Bashful Ray is an NPC summon available for a number of boss fights in Scholar of the First Sin.
He wears the Prisoner's Hood (without the top part) and the rest of the shadow set (ninja outfit), the Simpleton's Ring and the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring.
He wields dual Umbral Daggers (that hit hard against invading players), dual claws, binoculars, and powerful pyromancy



  • When summoned, he performs the "Bow" gesture and after successfully assisting you in a boss fight he performs the "Bow" gesture before leaving
  • He is only summoned as a shade (except in Bightstone Cove Tseldora) but you can bring him to boss fights if you clear enough enemies just so his summon timer does not run out before you enter a boss fight
  • He deals very high damage and very good poise and can tank multiple enemies at once without dying, which means that this summon in particular can be a player invader's biggest challenge when present
  • He uses the following pyromancies: Fireball, Great Fireball, Firestorm and Flame Swathe.
  • His binoculars help by pointing at the nearest hidden enemy or invader




Locations Events
Huntsman's Copse, in a cage directly across from the first bridge. Skeleton Lords
Black Gulch, between the two Razorback Nightcrawlers. The Rotten
Earthen Peak, in the corridor before Laddersmith Gilligan. Mytha, The Baneful Queen
Brightstone Cove Tseldora, in the room adjacent to Ornifex. (Through the wooden double doors). Duke's Dear Freja
Drangleic Castle, in the room with the Ruin Sentinels. (the torch golems must be lit) Throne of Want


Locations Details
Various In Drangleic Castle, the torch golems must be lit before he can be summoned.
In other areas, there are no pre-requisites for him to be summoned. Just like any other white phantom, must not be hollowed to summon him.

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