‍‍Invader NPC Phantoms‍‍.


Summoned NPC Phantoms

Note: These can only be summoned while in human form!

Scripted Ghosts


  • Belfry Luna - After defeating the gargoyles scripted ghosts will show you the way down a ladder near the bonfire.

    • Anonymous

      10 Apr 2017 23:52  

      Maybe an update to The forlorn, needs confirmation.
      Im playing Scholars of the First Sin and in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, after picking up the item you have to fall in the rock platform, and falling near the sand whirlpool, The forlorn invaded. I wasnt able to kill him and wasnt able to make him invade again, so im not sure what made him invade.

      • 20 Mar 2017 00:36  

        Okay one phantom is missing here... after you light all the torches in The gutter a dark phantom appears and give you zullie's set but with the veil....

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