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fexds (1:47:07 PM): soul spear location: in the hut in the huntmans copse
fexds (1:47:16 PM): where you have to drop from above it
fexds (1:47:21 PM): note that for me
fexds (1:56:03 PM): creighton of mirrah > locked at the second bonfire in huntsman copse
fexds (1:56:38 PM): trapped there by "pate"
fexds (1:58:07 PM): Creighton the Wanderer in the dialogue menu
fexds (1:58:49 PM): teaches you the fist pump gesture
fexds (2:14:07 PM): there are pots that have curse effect on the caves in the huntsman copse
fexds (2:14:16 PM): you have to break the urns to avoid getting cursed
fexds (3:06:10 PM): bastard soul and great soul arrow are near Pate in Huntsmans copse
fexds (3:06:16 PM): no sorry forest of fallen giants
fexds (3:06:37 PM): as well as Blue wooden shield
fexds (3:08:24 PM): ok so you buy item pharros lockstone
fexds (3:08:30 PM): then you have to find a ladder near pate
fexds (3:08:37 PM): go down and use it on a face in the wall
fexds (3:08:48 PM): that enables a fake wall to be detected, you hit it
fexds (3:09:35 PM): inside the room two chests: clorathy ring
fexds (3:09:40 PM): and titanite slab
fexds (3:46:21 PM): from a guy called Kale
fexds (3:46:25 PM): Cale
fexds (3:57:25 PM): found halberd
fexds (3:57:54 PM): its on a ledge that is actually a very giant sword stuck to the side of the castle near Melentia

fexds (3/9/14 7:08:58 AM): Brigand set and bandit knife in chest in house near facelock in Wharf
fexds (3/9/14 7:19:22 AM): Silver talisman: transform to blend into the environment
fexds (3/9/14 7:19:39 AM): in the wharf in a chest after killing many of the arm monsters
fexds (3/9/14 7:25:53 AM): In Wharf, drunk dwarf called Gavlan
fexds (3/9/14 7:26:03 AM): he buys your items for some souls
fexds (3/9/14 7:26:36 AM): sell poison moss poison throwing knives and rotten pine dressing (20 of each)
fexds (3/9/14 7:26:47 AM): sells 20 poison arrows
fexds (3/9/14 7:27:09 AM): sells 1x ring of giants (increases poise by 10) for 5000 souls
fexds (3/9/14 7:36:27 AM): estus shard at wharf, in house under the bell lever used to dock the boat - inside a room with poison pots in a chest
fexds (3/9/14 7:48:14 AM): in the Wharf, near the boat, Carhilion magic trainer
fexds (3/9/14 7:48:23 AM): will not talk to u unless you have x Intelligence
fexds (3/9/14 8:06:54 AM): fexile sentry > boss at ship in No man's Wharf, two headed boss with one side with maces and one with swords
fexds (3/9/14 8:08:06 AM): pyromancy flame and fireball in a chest after flexile sentry

Cas little daydream

castielle101 (3/9/14 8:18:53 AM): after Flexile sentry there is an item that you can get by getting on top of the elevator and riding it down. It's in a cave that's a hole in the wall. There is a Scimitar and Repair powder there

back to Fex

fexds (8:27:38 AM): just found Heide Spear, dropped by one knight after the Bastille Bonfire of the Holding Cells
fexds (8:29:13 AM): right after that enemy, players should look left and find a broken section of the wall. Drop from here and attack to get upfront fall damage on mummy enemy
fexds (8:31:04 AM): right after that enemy, hug the wall and follow narrow path towards a chest with an estus flask shard and a large titanite shard
fexds (9:07:01 AM): From the Exiled Holding Cells in the Bastlle, kill the first mummy and set of dogs, then three more dogs and wait for the mummy up the stairs to roll down an exploding barrel. It will break the wall at the bottom of stairs and reveal a bonfire, blacksmith and chests with treasure
fexds (9:11:45 AM): the room has iron arrow, heavy bolt (10 of each)
fexds (9:12:06 AM): it also has 5 titanite shards and 2 large titanite shards
fexds (9:13:27 AM): this is McDuff's Workshop bonfire and he won't build stuff until you fetch him an Ember
fexds (9:24:10 AM): do u know how to summon the girl for the three sentinel fight
fexds (9:24:49 AM): nvm found her sign in a cell before boss fog
fexds (9:40:09 AM): 24000 souls and ruin sentinel soul from the three sentinels
fexds (10:22:51 AM): lascerating knife: sinner's rise first bonfire, lift down - get off before it stops
fexds (10:23:14 AM): you can summon Lucatiel of Mirrah at the bottom of the elevator
fexds (10:25:31 AM): sublime bone dust (used to strengthen estus per fire) - behind the first big enemy
fexds (10:43:15 AM): bell keeper bow, a rare drop from the big troll like enemies in the water after going down elevator
fexds (10:49:23 AM): at the end of the water, on the left cell before the end, theres a pharros lockstone
fexds (10:57:55 AM): after killing x amounts of bosses Lenigrast gives you the Blacksmith Hammer
fexds (10:59:37 AM): Blacksmith's Hammer

castielle101 (10:30:01 AM): servants quarters bonfire in the Lost Bastille. Underneath is a lock requring a Pharoahs lockstone. It opens up the Bell Guardian Covenant
castielle101 (10:41:08 AM): bellfry gargoyles at the top
castielle101 (10:41:13 AM): 4 kings style
castielle101 (11:03:16 AM): Vorgel the Sinner scripted invasion after beating bell gargoyles
castielle101 (11:03:23 AM): dropped nothing for me
castielle101 (11:03:43 AM): guards the Bastille Key
castielle101 (11:04:06 AM): also has enchanted falchion nearby
castielle101 (11:04:47 AM): ringing the bell and going through the fog in the bell tower doesn't appear to break the covenant
castielle101 (11:05:01 AM): only makes you fight the bell gargoyles, which guard that key
castielle101 (11:09:11 AM): area is called Bellfry Luna

fexds (11:54:39 AM): combustion is on huntsman copse
fexds (11:54:55 AM): in the cave with skeletons and necromancer in an unreachable platform
fexds (12:05:20 PM): Skeleton Lords in Huntsman Copse: 3 lords. One mage with fireballs, One scythe and one Sword.
fexds (12:05:29 PM): when you kill each, 3 smaller skeletons spawn
fexds (12:05:36 PM): killing the mage spanws 4 bonewheels
fexds (12:05:51 PM): drop Skeleton Lords Souls
fexds (12:08:29 PM): after Skeleton Lords, Huntsman Copse give way to Harvest Valley
fexds (12:09:22 PM): Harvest Valley first bonfire is called Poison Pool
fexds (12:17:40 PM): Lost Bastille's Servant Quarters Bonfire - go down the ladder and find Large Club and Priest's Chime (Requires 18 Faith) cast miracles and hexes
fexds (12:21:07 PM): same rune has a Pharros Lockstone, hit wall to access Belfry Luna - Bell Gargoyle covenant stuff
fexds (12:21:44 PM): the Great Bell of Alken, protected by what look like midgets
fexds (12:22:43 PM): clangorous covenant = Beel keeper covenant - join by this tiny NPC
fexds (12:25:45 PM): Chloanne, trades Orestone in the Harvest Valley, sells you ore
fexds (12:26:08 PM): she has 1 bonfire ascetic for 7500 and 10 titanite shards for 1000 each

castielle101 (12:32:19 PM): ricards rapier is in the no longer booby trapped chest in the cave at the huntsman copse
castielle101 (12:32:26 PM): at the bottom

fexds (1:01:21 PM): In the poison gas area, on the far right there's a Faded Soul and a Titanite Shard
fexds (1:06:55 PM): poison throwing knives x10 on gas swamp, small smooth & silky stone
fexds (1:18:43 PM): at gas swamp, poison stone (ore) in chest after opening a contraption
fexds (1:24:49 PM): big smith like dudes on harvest valley can drop titanite shards
fexds (1:26:41 PM): area after Harvest Valley is called Earthen Peak
fexds (1:31:37 PM):

fexds (1:32:19 PM): Sunlight altar located in the Harvest Valley, behind some fat guys
fexds (1:33:33 PM): being on sunlight covenant you get a ring that slightly increases miracle attack power. The covenant is called Heirs to the Sun
fexds (1:39:02 PM): titanite shard, large titanite shard, chameleon and sunlight medal at the swamp with two hollow-mounted trolls near sunlight altar
fexds (1:53:22 PM): big fat guy also drops small and silky stone
fexds (2:03:03 PM): at Earthen Peak, after a roll to a lower area in between first fog and the bottom poisonous black water, theres a chest with a crossbow+3
fexds (2:03:21 PM): same area has a corpse with 3 titanite shards
fexds (2:08:45 PM): before fog, in the black water swamp, there is an estus flask shard
fexds (2:11:48 PM): pharros lockstone device location near that shard

castielle101 (2:14:24 PM): green guys with hammers in Earthen some shit that fex IMed yo uabout also drop Old Mundane Stones
castielle101 (2:30:49 PM): petrified woman near guy with moonlight swords name is Rosabeth
castielle101 (2:31:06 PM): use branch of your to unpetrify her
castielle101 (2:32:33 PM): Rosabeth of Melfia
castielle101 (2:32:38 PM): trophy if you give her equipment
castielle101 (2:32:52 PM): *change of clothes* trophy
castielle101 (2:33:02 PM): she reinforces pyromancy flame
castielle101 (2:33:22 PM): and sells defense rings
castielle101 (2:33:26 PM): and pyromancies
castielle101 (2:34:04 PM): Flame Quartz Ring, Thunder Quartz Ring and Dark Quartz Ring
castielle101 (2:34:27 PM): sells blue, yellow, orange blurs
castielle101 (2:34:35 PM): and 3 fire seeds
castielle101 (2:35:22 PM): Fireball, Fire Orb, Combustion, Poision Mist, Flash Sweat and Iron Flesh
castielle101 (2:56:42 PM): through there is the Shaded Woods

fexds (2:34:31 PM): Covetous Demon is boss of the Earthen area
fexds (2:34:46 PM): Lucatiel shows up after boss, at next bonfire, and gives you Ring of Steel Protection +1
fexds (2:46:02 PM): on Belfy's area, fall down to Blue tearstone ring
fexds (3:02:57 PM): stone trader cloanne is the blacksmith's daughter

castielle101 (3:22:47 PM): Poison Bite Ring is behind the Pharohs Lockstone in Earthen *something or other*

fexds (10:51:27 AM): magic trainer sells Clear Bluestone Ring - shortens casting time and spell quartz ring -increases magic def (2000 souls each)
fexds (10:51:33 AM): he also reinforces pyro flams
fexds (10:52:38 AM): he sells 1 sorcerer staff for 100 souls
fexds (10:53:27 AM): 10 amber herbs for 1600, 5 twilight herb for 2400, 1 Simpleton's Spice for 130000 (lowers required intelligence by 1 for chosen spell)
fexds (10:53:46 AM): spells:
fexds (10:53:52 AM): soul arrow - 1500
fexds (10:54:00 AM): Great soul arrow -3000
fexds (10:54:07 AM): heavy soul arrow - 2000
fexds (10:54:16 AM): great heavy soul arrow 4500
fexds (10:54:52 AM): shockwave 1800 (does not inflict damage, but unleashes a large shockwave, toppling oponents)
fexds (10:55:26 AM): Soul Spear Barrage 2600 (Fires a flurry of soul spears. Inflights high damage when multiple spears hit)
fexds (10:55:44 AM): Magic weapon - 2000
fexds (10:56:10 AM): Yearn - 3000 (Creates a warm soul-like orb that serves as a decoy and lures foes towards itself)

fexds (3/12/14 6:41:24 AM): area in belfry lona after bonfire, dog swamp enchanted falchion + 1 and
fexds (3/12/14 6:41:44 AM): Bastille Key

castielle101 (2:09:07 PM): Branch of yore and elizabeth mushroom after lost sinner in a chest
castielle101 (2:09:48 PM): killing a boss clears your curse
castielle101 (2:10:05 PM): curse spreads to entire group when someone is cursed in your group

On way to Shaded Woods

estus flask shard
soul of a proud knight
human effigy
-- Ruined Fork Road
Fading Soul
Pharro's Lockstone
>next bonfire

Sinner's Rise

Lost Bastille key before boss opens gates that have
on main area
fire seed

1. silky n smooth stone
2. torch spot to light fire.

Shaden Wods

Ruined Forkroad Bonfire

Go forward on the path and follow to a small pond with a middle tree to find Red Tearstone Ring
Left from bonfire, after plenty of enemies, go through archway and hug left side - kill two npcs Ring of Life Protection Soul of Proud Knight
Flexile Sentry enemy (Swords side) drops Twinkling Titanite
Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe
Golden Falcon Shield
--> Shrine of Winter

to the right side of fork
Soul of a proud knight Human Effigy

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