Soul of a Great Hero


Is a soul of a great hero who has long ago gone Hollow.
Used to acquire a good amount of souls.
The soul is the source of all life, even in hollowing.
The mind seeks souls.

Soul of a Great Hero is a Consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Consume for 20,000 souls.



  • Dragon Aerie; on a corpse by the second drake, by the third drake and on the platform dropped on to from the zip line above the bonfire(farmable in scholar of the first sin, because of the bonfire astetic found after the first bridge)
  • Memory of Vammar; one on top of the roof with the Giant Mages and the other is on a corpse by the Soul of a Giant
  • Memory of Orro, Go right to the first hallway, go outside and immediately turn right, you should see a lootable body, it contains a Soul of a Great Hero and a Soul Vessel
  • Undead Crypt; after the room with Agdayne, at the bottom of the ladder, two undead are next to it
  • 1 on a corpse in Dragon's Sanctum near the area with The Imperfect.


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