Sellsword Luet is an NPC summon available for boss fights in Scholar of the First Sin.

He wears the Heide Knight Iron Mask, Havel's Armor, Heide Knight Gauntlets, and Heide Knight Leggings. He also appears to have the Redeye Ring and the Gower's Ring of Protection equipped.
He wields dual Greatshields of Glory.


  • When summoned, he greets you with the "Warcry" gesture.
  • He is primarily a tank used for distracting enemies.
  • He bashes with his greatshields, but two-hands one of them and stops attacking when below half health.
  • He breaks boss poise easily, so it's possible that he has the Stone Ring equipped.




Locations Details
Forest of Fallen Giants His sign is right before the Last Giant boss room, and since he is a shade, he can also be summoned to help you in the fire pit. He will not follow you up the elevator.
Sinners' Rise In the final cell in the right hand upper floor.
Drangleic Castle As a shade in the room after the golem switch in the upper castle where two Manikins assault you. He is only meant to help you in the room ahead, against the Executioner's Chariot Horse.
Aldia's Keep In the area with Looking Glass Varlets.
Frozen Eleum Loyce As a shade just below an item near the Lower Garrison bonfire.

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