Throwing Knife

throwing knife

Used as a projectile.
This simple weapon is easily utilized. Its range is limited, and it deals very little damage, but even still, it is a valuable tool in the absence of other ranged weapons."

Throwing Knife is a type of projectile in Dark Souls 2




  • Equip in item slots and use to throw at enemies.
  • Can be used locked on or locked off. Can be manually aimed with Binoculars.
  • Dexterity Scaling is equivalent to A; i.e. the weapon has 50% scaling for a DEX attack bonus.  
  • Great for a surprise kill when the opponent is very low on health in PVP.



  • Sold by Merchant Hag Melentia 100 Souls (Unlimited Stock) in Cardinal Tower. As you progress through the game she will relocate herself in Majula.



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    • Anonymous

      Drops from hollow infantry. It's better to use them on the early areas, because at that point it will take 2 throwing knifes to kill hollow soldiers (forest of falling giants) and 3 to kill royal swordsmans (forest of the falling giants, lost bastille). In later areas, the enemies defense and HP pool became too high and it gets eclipsed by arrows and your melee weapon, so don't be stingy about using it while you can.

      • Anonymous

        I invaded a host and his white phantom in the Shaded Ruins. They were understandably cocky, with their heavy armor and untra-greatswords. I started chucking knives at them from a big distance, just kinda taunting them. Then they started shooting with arrows. Well, eventually they came down to me. The phantom was low, like 40%. He died first, after that the host was easy to kill with a few stabs and throwing knives. Thank you, throwing knives. And thank you Hag, for selling them, for the blacksmith will not recognize it as a weapon.

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