Soul of a Giant

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The soul of a Giant who came to conquer Drangleic.
Will the Giants' resentment of the King be pacified in death, or only emboldened?
Can be used to acquire souls, only...

Soul of a Giant is a Consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Adds 10,000 souls. (Consuming the soul is not advised)
  • Lower Vendrick's defense bonus when souls are in your inventory.
  • Having none in your inventory will give King Vendrick 32x his normal defenses. Having 1 gives him 16x his defenses. Having 2 gives him 8x def, 3 gives 4x def, 4 gives him 2x and having 5 or more results in him having normal defense stats.





  • It is possible to farm Souls' of A Giant from the Ancient Dragon. Use Bonfire Ascetic at the Dragon Shrine to make him respawn again.
  • Also Great Lightning Spear with high faith does a lot of damage.
    • The staff hex Dark Orb, despite its short range, is very effective against giants when considering how quickly it can be cast, and the number of casts it naturally provides.
    • The miracle hex Great Resonant Soul is very effective against them as well.
    • Giants are fairly easy if you poison them. They don't take an incredible amount of damage, but if you can get them poisoned when you need to run or heal yourself, it can prove to be a boon to your survival and ending the fight quicker.
  • You keep the soul of giants into NG+
  • No longer works after Patch 1.10 but can be used in unpatched version If the player has accidentally used all of their Souls' of A Giant, or they simply require more to defeat Vendrick, the two Giants in Black Gulch can be farmed for subsequent Souls' of A Giant with the use of a Bonfire Ascetic on the Black Gulch Mouth bonfire. This method can also be used to obtain an infinite number of them, should the player desire to do so.
  • There is a bug wherein if you kill only 1 of the giants in the hidden cave within Black Gulch then you are summoned to the Belfry Sol by the Bell Keepers' Seal, upon returning you will be given the Forgotten Key and a Soul of a Giant, although killing the other giant does not result in a second Soul of a Giant or Forgotten Key being dropped. (Unsure if this is only if you lose the invasion or if you can win and have the same result.)(<---- Not specific to Belfry Sol, any form of quit-loading will have the same effect.)



    • Anonymous

      25 Jan 2020 01:56  

      I never even knew the purpose of these souls so I'm glad I kept it, mind as well use them in the beginning of NG+ or before proceeding to NG+, I had troubles defeating Vendrick but my fight with him probably lasted 10 minutes because I use the Heide Knight's Sword+10 and it was doing 17-21 damage on him, Bleed weapons add 200 when Bleed fills Vendricks meter but with a Sword that does 20 points of damage it went by faster then I thought, I tried using the Flamberge and it didn't do that great a damage for +10 and it kept consuming my stamina way too quick, Heide Knight's Sword FTW!

      • Anonymous

        19 Mar 2017 05:15  

        I just started playing this game a week or two ago, got to Vendrick and didn't know I needed all these giant souls. I had already used the one fr the Black Gulch giants and went back with a bonfire ascetic to try to get the soul again. I tried both bonfires separately just to be sure. After killing the THREE giants that now spawn, I received no special items.

        I can say that, without a doubt, the bonfire ascetic technique doesn't work with the black gulch giants anymore.

        How do they expect newcomers who *****ed up and used 2+ souls to know the necessity for them in killing the boss?? Surely there should be a way to get 4 or 5 without doing NG1...


        • Anonymous

          Giant souls04 Sep 2016 19:55  

          If a new NG cycle is started do you get new giant souls? Cause I used mine after killing vendeick thinking that they do and I am not sure now

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