Lost Sinner

HP 3900 (Standard Game)
Weakness Lightning
Resistance ?

The Lost Sinner is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Lost Sinner Information 

She is located deep after the Lost Bastille and into Sinner's Rise, in a dark cell that you may illuminate if you have obtained the Bastille Key from the Belfry Gargoyles or the corpse at the edge of the broken bridge if you are playing the SotFS edition.

  • Prisoner of Sinner's Rise, the Lost Sinner eternally punishes herself for the sins of her past. Indeed, she committed what some would believe to be the ultimate sin - she attempted to relight the First Flame.
  • The Lost Sinner possesses the Soul of a Great One; she holds the remnants of the Soul of the Old Witch of Izalith. Eons have passed since the legendary Witch walked the land, but such was her power that it persists even now.


This is lore speculation by user: "arbitoruchiha".

  The Lost Sinner is a fragment of the Witch of Izalith (insect size is small). This is clear as she was known to have attempted to recreate the first flame. This can also be heard when you have a conversation with Sweet Shalquoir after openning the shrine of winter. Although just a speculation it is possible that The Lost Sinner you are fighting with is just a host. This is due to the insect that looks like the Bed of Chaos entering her eye during the cinematic, only after it enters does she stand up tofight. 

  The Lost Sinner has been punishing herself in the bastille. It is possible she was punishing herself there before the town was converted to bastilles and prisons prior to the curse's arrival. This means the boss room is the oldest part of the former city. She must've built the sinner's rise herself to punish herself. (This may open an argument that she is not the witch of izalith but another witch  got imprisoned due to trying to relight the first flame and the chaos bug was simply the result of this, this is due to the fact that the bug from dark souls might have been simply a byproduct [please read theory 2]). Her attire is built in such away that  it restrains her (possibly the boss is not at her full strength when fighting you as she is in pain from her own armor). 

Theory 2

  The lost sinner was a witch during the Iron King's time that tried to relight the first flame and the result was lava and demons being born and a chaos insect just like dark souls where there was lava and demons after the attempt to relight the first flame. As a result her guilt of killing thousand of people caused her to regret and torture herself. She might've even loved the Iron King but her mistake caused him to be a mindless demon. She tried to impress her king but this killed him. It is possible that the Lost Sinner was a Queen this as a result caused Queen Mytha to try as hard as possible to impress the King out of jealousy to the point of poisoning herself to beautify herself. 

(Please note all the above is just a theory and might not be the actual lore)





  • ??
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Counter Measures

Thrust Two-hands her sword and does a running thrust towards the player.  
Jump Attack Jumps out of sight then drops down with a falling attack.  
Slash / Swing Does a running slash at the player.  
Combo Swing Does a 2 hit combo. Also a 3 hit combo involving a downward strike.  

Souls Awarded

Bonfire Intensity Souls Awarded (Boss) Souls Awarded (Pyromancers)
1 45,000 No Pyromancers.
2 90,000 3,600
3 112,500 4,500
4 123,750 4,950
5 135,000 5,400
6 146,250 5,850
7 157,500 6,300
8 180,000 7,200
  • No changes to souls awarded beyond Bonfire Intensity 8.

NPC Summons

Lucatiel of Mirrah can be summoned for this encounter, provided the player exhausts her dialogue at the Tower Apart. Her summon sign is located at the bottom of the chain lift that takes the player down from the Saltfort.
In the SotFS Edition, Sellsword Luet can be summoned for this encounter. His summon sign is inside a cell just at the side of one of the exploding mummies.


You should first kill the Belfry Gargoyle and proceed past them to a bonfire and a ladder that gives you the Bastille Key. Bring a torch and use the key to open the cells before the mist, and light the oil tracks on each side. This will lighten up the room and allow you to lock on. A video of this is provided below.

Stick close to her body, constantly circling her. Wait for her to do a lunging thrust and after you should have time to get a hit or two in. Repeat. Take your time. Stamina management is key if you're using heavy weapons such as greatswords. If you're in a position where she is open to attack but you're low on stamina due to dodging a few of her attacks, you should just let it pass and wait for a new window. Always make sure to attack when you know your swing won't deplete your stamina completely so you can't dodge her followup. A shield with 100 physical reduction, such as the Drangleic Shield, can prove extremely helpful.

The bossfight can be much easier if one person (either the host or phantom) has a Redeye Ring and a Drangleic shield (If you have the Gyrm Shield or Havel's Greatshield, this works great against the pyromancers in NG+ as well). The objective is to have whoever has the redeye ring to distract the boss, while the other kills the boss. This can work with NG+, the pyromancers have to be killed by the summoner. But as long as the bait has a shield up at all times, keeping their stamina up, the boss fight should be significantly easier.

Melee (no shield):
The Lost Sinner is a tricky and dangerous boss; her attacks have large swing arcs and the tracking on her thrust attack make things difficult too. The lock-on tends to not follow her fast enough and the boss sometimes retreats to walls causing the camera to act dodgy. Dodging the Lost Sinner is manageable, however, hitting her is difficult. She has few openings: After the third attack of a string (overheard and stab finishers), and side attack+overhead. The previous two attacks should be baited by staying in medium range; contriving the AI is the key to getting hit without miscalculated risks and whiffing attacks. Attacking her after one attack or the stab attack might give the player a hit or the punish will whiff, resulting in a dangerous position where the player has to roll after an attack--rolling too early in this fight should be avoided.
That aside, healing is a similar case too--heal after the overhead smash and prepare to roll if you were in medium range.

Melee (NG+):
The Lost Sinner in NG+ is identical to the first playthrough; highly aggressive and large hitboxes with hard-to-judge attacks (it is highly recommended to light the torches outside this fight with the Bastille Key) only this time, after a certain amount of her health has been taken off (roughly 1/3 - 1/2), two black-phantom pyromancers equipped with Great Fireball, Fire Orb, Flame Swathe and Lingering Flame accompany her. With Lucatiel to help out in this fight, and it is vital that you have her summoned, it can be made quite easy; simply equip the Red Eye Ring, bought from Sweet Shalquior in Majula, and the Lost Sinner will spend the entire fight focused on you. The two pyromancers will most likely be provoked to attack you as well, but from a distance, and as long as they are kept at bay (with a 100% physical shield and high fire DEF - suggested Gyrm Greatshield) Lucatiel will handle the pyromancers with high damage, as she does not affect the Sinner greatly, and the Sinner will remain attacking you, leaving Lucatiel available to help with the singular fight against the sinner with a moderate/high amount of health, and will still be focused on you. Use any large swing opening from the Sinner to heal, and ensure that you manage your endurance well, circling and only putting the guard up when necessary. Rolling is also, like the first playthrough, vital.

Melee (Drakewing Ultra Greatsword):
The Lost Sinner can be easily staggered and damaged with the use of Drakewing Ultra Greatsword buffed with Dark Pine Resin, make sure the torches in the room have been lit, once she has swung for one to two times, land the two handed strong attack at melee, this will both stagger her and deal a high amount of damage on her (approx 900-1500), remember to dodge her attacks by rolling to the right instead of blocking.

Attacks to be wary of:

  • Stab: Large hitbox, good tracking of the player--don't roll early.
  • Jump: Two attacks, either an attack that is followed by a string, or an empty jump followed by a stab. Generally, MOVE AWAY. You can punish the attack if the Lost Sinner didn't initiate the follow up.
  • Critical: If you place your back to her, she will be able to back stab you for a large amount of damage. The same applies if she guard breaks you.
  • Fast sideway slash canceled by a dodge: This attack is tricky, and will mostly be used against the player after punishing her attacks. The attack can whiff if you stayed to the right and strafed that way.


Video Strategy

Fun co-op(Fex, Gab and Cas)
NightHawk: The Lost Sinner: Ranged, Sword & Board and Power Stance
Miracles w/ sword/shield
Ranged(bow, NG+4, solo)
Melee(ultra greatsword, NG+4, solo)
The Lost Sinner


  • The room where you fight the Lost Sinner can be lit up, causing the the boss to slow down. To light the room, you must first acquire the Bastille Key. In the original version it can be obtained after defeating the Belfry Gargoyles, but in the Scholar of the First Sin edition you can easily find it at the edge of the broken bridge after the Servant's Quarter bonfire. After getting the key, the two doors on either side of the entrance to the Lost Sinner can be unlocked, allowing the player to light up the oil and light the room.
  • It is possible to use Lucatiel of Mirrah to help with this fight, although she doesn't provide much damage to the boss. She is useful mainly as a distraction. Clear the watery path to boss first by killing the Water Giants and Exploding Mummies. Open the gate, then head back to the chain lift and touch her summon sign while human. With her summoned, run straight to the boss fog gate. She will enter shortly after you do and proceed to help with the battle.
  • It is also possible to summon Sellsword Luet as a Phantom from the final cell on the right hand upper floor before approaching the boss room. Since he only caries two shields, he doesn't do much damage, but he is still useful for drawing the bosses attention, though because still attempts to attack the boss with his shields, he often get hit so he won't last that long. (Scholar of the First Sin only)
  • In New Game +, two Prisoned Sinners (red phantom pyromancers) appear in the room when the Lost Sinner drops to around 60% health.
    • This occurs in NG+ however the pyromancers do not appear with the use of a Bonfire Ascetic in NG (SotFS: This does not apply, they appear in NG+.)
    • The phantoms have a small amount of health so they can be killed fast with a strong attack.
  • In New Game + Try to get Lucatiel to have all of the Lost Sinner's Aggro before attempting to kill the pyromancers
  • It is possible to parry The Lost Sinner, however the stun window is miniscule and she will more than likely recover faster or as fast as you do.



    • Anonymous

      02 May 2018 15:47  

      I don’t know if the pyromancers spawned and I just wasn’t paying attention, but I just killed her and I didn’t have to deal with pyromancers at all. I just got munchies old witch soul and I was out of there.

      • Anonymous

        27 Dec 2017 21:52  

        I felt like a casual for using a shield against her in ng, so I decided I should not in ng+
        GOD that was a mistake
        I killed her, but the horrors of the thrust attack are gonna haunt me for days
        The hitboxes, man
        This fight is what is gonna keep me from starting ng++ lmao

        • Anonymous

          24 Aug 2017 03:02  

          I have died like 15 times to this piece of***** boss, and not ONCE have I been able to dodge the thrust. Left, right, early, late. It doesn't matter. Once she prepares the trust, I basically know it's over. ***** this boss. I've beaten Bloodborne and DS3, but this game is *****ing broken with its illogical hitboxes.

          • Anonymous

            18 Apr 2017 20:38  

            Carrying a torch during the battle allows lock on same as lighting the oil. The Cast Light spell most likely works as well, but I haven't tested.

            • Anonymous

              21 Mar 2017 20:29  

              the lost sinner can parry you too if you attack If you attack when she is blocking with her sword

              • Anonymous

                28 Feb 2017 20:47  

                Do you guys think this might be the previous games player? Or even gwyn, she tried to rekindle the first a player you can choose to do so yourself. The lost sinner dido the same. She might be gwyn

                • Anonymous

                  03 Nov 2016 01:02  

                  Didn't even need any strategies listed here. Only wanted to know if it was weak to Magic/Poison so I could applying resin to my weapons. Thanks for nothing

                  • Used ascetic01 Sep 2016 20:33  

                    So after a ton of wiping on this guy on ascetic +1 around lvl 75 (SL ~500k), i was able to get him down. Here's my experience- Hardest part was clearing the way, I've ended up resetting it about 11-12 times until the trash disappeared (except the Flexile Sentry).- You can bait the big Undead Aberrations to fall into the elevator pit (if you send the elevator back up once you're down) for easy souls and a chance at Chaos Rapier/Shield- Beware of the two exploding guys at the stairs (an additional red one on NG+)- Once only the Flexile Sentry is left, summon Lucatiel and run on the right side thru the hole in the wall till you get to Luet and ignore the Sentry- Make sure you light the fires, the two red guards wont attack if you dont get too close- PS4 SOTFS Redeye Ring didn't seem to get him off Lucatiel too much, actually got a bit in the way since the NPCs do weak damage against the Sinner- Upgraded Drangleic sword to +3, you need your best damage weapon- Lucatiel takes a lot of damage, so is Luet- You need to dish out as much damage as possible before Lucatiel and Luet die so you got some distraction during the adds phase- Focus on the adds asap, Luet has the Redeye Ring and seems to hold aggro pretty well- Most likely you will end up with soloing the Sinner at around 50-40% after the adds are dead- BE PATIENT, use a shield (Drangleic in my case), block a few hits, dodge a few and just hit ONCE when you're sure there's a window (my +3 Drangleic sword does 169 damage per normal attack)- Never run out of stamina, at my SL he would 1 shot me if i couldn't block so make sure you hit him only once, don't get greedy- On some attacks i got staggered due to low stamina, roll out of the way asap in that case, normally he wont do a quick attack after a heavy- Enjoy your fire weapon

                    • Weakness: lightning?29 Aug 2016 11:02  

                      I fought the Lost Sinner using a Lightning Heide Spear +9, which seemed to work well enough, but my Lightning Spear miracles were doing negligible damage... 50 to 80 per cast or thereabouts. Anyone else have a similar experience?

                      • Iron Parma for the win.29 Aug 2016 11:02  

                        When I faced her, I blocked most of her attacks and this was the shield I used. I did not reinforce it. I did not enchant it. It was just a normal shield but it took the hits and kept on trucking. I also floated like a butterfly and stung like a scorpion with my Heide Knight Sword.

                        • Anonymous

                          Souls Awarded29 Aug 2016 11:02  

                          Recieved 40500 souls with covetous silver serpent ring +1 first encounter. SotFS xb1. Both offline phantoms summoned. Sellsword died before winning, other survived.

                          • Anonymous

                            My Tactic and mistake29 Aug 2016 11:02  

                            So what I did was I put on the red eye ring And Tanked all of the damage with my drangleic Shield Lucatiel was doing all the damage and she had health the size of my Teachers wart And I Turned My back for one Second and poof I'm dead So moral Let NPC do it BUT NEVER turn you're back on The Sinner

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