Mytha, the Baneful Queen

mytha the baneful queen
HP 3,570 | 6,783 (NG+)
Weakness Thrust, Fire, Drained Poison Pool
Resistance Slash, Magic, Lightning
Immune Poison
Respawn NO

The Mytha, the Baneful Queen is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Mytha, the Baneful Queen Information 

Mytha, the Baneful Queen is a boss in Dark Souls 2. A decapitated lamia / naga queen, holding her own head in one hand and a spear in the other.
She is fought in a pool of poison which constantly damages the player and heals her.

  • Mytha was the fairest queen in the land, until something unhinged her. Was it the poison found deep within the earth, or the passion that consumed her heart? The Queen sought the King's affection, even poisoning herself to attain beauty, despite the monstrous consequences.









Counter Measures

Throw Head She will throw her head which will trigger a magical explosion upon landing on the ground. She will immediately try to take her head back. The explosion radius is rather big standing between herself and her head yields a high chance of being hit
Tail Swing If the player is behind her then they will see this horizontal attack with a tail.  
Spear Whirl She will spin around with her spear.  
Magic Beam At least once she will use magic from her decapitated head to shoot at the player. The player can hear her scream before the attack. she usually does this when the player enters the room you can sprint to the left or right to avoid it
Grab She will use her tail to grab and squeeze player. Deal great damage. Do not stand behind her for to long. She might perform this move.
Spear Slash She will use her spear once or twice with inclined slash.  
Spear Thrust She has several diffrent thursts, one of em is a dash which she will use from a medium distance.  

Souls Awarded

Bonfire Intensity Souls Awarded
1 20,000
2 40,000
3 50,000
4 55,000
5 60,000
6 65,000
7 70,000
8 80,000
  • No changes to souls awarded beyond Bonfire Intensity 8.

NPC Summons

Jester Thomas can be summoned for this fight, provided the player has burned the windmill in Earthen Peak and stopped the flow of poison. His summon sign is located in the recessed area before the fog gate that was previously filled with poison. (false, burning the mills only makes it easier to see the summoning sign. You can summon him without removing poison.) He is a pyromancer and, since Mytha is weak to pyromancy, is very useful in this fight.


After using a Torch to burn away the Windmill's Blades (see Earthen Peak walkthrough), the room will now only have poison around the edge of the arena. If you do this it makes the fight much easier and also allows for an easier entrance into the fight, because the poison in front of the steps leading up will also be drained (completely). During the fight most of her attacks are single or double strikes with her spear, however you can easily anticipate them. Occasionally she will throw in a random triple strike attack, but if you dodge any of her first attacks it is easy to avoid the others. If you drained the poison from the room, she will periodically move over to the edge of the room to regenerate health. This is a good opportunity to use your strong ranged attacks, such as Lightning Spear if you are using miracles. After doing this she will either attack with a powerful thrust attack or Soul Arrow shot from her severed head. Block the Thrust, and dodge the Soul Arrow. The fight is very easy once you drain the poison and you should have no problem taking her by your self.

Melee strategy

Even without draining the poison, it is possible to kill her rather easily with a powerful strike weapon (I used a non-upgraded Demon's Great Hammer). Evade one of her attacks to create an opening, then attack her with the 2 handed strong attack for massive poise damage (2 attacks with the DGH were enough for me). Rather than staggering, she will actually be paralyzed for 2-3 seconds, leaving time for you to heal and recover from poison damage. As soon as you heal evade her coming attack and repeat. If you require more poise damage try using the stone ring.

Jester Thomas strategy (Easy mode)

The Baneful Queen is incredibly vulnerable to pyromancies, and the easiest way by a long shot is simply kite her and let the NPC Jester Thomas do the heavy lifting. Thomas takes a moment to enter the arena so aggro her, preferably with a shield with 90% or more magic damage reduction as she will likely use a few Soul Arrow shots. Then simply kite her with the shield up as Thomas kills her. If she should turn towards Jester then simply step in and hit her to regain her attention.
In SOTFS, you can summon 2 more shades to help you ( Bashful Ray and Devotee; summoning signs found near the staircases below/above the Central bonfire), for a total of 3 shades. You can just stand there to win! The shades will do everything for you.

Video Strategy:






  • Some of her attacks can be parried.
  • You can drain the poison from her room, leaving only a small moat and plenty of space to fight her without suffering damage over time. This is done by lighting a torch and burning the windmill.
  • Her tail can be cut off stopping her from using her swipe attack with it, making the fight easier.
  • She is resistant to magic, but susceptible to hexes. Pyromancy absolutely wrecks her. Swathe does a ton of damage to her.
  • The moat of poison around her will heal her, try to keep her out of the poison



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    • Anonymous

      the best weapon against her ist dark / fire. You can buy both from strain of olaphis in the lost bastille.

      • Anonymous

        if you wanna use a bonfire ascetic to respawn her, make sure to find the hidden bonfire above her arena and use it there, i misread the wiki and used it on the central bonfire and it did not respawn her

        • Anonymous

          Am I the only freak who thought her head looked like an item to pick up right before it screams after she throws it? I kept trying to pick it up, I thought "Oooh, Perseus style weapon! I might be able to use it to have free scream attacks..." ...obviously you can't, almost went through my estus wasting time, but...yeah...coulda been an interesting secret weapon/catalyst to have...just carrying around some crazy lady's head...not weird at all...

          • Anonymous

            Player/Enemies get poisoned: *dies*
            Mytha poisons herself: *Becomes snek who carries her disembodied head around that she can use like a magic grenade*

            • Anonymous

              Why can't we get her spear man? Like... why does her soul only give us a dagger? she doesn't even use one!

              • Anonymous

                This boss has quite possibly the stupidest gimmick of any souls game boss with the whole thing of her arena being completely submerged in poison which is 1000 times more lethal than it is in any of the other games until you burn a random easily-missed windmill, how the hell are you supposed to figure that garbage out without guides?

                • Anonymous

                  I know Dark Souls is famous for having cryptic puzzles, but burning a metal windmill to open a drain and remove poison is the most idiotic thing I've ever seen

                  • Anonymous

                    Cost me an arm and a leg buying posion moss from Gavlan just to beat her, then I come here and find out the poison could be drained smh

                    • Anonymous

                      The poison pool made this fight pretty hard. Big thanks to the cleric npc who helped me and the many life gems I had to use to beat her hahaha

                      • Anonymous

                        Who'd even fking think to set that windmill on fire? That place you light up doesn't even look flammable this is so stupid

                        • Anonymous

                          Shoutout to the cool chill invader who showed me how to burn the windmill. I thought for sure he was gonna kick me off the edges patches style. I was gonna give you more items but you left too quickly. Go in peace.

                          • Anonymous

                            Didn’t know you could drain the poison but I managed to beat her first try solo! Granted, I burned through 6 estus, 5 lifegems, and 8 poison moss to do it. Also had 50 int and a fire longsword + 9 buffed with great magic weapon.

                            • Anonymous

                              She seems like a disused version of one of the Daughters of Dark. Seeking king's favor? Check. Representation of some abstract concept? Check. Tall and freaky? Check.

                              I guess she arrived late after Nadalia already got in good.

                              • Anonymous

                                Beat her solo without draining the poison and only later realized that you could burn the windmill.. I'm killing myself

                                • Anonymous

                                  Laughable fight with all 3 summons. Ray and Scarlet distract her very well while Thomas burns her to ash. Literally all you have to do is dodge her first attack and then you’re home free. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Provided you can keep her alive, the summon you find on the other side of the bridge you cross after defeating covetous demon and lighting the bonfire can help. She won't do much damage but she can tank pretty well while you spam life gems to halt poison damage

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Holy crap I never knew you could drain the poison... I permanently killed all the hot pyromancers for dragon charms, then ran out, before opting to just spam infinite death attempts until beating her hours later. Poison sucks in ds2!

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I forgot to drain the poison and smashed my head against the wall for 3 hours trying to down her, ended up doing it regardless but wow I feel dumb.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Actually suprised that this boss kinda kicked my ass for a couple tries! Her spear has super long range and hits hard, and damage bleeds through shields with frightening ease; and it doesn't help that Thomas couldn't take the aggro off me, either. After a few more tries he managed to aggro her and I unloaded all the fireballs and fire orbs I had on me until she was toast. Ran into the poison glitch where the water around the arena was poisonous despite me burning the windmill, but that was a non issue for me since I limited myself to strictly cast away.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            A topless boss along with Elana that have boob physics right. Najika’s boobs are suspended in midair, like she has an invisible bra

                                            • Anonymous

                                              If you backtrack a little bit before the fight, you can summon one more phantom and a shade. Makes the battle laughably easy.

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