Looking Glass Varlet

Respawns YES

Looking Glass Varlet is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Looking Glass Varlet Information

Phantoms which emerge from mirrors. They can come out of the Looking Glass Knight boss's mirror shield, or out of the mirrors in Aldia's Keep.





  • ??


Strategy Tips

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King's Passage

HP Weak Resists Respawns?
NG: 1,100
NG+: 1,550
NG+7: 2,900
- - No
Location: King's Passage
NG: yes
Move set
  • ?

Aldia's Keep

HP Weak Resists Respawns?
NG: 2,250
NG+: 3,000
NG+7: 5,650
- - No
Location: Aldia's Keep
NG: yes
Move set
  • Slash : The enemy will swing at the player when in close range, can be up to a 2 swing combo
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked
  • Souls: NG: 1,200 NG+: 2,400 NG+7: 4,800


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