Throwing Knife


Used as a projectile.
This simple weapon is easily utilized. Its range is limited, and it deals very little damage, but even still, it is a valuable tool in the absence of other ranged weapons."

Throwing Knife is a type of projectiles in Dark Souls 2




  • Equip in item slots and use to throw at enemies. Can be used with or without being locked to target.
  • Damage does not seem to scale with Strength or Dexterity. (It does scale, at least with Dexterity. 169 damage at 20 Dex, 170 damage at 21 Dex. Tried it on the Hollow Soldier with a Halberd just outside the bonfire at Forest of Giants.) (Huh, that's cool, I guess the scaling just isn't high enough for a damage increase when I tested it. Perhaps someone should test what sort of % the scaling is with large stat increases.)
  • Did some quick testing, with 7 strength the damages were 130 at 10 Dex, 135 at 20 Dex, and 140 at 30 Dex against the same hollow outside of the Crestfallen Retreat
  • Great for a surprise kill when the opponent is very low on health in PvP



  • Sold by Merchant Hag Melentia 100 Souls (Unlimited Stock) in Cardinal Tower. As you progress through the game she will relocate herself in Majula.



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