The Imperfect

HP Approx. 4500
Weakness Strike, Dark
Resistance Lightning
Respawns YES

The Imperfect is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


The Imperfect Information

Imperfect creatures residing in the Sunken City, believed to be a group of incomplete, malformed dragons, generally they'll fire a projectile from distance and then go for melee.






Strategy Tips

  • In higher NG cycles they can be a real pain. I found the best way of dealing with them goes as follows. They are weak to strike damage so equip a great hammer (I powerstanced a Large Club +10 and an Old Knight Hammer +10 in NG++) for maximum damage output. Use ranged attacks to aggro one to draw him away from the rest. They will generally go for one or two ranged attacks, depending on their distance from you. If you time your roll right, you can roll straight through the orb spit. Rolling to the side or strafing will take of a chunk out of your health due to the splash damage and slight tracking of this attack. Their next step is generally the Dashing ram. Roll to your left to negate this attack. They can also approach the player by leaping in your direction. Just roll back, you should be fine. The best place to be is right in front of them. Standing under it will cause it to perform a leap attack, wich is hard to dodge. Stand in front of their nose and strafe to your left. The sideward bite goes from your left to your right, and if you continue strafing it will miss you. This is the time to attack. Watch out for a follow up sideward bite in opposite direction. Once you get one or two hits in, get back in front of it. The overhead bite can be rolled through. Standing behind or to the side of it will cause it to stomp. The stomp has a small AoE, so watch out or you will be staggerd. During the stomp animation they take little damage (208 instead of the usual 1044 at 50 Str 40 Dex on NG++ with previously mentioned weapons). Staying in front of it and strafing usually only triggers the bite attacks, which are easily dodged. Repeat this and you should have no trouble with them.
    You can also deal with them by running to the beach and using ranged attacks. Watch out for their orb spit though.
  • They're generally weak to Great Resonant Soul.
    Kite them to the island/beach, they cannot leave the pool.
  • Can be poisoned with ~10 Poison Arrows, when you start to see their HP meter drain with poisoning switch to Regular Arrows until they're down.


Move Set

  • Orb Spit
  • Two Bites Combo
  • Sideward Bite
  • Dashing Ram
  • Leap
  • Overhead Bite + Swallow
  • Stomping



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    • Anonymous

      25 Mar 2019 20:24  

      Dark hail does pretty good damage on them, as long as you broadside them, head on or the back doesn’t hurt them too bad but if you broadside them it takes about 4 hits even covenant of the champions it takes 5 or six, that bite they do that even if they miss you, you somehow teleport into their mouth is ridiculous, so make sure you’re at full health at all times, dark clubs or dark crypt black sword work too but you got to get close

      • Anonymous

        06 Dec 2018 20:37  

        Seeing that people have troubles with these fake drakes, i ll give a trick for easy kill: Upgrade crypt blacksword to +5, imbue it with darknight stone and buff it with dark weapon. Even in the covenant of champions they go down in a few hits Pd. Tested this insane dark damage with 40 faith and 40 int. Try it and smile if it works for you

        • Anonymous

          26 Oct 2018 19:25  

          Resistant to Lightning? Well if they are the fact that they are in water makes spells like Heavenly thunder and blinding bolt ruin their day. Cast it under their head and it will do almost half their health on NG with one cast.

          • Anonymous

            25 Jul 2018 07:23  

            I find the best way to fight them is to lock on to one of the legs and keep circling close in that direction. It will try to turn to face you, often not attacking at all, and the bite attack and head lunges will usually miss. The main danger is the stomp attacks and the jump. When it starts stomping, roll away and move to a safe distance (it's a good opportunity to heal if needed) then immediately move in close again. The jump is a bit tricky due to the strange timing - you basically have to roll slightly later than you'd expect, practically at the same moment it lands. I have no idea why that is.

            Shields are fairly pointless against these guys so just two-hand whatever weapon you are using and keep taking shots at the legs.

            • Anonymous

              07 Jun 2018 16:43  

              I think this is the point were I quit trying to beat this game... BS hitboxes and the insta kill. Just not worth it.

              • Anonymous

                16 Mar 2018 22:56  

                I don't know if it's because of an update/calibration, but Great Resonant Soul does nothing (26 DMG) to them and I had 31 FTH, 55 INT and used a Dark Glutch ring

                • Anonymous

                  11 Nov 2017 16:47  

                  It is actually possible to stagger them, it's just by the amount of times they've been struck they've lost most of their health.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Sep 2017 07:30  

                    ***** this area and ***** those guys. Lazy level design.
                    This part is the worst of all the DLCs, maybe just as much as horse***** valley.

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