Phantoms are NPCs in Dark Souls 2. These include all invader NPCs and Summoned NPCs. These are invaders act as Enemies that may suddenly appear as you enter specific Locations. These invasions are when hostile NPCs invade your current Location and initiate in combat once within proximity. Once an invasion occurs, a notification will appear mentioning that you have been Invaded by a Dark Spirit, followed by the name of the invader. You may then seek out the invader and begin Combat. On the other hand there are also Phantoms that can be summoned and instead act as allies. These phantoms, invade enemies in a way and aid you in battle. Some conditions and interactions might be required before they can become available as a Summoned Phantom. 



All ‍‍Invader NPC Phantoms

Melinda the Butcher

Maldron the Assassin

  • Brume Tower
  • Frozen Eleum Loyce (No notification will appear to indicate you have been invaded also worn White Ring to disguise as friendly phantom)


Jester Thomas

Holy Knight Aurheim

Quicksword Rachel

Rockshield Baldyr

Hexer Nicholai

Castaway Witch Donna

The Forlorn

 The Bell Keeper

 Vorgel the Sinner

 Merciless Roenna

 Rhoy the Explorer

 Peculiar Kindular

 Nameless Usurper

 Dragonfang Villard

 Royal Sorcerer Navlaan (only invades if released from his prison in Aldia's Keep)

 Aslatiel of Mirrah

Armorer Dennis (remaster only)

Oliver the Collector (remaster only)

Fencer Sharron (remaster only)

Woodland Child Victor & Woodland Child Gully (remaster only)

Bowman Guthry (remaster only)


Scripted Ghosts DS2

Belfry Luna

  • After defeating the gargoyles scripted ghosts will show you the way down a ladder near the bonfire. 


Summoned NPC Phantoms

  • Note: These can only be summoned while in human form and you will get 25% less souls while you have a white phantom in your world!

 Lucatiel of Mirrah

  • Sinners' Rise (Lost Sinner), after descending to the bottom from the lift. In the back right-hand corner. May have to talk to her at No-man's Wharf or The Lost Bastille beforehand.
  • No-man's Wharf (Flexile Sentry), near the shortcut gate in the house, appears after exhausting her dialogue near the bonfire.
  • Iron Keep (Smelter Demon), right outside of the boss room.
  • Black Gulch (The Rotten), near the hidden bonfire.
  • Grand Cathedral (Burnt Ivory King), up the stairs from the bonfire.
  • In order to complete Lucatiel's storyline, the player must summon her for at least three of the five boss battles, and survive all three. Doing so is the only way to earn the trophy/achievement for completing her storyline. This can apparently be done across all playthroughs or through the use of a bonfire ascetic to fight the same boss. 

 Pilgrim Bellclaire

 Mild-Mannered Pate

  • Forest of Fallen Giants (The Last Giant) speak with him before entering the ambush on the lower level of Cardinal Tower, and then again after you escape and kill all the enemies. His summon sign can be found just outside the boss fog. Pate will not leave this area, so he cannot be summoned to assist with the The Pursuer. If Pate survives the battle with The Last Giant, he will give you his pikeshield and armour when he is encountered in the Earthen Peak area.

 Masterless Glencour

 Jester Thomas

 Ashen Knight Boyd

 Benhart of Jugo

 Manscorpion Tark

 Melinda the Butcher

  • Dragon Shrine (Ancient Dragon) near the bottom of the grand staircase before the boss fight. Can only be summoned if you defeat her as an invading phantom in the Gutter.

 Head of Vengarl

 Grave Warden Agdayne

  • Undead Crypt (Velstadt) Near the fog gate leading to the  boss fight. (Sign will not show up if you kill him as an NPC earlier in the Undead Crypt).

 Captain Drummond

 Felicia the Brave

 Lone Hunter Schmidt

  • Black Gulch (The Rotten) Near the fog gate leading to the boss fight. In Scholar Of The First Sin, the summon sign is located in the previous path.
  • Shrine of Amana. Inside the empty hut between the second and third bonfire. (remaster only) 

Creighton the Wanderer (remaster only)

Transcendent Edde

Abbess Feeva

Steelheart Ellie

Steel-willed Lorrie

Drifter Swordsman Aidel

Rapacious Andrei

Ruined Aflis

Twiggy Shei

Carhillion of the Fold

Manhunter O'Harrah (remaster only)

Bradley of the Old Guard (remaster only)

Bashful Ray (remaster only)

Devotee Scarlett (remaster only)

Sellsword Luet (remaster only)



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    • Anonymous

      Only getting human effigies from killing phantom invading NPCs on sotfs. Is it because I'm hollow? Literally can find no info online about this issue.

      • Anonymous

        You ever notice that they struggle with the game's stilted controls? Like trying to do rolling attacks without aiming the roll straight at the target, so they just swing completely off-target. Sometimes they'll try to chain certain attacks that don't blend (greatsword R1 > R2, literally just doesn't come out until the R1 swing-and-recover animation is completely finished) and get stuck staring at you in that goofy combat stance until they reach the next action in their AI. Wonderfully designed game

        • Anonymous

          What's your favorite white summon in the game? for me it's Abbess Feeva. I don't really summon phantoms anymore, but back when i was first playing ds2 in the xbox 360, she helped me so much in frigid outskirts against those ****ing horses. Unfortunately i had to black crystal her and vengarl out before the boss, otherwise, lud and zallen would have an outrageous amount of hp in the bossfight.

          • Anonymous

            Fighting these as an invader is downright miserable. With a typical RoB/Flynn build, I tried fighting a Scarlett that someone summoned, hitting for sub-100 damage per hit, and I got backstabbed for all of my roughly 2k health. Their survivability and damage output is absurd.

            • Anonymous

              I got invaded in Brightstone Cove selldora by a forlorn and it did not say that you get invaded in there just pointing it out

              • Anonymous

                Bashful Ray (SotfS confirmed) is in Dragon Shrine, in that hidden part before the Drakekeeper Tower Knight, that leads into the tower of where the Petrified Egg is.

                • Anonymous

                  I just had a red phantom in the tutorial area. It didn't have a name but it was definitely there and it attacked me. Anyone else ever had this?

                  • Anonymous

                    Just invaded by a phantom (?) called [Death Incarnate] which I assume was an NPC. It was teleporting around and doing weird lightning and dark magic attacks I've never seen and are not on this wiki. I managed to kill it and got an effigy plus it dropped a soul of a great hero. Has this happened to anyone? Very confused

                    • Anonymous

                      Sorry, am I crazy? What about Fallen Avarice? In the hallway with all the skeletons before Armorer Dennis?

                      That's his name in the Japanese version at least

                      • I’ve found that an easy way to deal with invaders is at range with poison arrows. The poison cuts most of their health off and they can be finished off with normal arrows. This is especially good for those bullsh*t mage invaders as they don’t like to get particularly close to you

                        • Anonymous

                          Got invaded by Dark Spirit "PODERO CASTIGA" in Iron Keep, in the same room as Oliver The Collector. I was Hollow so i shouldn't have been invaded by other players right? So then who was that? He just stood there on one of the platforms and did one of the gestures over and over with his back against me. I just walked over and pushed that button which cause the platform to fall and killed him.

                          • Anonymous

                            You guys missed another Phantom, if all the torches in Things Betwixt are light then a red phantom will appear and fight you. When I killed her she dropped a Petrified Something. She was wearing the Imported Set

                            • Anonymous

                              In Drangleic Castle, I just ran across a summon sign for an NPC phantom called Adeline. The summon sign was right next to the Central Drangleic Castle bonfire. Her main weapon is a kukri like weapon (possibly the Shotel), which she uses two handed only. Her secondary weapon is the Greatsword. She followed me through the whole map, up to the Mirror Knight boss which she helped defeat. Her attack pattern is very agressive, because she walks way in front of you, killing everything she finds (she killed all horse-like knights in the King's Passage, while I was still standing at the entrance of the hall). She is a heavy damage dealer, but doesn't have much health (an old knight could kill her in 4 blows). I don't know if I met certain stats for the summon sign to appear in the first place.

                              • Anonymous

                                It's missing Gutter Denizen, the NPC that invades you near the 20 lifegem pickup only alfter you've lit all the scones

                                • Anonymous

                                  in Softs you can summon Piligrim Bellclaire for twin Dragonriders (Her sign is in front of the boss door) and also Sellsword Luet in Drangleic castle (I don't remember very well where his sign is, it's either in the room with the two manikins or in the room before the Executioner's chariot in Drangleic castle).

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Maybe an update to The forlorn, needs confirmation.
                                    Im playing Scholars of the First Sin and in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, after picking up the item you have to fall in the rock platform, and falling near the sand whirlpool, The forlorn invaded. I wasnt able to kill him and wasnt able to make him invade again, so im not sure what made him invade.

                                    • Okay one phantom is missing here... after you light all the torches in The gutter a dark phantom appears and give you zullie's set but with the veil....

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