. Lame
At bonfire is mist door to Royal Rat Vanguard. Pile o' rats. Have poison moss ready. Run from end to end to get single attack rats. After awhile the Vanguard will appear. Can detect as it has a larger mohawk but VERY hard to pick out of crowd. Very high poison ability and hits very hard. However, very vulnerable.
Rat Tail and Royal Rat Vanguard Soul
leads to door and The Rat King and join Rat King Covenant. Ring given Crest of the Rat. In covenant it appears that rats will not attack you.
Drops down to center pit which was inaccessible before. Corpse with Pharros' lockstone.
Leads to pit with coffins jutting out as ledges to jump down. Leads to bridge above broken wooden one at base of Majula pit. Skellie on bridge with bleed stone. Jumping from bridge to small ledge with corpse yields Disc Chime. Jumping down is water pit. Get out of water as the six exploding mummies are waiting. Two tunnels, one with water, one without. The one with water has a skellie with Great Heal.
Other tunnel has ladder and scaffolding even further down. After first drop...you're down there. Can't reach ladder again. Two choices down. When facing ladder, a ladder to the left leads to another ladder and a corpse with human effigy.
Other direction leads to ladders down. Corpse with radiant lifegem near bottom. Another ladder with no way back up.
Chest with: Token of spite.
Tunnel leads out. Leads to The Gutter

Killing several trespassers allows more conversation. Killing trespasser nets rat tail AND pharros stone each time. Using stones in tunnels leads to traps usually. Waterfall near ladder is harmless. Acid pools hurt both parties gear

The Gutter

Something attacks with poison. Statues. All over the board. Smash 'em good so they stop it already.
Very Dark. Architecture looks like heading down into Valley of Defilement. Something growls occasionally. BIG dogs
Heading down onto planks a few tiers leads to bonfire. Looking left is a sconce and an urn with corpse holding dug pie x2
Small bridge across. Meet doggie. Can fall through and fight several hollows. Dogs may be afraid of light. From this lower area you can jump to another flooring with two hollows. Falling down here is the path which leads to a walkway and another dog. Urns smash to get dark pyro flame and rotten pine resin x3. Falling down leads to an area accessible by a bridge if you had not fallen down. Going to the bridge leads to a dog and hollows. A group of hollows will try to ambush you and you can fall onto a dirt/stone are with an urn containing a soul of nameless soldierCan drop down onto a walkway which leads back to bonfire. Lifegem in urn. Other direction from stone/dirt area is two hollows who will climb up to ambush you. A small dropoff leads to wooden tower. Tower leads to jump point to chest and sconce. Lighting sconce leads to scripted invasion Melinda the Butcher. Chest has Ring of Soul Protection. Melinda just drops souls. Jumping back to tower from sconce and chest ledge will allow you to land in the middle of the tower with another chest holding: twinkling titanite and small smooth and silky stone x3
Big room with two hollows and ladder. Room with one hollow then ladder. Another landing with a hollow. Three urns, one holds a corpse with soul of nameless soldier. Small drop down area. Follow planks around and find several hollows. Another dog. Ladder up leads to sconce, hollow and chest with black firebomb x3 (link point 1) .

Following ladder across. Dog, small mummy. Can fall through floor again. and jump to area with poidon statues. Bonfire right after. Hollow breaks boards in structure neaby with lots of hollows attacking and ladders down. Urn with dung pie x3. MIst door on same level has urn with poison arrow x 20. Cave with three mushrooms and GIANT ASS BUG that won't attack. Urns with poison moss. Can attack without aggro. At base, Dark Fog and torch, lifegem x20, giant club in chest. Acid urns block way. Ledge jump on way down has urn with rotten pine resin x3
Dropping past acid urns leads to Fragrant Branch of Yore and mist door.

Black Gulch

Come in and immediate bonfire to left. Pathway down is pretty obvious, poison statues everywhere.
Largea area with holes in floor and lots of statues. One hole has a large work like creature with lots of teeth. Have grab move that does massive damage. Three of those. Main Path has a giant worm. Archery is safe tactic. Left has small are with Shotel and Great Magic Weapon
COrpses with Torch and Scraps of life and one with SOul of a Nameless Soldier. Another giant worm
Big area with hand worms again. Corpse with Radiant Lifegem. Chest in area to left with Divine Blessing but will get poisoned by statue behind it. Small ledge if following right hand cliff leads to bonfire, Pharros' Lockstone in corpse in urn and shortcut midway through large room. Leads to MIst Door with Boss fight The Rotten.
Soul of the Rotten and message "Great Soul Embraced" and 40k souls
Corpse in arena with Lockstone. Corpse across fire has Fire Seed
Small door leads out to narrow tunnel. Small room on right has chest with Sublime Bone Dust. Large room with Primal Bonfire lit. Return to Majula only option from it. Emerald Herald will acknowledge youhave a soul of an old one and another flame on the map in the mansion lights up.

Forest of fallen Giants


Pate (sitting outside near ambush point, warns you of it, gives ring? upon escape, can be summoned as a Sunbro? for Last Giant fight)
Cale the Cartographer (tunnel on way to Pate's area, gives House key to mansion in Majula)


Hollow infantry (half helm, use daggers, sword/shield, axes and no weapons...drop armor and lifegems)
Hollow soldiers (full helm, use spear/shield, sword, halberd, fire bombs...drop armor and lifegems)
Heide Knight (white knight, need to hit to aggro, drops Heide sword)
Salamander (don't shoot with arrows, they get REALLY mad)
Turtle Knights (Hammer, heavy armor, first one can be taken out with giant crossbows as part of trap near Pate or bombs from hollow soldiers)
Pursuer (boss) Soul of Pursuer and Ring of Blades
Last Giant (boss)

Items Found:

Throwing knife/lifegem/armor drop from hollow infantry
Soul of lost undead
Soul of nameless soldier
Soul of lost undead
Human effigy
Broken straight sword
Heide Knight sword (from Knight)
Soul of nameless soldier
Throwing knife x10 (ledge above first bonfire, need to jump from near ladder by Heide Knight)
Wood bolt x20
Witching urn
Human effigy
Soul of lost undead
Lifegem x3
Hollow soldier helm
Soul of proud Knight
Soul of lost undead
Green blossom
Large Soul of lost undead
Blue Wooden shield
Great Soul arrow (corpse in room with crossbow trap_
Homeward bone
Amber herb x2
Halberd (corpse at top of giant sword)
Soul of nameless soldier
Large Soul of lost undead
Light crossbow
Hollow soldier gauntlets
Mail breaker
Infantry helm
Aromatic ooze x3
Human effigy
Titanite shard
House key from Cale the Cartographer
Large leather shield
Fire arrow x10
Soul of last giant
Soldier key last giant
Ring of restoration
Lifegem x3
Behind wall with Pharros (titanite slab and chloranthy ring)
Soldier key area items below. Down ladder, past sleeping and halberd hollow, in room with second sleeping hollow
Black firebomb and homeward bone
Amber herb and green blossom
Bastard sword inside second building
Large Soul of proud Knight and Hunter/leather set chest at far end of area
Soul nameless soldier and cracked red orb x3
Hand ax and radiant lifegem above Melentia bonfire after using Soldier Key
Small leather shield and repair powder in chest
Chest with Estus flask shard and small white soapstone
Divine blessing on corpse on root falling back to bonfire
Drangleic sword and armor set on corpse after Pursuer, drop down

Things of Note:

Twisted tree, looks like witch, couldn't activate. Found second, that message says they're resting giants. There's at least two others (one after Pursuer fight and one in distance seen near second bonfire)

Salamander pit accessed by Cat ring.
Corpse with Firedrake stone
Skull wth Soul of Proud Knight
Skellie with HAWK RING
Chest, Flame Quartz ring +1
cracked eye orb x2 on skellie
Rebel's Greatshield in cavern by skellie at end.

Gower's ring of protection (load screen) ring from assassin named Gower. Reduces backstab damage

Heide's tower of flame


Licia (sells miracles, seems less than holy)


Giants (a LOT like Anor Londo Giant sentinels coincidentally, use sword but one and two hand variety one non-respawning one with hammer in beginning)
Old Dragonrider
Old Dragonslayer (aka Ornstein)

Found items:

Sublime bone dust (hammer giant)
Soul of nameless soldier
Human effigy
Lloyds talisman
Divine blessing
Dragonrider Soul (from Dragonrider)
Monastery charm (base of stairs after Licia/bonfire)
Human effigy
Dark troches
Soul of proud Knight
Old Knight Halberd
Knight set (chest before No Man's Wharf)

Cathedral of blue:

Old radiant lifegem (right at beginning near mist gate)
Chest right at beginning. Ring of Binding and Human Effigy x5
Old Dragonslayer (aka Ornstein) Old Dragonslayer Soul and Old Leo ring
Blue Knight guy
Treasure chests near that guy: Cracked blue eye orb x3 and the other has Heide knight iron mask and tower shield

No Man's Wharf


Lucatiel near first bonfire, offers to help you then disappears (summon later?)
Gavlan, merchant who liked to wheel and deal, will buy items from you. Disappears after first meeting, not sure where he went
Carhillion, sorcery trainer? Refused to talk to me because I was "magic impaired"


Hollow infantry
Viking soldiers (can get name from armor pieces, vikings for the time being) sword and dual sword varieties
Dogs, like the Depths
Dark resident (elongated arms like Oolacile residents but facial differences), cause bleed damage. If Pharros Lockstone is used in level it illuminates entire area. These guys loathe the light and most can be taken out with arrows from safety while they hide in buildings
Flexile Sentry (Boss) two legs and two torsos back to back. One uses two spiked clubs, the other uses two swords. Both use combos, club guy more prominent in attacking from my one fight. Needs confirmation but I believe water rises during fight. At no time was I unable to roll but appeared water was rising. Drops soul

Found items

Soul of proud Knight
Titanite shard
Large Soul of lost undead and Lifegem
Dark Pine resin
Iron arrow
Large Soul of proud Knight and small smooth and silky stone x3
Bandit ax and brigand set
Repair powder and Titanite shard
Large Soul lost undead and emit force (ledge up near Gavlan's house)
Silver talisman x2
Lifegem and homeward bone
Human effigy and Lifegem x2
Flexile sentry Soul
Pyro flame and fireball (chest near navigation tool after beating flexile sentry, glove has no stat requirements and neither does fireball, after leveling attunement to 10 I got my first slot and can cast fireball)

Things of note:

Pharros Locktone facehole in floor. Ascend stairs mid way and to the right near Viking and dog combo, archer will lock onto you here. Placing stone light the area up ALOT which helps see enemies but more importantly makes it so the dark fallen residents won't venture outside buildings. Much easier to corral and remove this way.
Bell. After ascending to top of area (top right actually) there is a bell on a pole. Shooting with arrow causes it to ring but that's it. Lever below rings it officially which prompts the arrival of a ship. Inside ship is Flexile Sentry boss fight
After beating Flexile Sentry, there is a navigation assembly in the rear of the boat. Using this prompts the boat to leave for the Lost Bastille, docking outside. No apparent way back into boat however, bonfire found easily and without resistance in Bastille
In Wharf, there are two treasure chests near Gavlan. The one on the right is trapped. First time I opened it I was hit with a repeating crossbow killing me. I believe three volleys in five directions (semi-circle). After returning the trap was now POISON gas, man was I surprised

Lost Bastille


Lucatiel in tower gives human effigy
McDuff, if you light the sconce in his room, he will move away from his treasure chest. Craftsman's hammer and twinkling titanite


Heide Knight using spear. Drops spear when killed
Dogs. drop Soul of Nameless Soldier? and rarely a Human Effigy.
Big Mummies (seen in trailers/pics) with the grab attack. Not very tough. Drop Twilight herb.
Little mummies. These guys are sick. Fast and aggressive, ones I found came in pairs and sometimes fall to floor. When they do, it causes an AOE explosion with heavy damage. Does not hurt them.


(1) The Lost Bastille can be accessed from two directions. The ship from No Man's Wharf or being carried in by the Eagle after the Pursuer boss fight in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Taking the ship brings you to a small rocky shoreline with an entrance into a walled structure. An elevator brings you to a stairway with cells lining either side. After reaching the top of the elevator you can ride it back down (step on the switch, quick exit and run on top) on the top to access a small break in the wall with a corpse. This corpse has a Scimitar and Repair Powder. Several items can be found in the cells including a Soul of Proud Knight, Radiant Lifegem, and Common Fruit x2.
Upon reaching the top of the stairs you will find yourself on a walkway/wall. The first enemy of the area is a Heide Knight wielding a spear. He will not attack unless provoked and upon his death gives you the Heide Spear. Immediately after this is a small group of barrels and crates that can be destroyed to see a break in the wall. Directly below is a large Mummy on a scaffolding. You can drop down on him and use a plunging attack. However, you will want to finish him quickly as the scaffolding will likely break leading to both of you falling below. Two Dogs will join the fray making this a good approach only for aggressive players (kill that Mummy quick, I mean it). Alternatively, following the walkway will lead to a ladder that places you in the same courtyard. Another option is to jump down a small break in the walkway. Following the path to the right leads to a corpse that carries a Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Human Effigy. Going back the other way leads to the same courtyard. One of the Dogs will aggro before the mummy, thinning the pack some. The second Dog and Mummy will aggro at about the same time. As the Mummy needs to jump down, the Dog can often be dispatched before engaging with the Mummy. After exiting the small room with the ladder to fight this trio, there is a small passage blocked by boards that can be broken. Please see section (2) of this walkthrough for details on this passage. Continuing in the other direction will lead you to more Dogs and a pull mechanism to open a large gate that you will surely not miss. Two more Dogs will greet you here. You may notice a conspicuous barrel right in front of you. Hold onto that thought for a minute. Turning a corner leads to another stairway. At the base of the stairs is a locked door. At the top of the stair is a Mummy who is just waiting to roll a barrel at you. It looks harmless but the Bastille has many explosive barrels. This is one of them. Shooting the Mummy with an arrow will lead to him rolling the barrel down. If it explodes on the wall at the end of the stair it will reveal another passage. The Mummy will descend to engage you in combat. You can use his wide attack radius to your advantage by having him swing near the barrel I asked you to remember from before. This one also explodes doing significant damage to the Mummy and knocking him down. This is a trick that can be used often in this level. After killing the Mummy, the wall that he just exploded contains a Bonfire and allows you to the other side of the locked door mentioned above. This turns out to be McDuff's workshop. McDuff is a seemingly senile Blacksmith muttering about finding an Ember. There are several chests in this room that contain Iron Arrow x10, Heavy Bolt x10, Titanite Shard x5 and Large Titanite Shard x2.
Exiting this area and continuing up the stairs leads to another walkway. A dog right in front of you will attack. As you walk forward there will be another dog to your right in hiding. Kill him and claim a Gold Pine Resin on a corpse. You will also notice a window in front of you that can be used to shoot a couple Knights in the building across from you. This will make a coming battle slightly easier. If you look down into the chasm you will see an odd closed door built into the wall. Opening that from the other side leads to a shortcut to the next boss fight. Once open, simply run forward toward the open door and continue pressing forward while falling.
For now though you need to continue back along the walkway. Another Dog and Mummy will provide little additional challenge. At this point you can move forward or across a broken stone to another area to your right. Continuing along leads to a tower with Lucatiel just hanging out. Speak with her and she will show you her true face and gives you a Human Effigy. She claims she doesn't know what it's for. Another door leads out but is unable to be opened from this side. Continue back outside and look to the right of the door you came in. A ladder there can be accessed by using a broken section of wall nearby to climb up. Up top a corpse will be generous and carry a Large Titanite Shard.
It's time to cross that broken stone to the small open area across the chasm! Make sure you have healing items and your weapon isn't about to break. Once you cross the only way back is forward (or Homeward Bone, Darksign, etc....). You will quickly come to a door. Upon opening that and stepping inside you will be swarmed by Knights. If you were able to kill the two earlier with projectiles through the window that will be two less to the battle. Using the door as a choke point can be very effective. However, they use large two handed swords and can hit through each other meaning you need to be ready to backpedal and continue the fight. After beating these guys you will find yourself in a large room with stairs heading down and a path to your left. Following the path to your left leads to more Knights in a small room (if they didn't all empty out before) and a pull mechanism. It may be advisable to NOT pull this lever as it opens a gate which we'll discuss again later. If you DO open the gate there are two more Knights and a short hallway filled with cells. Following the hall leads to the Sentinel Boss Fight. Heading down from the large room will lead to the door in the wall mentioned above as a shortcut. A corpse carries a Soul of a Proud Knight and a Human Effigy. A ladder off to the side of the room will lead you back up to the hallway before the boss fight. Once the door in the wall is open, it can be used to bypass the majority of Knights with the exception of the two directly in the hall. If you opened the gate I warned you not to, there will be a swarm in the hallway. You can outrun them if you just want to fight the bosses. In a cell by the Mist Door there is a skeleton with Radiant Lifegem x2 and if you're in Human Form you can summon the Phantom Pilgrim Bellclaire who will assist you with her sorcery.

(2) If you break the boarded passage and head in, you will find a small room with makeshift wooden walls littering the place. These can be broken. A Knight is hiding behind one. There are two doors on the same wall. One can be opened immediately and has two Small Mummies in it. Watch out as they appear to trip in front of you. This causes an area of effect explosion which does heavy damage but only to you. They will get right back up and fight. Killing them and entering the room nets you Flame Butterfly x2 (NEEDS CONFIRMATION). The other door can be opened with the Antiquated Key. See section (3) below for details on obtaining the Antiquated Key. Opening this door will lead to 4 Dogs attacking you in a small courtyard. A well is a central feature in this area. A rock tied to a rope tempts you to strike it. Doing so raises a large cage with three more of the Small Mummies in it. Defeating them yields the Wanderer Set. A building nearby has a door and a ladder to enter. Entering the door leads to a Knight carrying their usual sword. An archer Knights above will add his piece to the fight. From the door, there is an elevation which prevents you from accessing the archer Knight. Taking the ladder from outside allows you to kill him then drop down to take care of the sword knight, however a second sword knight will come in behind you. A ladder near the sword Knight has a corpse with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Green Blossom and may be able to be used as a sniper spot for the next room. From the elevation with the archers, there is a short tunnel blocked by barrels. Smashing them will lead to a room with two statues, one of which is quite large. Two Knights will try to take you out. Also prominent in this room is the presence of a Pharros' Lockstone face and three chests. The chest on the left contains the Bone Staff. The first chest on the right holds a Parrying Dagger and the last chest has the very fast dex weapon Twinblade.A ladder exiting the room will place you above and behind the Mummy who tries to roll the barrel at you mentioned in section one.
The Lockstone will create two ghostly visages on the walls to indicate hidden passages. These cannot be accessed without using the stone. The one on the left holds a chest containing a Soul Vessel. A small torture cell on a chain hangs nearby and can be ridden up into another room. A corpse has a Sceptic's Spice immediately upon exiting. A corpse on a ledge below can be accessed by jumping and has a Bonfire Ascetic. Falling down leads back to the cell elevator. A door opens into a larger room with two small mummies and a pull mechanism to open a gate to a walkway. A stairway leads up to a large group of mummies. Another leads down to Two Small Mummies hiding in urns. A third is hiding on a ledge above the main floor. There are two small areas under the stairs you came down. The one on the right has two small Mummies. The one on the left is empty. Another one across the room is also empty. Heading up the stairs leads to a room with five Small Mummies. They can be fought individually. A statue blocks the way to a bonfire.There is a locked door to the right of this. Going through the gate leads to a mist gate. A sword knight to the right guards a corpse with Lifegem x8. The one on the right has a chest with Wilted Dusk Herb. Archers will try to stop your progress across. The mist door opens to Sinner's Rise.

(3) The Lost Bastille can also be accessed after The Pursuer boss fight in the Forest of Fallen Giants. After defeating the boss, examining the nest nearby prompts his eagle friend to come get you and carry you to a bonfire in the Bastille. This is a short area guarded by Knights and Dogs and consists of negligible geographic size. However, a ledge has a corpse with a Radiant Lifegem and a Titanite Shard. A chest in an open area after the main room contains the Antiquated Key and the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. A walkway guarded by a Mummy is near the bonfire and leads to the locked door in the tower with Lucatiel. It can be opened from this side and provides access to the rest of the level.

Belfry Luna

Sceptic's spice on second corpse forgot to catalog first, little guys attack you
Drop from first floor after stairs to get to chest with Blue Tearstone Ring and corpse with Skeptic's spice. Drops back to main area.
Second floor then roof with bell lever, corpse with skeptic's spice and chest with Radiant Lifegemx2 and Twilight Herb x2

Sinner's RIse (from Pharros' stone entrance in Bastille)

Human effigy at base of stairs
corpse with large soul of lost undead up top

Huntsman's Copse

opened by Licia for 2000 souls, contraption on stairs down to Heide's (Thanks Fex)


NPC Dark Trainer?


Same as Beta except Huntsman on poles are no longer BP variety

Found Items

Rouge Water, corpse in tunnel right away
Cracked red eye orb ledge where ring was in beta
Soul of nameless soldier, lifegem on corpse in pit
Bandit's knife on corpse by pit
Poison moss and lifegem on ledge after pit heading back down
Ricard's rapier in pit where faraam armor used to be
Large soul of nameless soldier corpse by cage elevator
MOnastery charm and soul of proud knight, corpse on stone bridge underneath main walk one
Large soul lost undead, and orange burr near first bridge after second bonfire
Morning star large soul of nameless soldier, first hut
Aromatic ooze by cliff guarded by sickle guy
lifegem, corpse in cliff clearing
soul spear,corpse in hut you fall into
poison moss, green blossom corpse in hut you fall into
Notched whip, corpse on ledge after first hunter
Drop from bridge is Pharros' lockstone and token of fidelity
Sublime bone dust and fire seed on ledge by black phantom in undead purgatory entrance

Executioner's Chariot Circle:

Corpse with fading soul
Corpse with Fading soul
Corpse with Fading soul
Corpse with Fading Soul
Copse with Soul of a Brave Warrior at far end of ledge
Still leads to Gren
Corpse on ledge that's very hidden is now cracked red eye orb x2 instead of Llewelyn armor

Other direction, take path not cave, follow cliff instead of up (up leads to thieves in group and corpse with poison throwing knives x10 and then down to path with lockaway key hut) thieves. Undead lockaway key
cross bridge enter cave. Skellies and necromancer right there. Petrify pot right next to sconce
room to right has petrify urn and magic mace/titanite shard on corpse. That path leads to bonfire area near bridge and NPC using lockaway key
Creighton of MIrrah learn fist pump gesture.
Past first sconce in cave is a gate with a skellie behind it. Merciless Roenna (scripted invasion?) on walk after hut with lockaway key.
follow path (can I make that jump to ledge?) and it forks, behind waterfall and door on left. Door blocked by rubble. Right behind falls is mist gate to Skeleton Lord fight. Path to right leads to skellies and necromancer you can jump to. Corpse seen from gap before has combustion and titanite shard x3. Continuing open shortcut gate from before and has corpse with flame buttefly x3

Skeleton Lord fight, take out scythe, ax then mage. But before moving to next lord, take out their minions. Two alluring skulls in arena. Probably useful.
Path leads to lever and bridge. Path. Ladder. More path. Ladder cannot be climbed up. Leads to Harvest Valley

Harvest Valley

Chloanne, orestone trader (lenigrast's daughter?) spending enough nets a twinkling titanite as a gift
Moving left through fog (enemy can be taken out with arrows) lifegem, followed by fading soul and ???, fading soul, poison throwing knife x10, fading soul, titanite chunk, smooth small and silky stone, shard and stone, fading soul. In room the fragrant branch of yore and torch. Chest in poison below with fire seed and divine blessing. Side room has Gavlan and chest with raw stone. Going up has corpse with torch.
hexing urn x10 first ladder up after poison, green blossom, large titanite shard, Large soul of a brave warrior and radiant lifegem titanite shard, fragrant branch of yore, skeptic's spice
Simpleton's spice, lifegem in room with sickle guys. Bonfire 2 to open area to left
Up ramp, drop down to treasure ??? then poison or up further to giant who can break walls. Behind him (if he breaks the wall) is RAdiant lifegem and smooth & silky stone, torch, Soul of a lost undead, Old knight pike and Old Knight Greatshield.

Poison fields: chest by guy who breaks walls: Poison stone and rotten pine resin x3, down ladder, soul of nameless soldier and back up
Bridge area from end Chameleon and Soul of Brave Warrior, Titanite Shard, heading into caves, One seen from ledge can be accessed from hole in other side, Simpleton's Spice. Small alcove is HUman Effigy and ???

Melu Scimitar from Gilligan when spending a lot and trophy pops.

Earthen Peak

Down ramp straight and right with mushrooms, pharros' lockstone chest with poisonbite ring and soul of a proud knight, estus flask shard at end of hall,
up ladder entrance, down the little fall area, skeptic's spice,
Chest with poison trap to side has torch
Jump to mushroom room and fight some clawsassins, corpse to right has soul of nameless soldier and titanite shard x3, chest has heavy crossbow +3 and heavy bolts +15
Lucatiel gives Ring of Steel Protection +1
Radiant lifegem by cauldron the big guy can smash
Chest on lower ledge, pike
Up stairs by second fire is black firebomb x3, manikin mask
chest near pyro duo and big guy is poison and pharros' lockstone
Pate gives his gear
ledge above windmill blades, simpleton's spice
Pay ladder guy 2k and get ladder, Prostration gesture, ladder gets Pharros' lockstone and twinkling titanite
Under lift , large soul of proud knight and another item
Treasure near Pate, Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Secret wall behind pots. From bonfire, up stairs, up ladder, when looking across chasm, to the right into tunnel. Before heading upstairs, turn around. Corpse with Spell Quartz Ring +1
Poison stone near mist door
Room behind urns has mushies, corpse wtih Small S&S Stone, chest with mimic with dark gauntlets and work hook
Pharros stone releases water
Black phantom? Up top is bonfire and chest behind hidden walls. Chest has petrified something.
Lightning Spear in chest below Pate dropoff
Chest on lift is Mirrah Shield
Jump landing is Poison broadsword and human effigy
Jump with pyro girl is what wiki says, something and Crimson water

Iron Keep

skellie near bonfire is HUman effigy,
Jump from bridge across has corpse with Bonfire Ascetic
One inside, right tunnel near fire breathing statue (iron key), up stairs, hidden wall with corpse with fire arrow x20 and ballista and another wall that leads to area right after breathing head. Ledge at top of stair, corpse with lockstone. Merchant to right Magerold,
Drop point near lever, soul of proud knight and repair powder, to ladder chest with life ring +1 and twinkling titanite
from bridge to ledge, red leech troches and souls of nameless soldier. From end of bridge to right is jump point and chest with Zweihander
Next jump is Dull Ember. Up top a Pharros' stone as some murky water come out
Chest above smelter is Porcine shield and flame butterfly x5
Ladder below Green blossom and Old radiant lifegem
In flame and ledge room, corpse with large soul of nameless soldier
Large Soul of Proud Knight and Radiant Lifegem near cauldrons of molten iron trap
Mimic has Dark Armor and Lightning Winged Spear
Chest above mimic Destructive Greatarrow x10
Pharros' Lockstone with murky water above
Drop into archer area, corpse with Simpleton's Spice and chest with Blac Knight Greataxe. In pit is corpse with Cracked red eye orb and torch
Loops back to main area corpse by door with soul and monastery charm
Covetous Gold serpent Ring in lava bowl
Lower room near turtle area also has Pharros', leads up to fire and chest with Thunder QUartz Ring +1
Chaos Storm in lava run
Leads to Belfry Sol
Heading down the main path
Room with horsey fire traps has corpse with Lightning Bow +1
Up ladder then ladder is bonfire and switch that shuts off fire trap. Leads down to mist gate with Boss fight

Old Akelarre bonfire

Using Branch of Yore frees the woman near Benhart
Rosabeth gives prism stone, says good at pyro
Merchant and pyro trainer. Can give clothes to her
Opening door leads to swarm of prisoners attacking you (from rooms on ledge above). One Basilisk comes at you through now open gate, other gate closes behind you.
Talking to Benhart allows him to resume his journey. Learn Joy gesture.

Going in leads to Old Akelarre bonfire
Bonfire to left right away. Chest to right with Estus Flask Shard
Can jump to ledges with enemies inside. One has corpse with Soul of Proud Knight and Human Effigy
Stairs up lead to Shaded Woods

Shaded Woods

Path with two guys one eating corpse with Fading Soul
Two more guys with two rock throwers. That ledge has corpse with pharros' lockstone
Ambush of three with statue courtyard
Stairs up leads to three paths.


Three enemies
Around building to find ring of life protection and soul of proud knight
Large dual wielding guy. Flexile Sentry drops
Corpse with Dragonslayer's Crescent Ax and Golden Falcon Shield small side path with smaller guy
Path leads to...
Shrine of Winter

Center Path

Red Tearstone ring in Muddy water
Door with "Produce the Symbol of the King"

Right Path

Foggy fog and Invisible enemies
Follow right Lloyd's talisman x2 in chest
Chest with Old Sun RIng
Clear Bluestone RIng +1 in chest
can find Shaded Ruin where Pots petrify you. Lion knight enemies. I ran around like a fool so this area won't be very detailed from me
Statue on path near bonfire. Isn't blocking anything and looks like enemy. Still wanna save him should be cool
Following path leads to Scorpion NPC. Won't attack or interact. Further is drop point to Vengarl, merchant who can be accessed from foggy area. Vengarl teaches gesture "Decapitate" and sell great bow arrows that erode armor among other cool stuff

Shrine of Winter


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