Laddersmith Gilligan

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
?? 3,250 Earthen Peak Melu Scimitar Ladder Miniature

Laddersmith Gilligan is an NPC Merchant in Dark Souls 2



Laddersmith Gilligan Information

  • A merchant on the run that specializes in the art of ladders and a love for profit and currency wherever possible.
  • Blacksmith Lenigrast comments on the fact that Gilligan its a scoundrel in his hometown,having caused major stirring of troubles to the people.He Calls him a scum and a conniver when it comes to money but helpful, only when he gains something in return that is. We are uncertain if Gilligan lived in the same town as Lenigrast or if he simply resided there to hide from more people that were chasing him.
  • Located initially at Earthen Peak. However he will move to Majula. Either after exhausting his dialogue at his first encounter or by killing the boss Mytha, the Baneful Queen.
  • At both Locations he will ask your service of souls for building ladders to reach treasures.
  • At Majula he has a unique dialogue option called "Set up Ladder".
    This talk option allows you to set up three different ladders of various lenghts and prices to descend into the Pit to easily reach the Grave of Saints  and The Gutter
  • Dropping down from the Pit however can be achieved in many ways nullfying his services
  • However the usage and buying of the ladders can reduce the risk as well as the healing a person may perform to descend down bellow.
    As well as having an easier method to open the Forgotten Door. Buying the most expensive ladder will also reward you with the Melu Scimitar


  • Earthen Peak. Found near the Central Earthen Peak bonfire. Walk upstairs and pass though the door to the balcony with the Manikin. Destroy the wooden balustrade and go left. He will offer you a ladder for 2,000 souls in order to get a treasure (Pharros' Lockstone and Twinkling Titanite).
  • Majula. Found sitting next to the Pit in Majula. You don't need to speak to him in Earthen Peak in order for him to move to Majula. He will simply travel there after you kill Mytha, the Baneful Queen. If this happens, you can still collect the above loot by dropping down (the falling height is quite short), along with a Homeward Bone or Aged Feather to safely return back.



  1. Melu Scimitar
  2. Ladder Miniature




Icon Name Quantity Price
  Reinforced Club Unlimited 2000 (1600)
  Whip Unlimited 1800 (1440)
  Claws Unlimited 1500 (1200 before move to Majula)
  Wooden Shield Unlimited 1200 (960)
  Thief Mask Unlimited 1000 (800)
  Black Leather Armor Unlimited 1200 (960)
  Black Leather Gloves Unlimited 1000 (800)
  Black Leather Boots Unlimited 1100 (880)
  Lacerating Knife Unlimited 350 (280)
  Aromatic Ooze Unlimited 2000 (1600)
  Bleeding Serum Unlimited 2000 (1600)
  Ladder Miniature 1 7999 (6399 before Gilligan moves to Majula)




- When first encountered
…Shush, you eejit, stay quiet!
…I'm on the run, don't give me away!
…You're a fugitive too, eh?
…Yes, why else would you be here…
…It's got death written all over it…

- When offering the ladder in Earthen Peak
…You want to climb down here?
…I can lend you a ladder…
…But em…ha…how much can you offer me?
…Why, you! I'm trying to help you, you know…
…Have you no gratitude? Downright rude, really!
…But I've…I've…I've got a soft heart so…
…I'll let you off, this once…

- Answer "yes"
…All right, it'll be just a moment…
…Ahhh…Go on ahead, I won't offer this deal twice… (after cutscene)

- Answer "no"
…Hell, of course it's not free!

- Talking to after declining services
…What? You don't have a choice, do you!
…Then, let's have it! Show me your finest…

- Revisiting after purchasing ladder in Earthen Peak
…Oh, what is it? What do you need now?

- Using talk option (Earthen Peak menu)
…Psst, have you heard?
…Well, apparently there's this monster lady, right…
…And the poison, well, does wonders for her body…
…You know, health and beauty, and that sort of stuff…
…And I thought only human women were so petty!

- Using talk option (Earthen Peak menu)
…That creature, she was human, once, you know…
…Hmm, In fact, she was wed to the Prince of that nearby castle…
…But her husband, hmm, he had feelings for another…
…The Princess was desperate, and sought eternal beauty…
…Hoping that it would restore the Prince's, ah, affection, ha you see what I mean…

- Using talk option (Earthen Peak menu)
…Before long, the Princess' ire transformed her into a monster…
…Now listen here. When do you think this all happened?
…Long ago, when this very land was called something else…
…We say Drangleic now, but…
…Countless kingdoms have risen and fallen on this very spot…
…And this won't be the last…oh no…

- Using talk option (Earthen Peak menu)
…That damned hag just can't let her old flame go…
…She's going to get us all burned…

- Using talk option (Earthen Peak menu)
…Gods almighty…
…I'm not going to die in this dump…

- Leaving after accepting further service (Earthen Peak)
…No mate, these deals, they won't last forever…

- Leaving without seeking further service (Earthen Peak)
…Fine, then, all the best…

- Leaving without closing menu (Earthen Peak)
…Oi! Downright rude, really…

- First encounter in Majula
Wait, you found your way out, too! Hah!
The name's Gilligan. Don't make me say it twice! Heh heh.
All right, what do you want?
I have everything you need! Heh heh heh…

- Revisiting in Majula
Ah! Back already? Ha.
Hey, what've you been up to!
Come to see auld Gilligan, have you? Hah! (after purchasing ladder)
All right, what'd you forget this time?

- Using talk option (Majula menu)
Ohhh, I should've listened to the warnings. This place is flippin' mental.
Huh? No, I wasn't born here. I'm from a wee bit… I'm from a wee bit out west, that's all.
I've seen some rough times. I think I'll settle down for a while.

- Using talk option (Majula menu)
You wouldn't believe the shenanigans that happen in my business.
I thought at least here in the middle of nowhere I could stay clear of, you know, my auld pals.
Oh, don't ask me what happened! Have you no discretion, me auld chum?

- Using talk option (Majula menu)
That gaping hole? Hell, search me.
It's where the people round here toss all their rubbish.
Corpses or you know what… Whatever they'd rather be rid of.
Oh, and, and those human statues. Who are they supposed to be?
Anybody, I suppose. Probably just some auld pagan custom.
What's it like at the bottom of the hole? Why in the hell would I know! Hah!

- Using talk option (Majula menu)
Oh, yes, somebody told me that the grave of a… of a saint lies below here.
Not built by the King, no no. It dates back to a time long before him.
The tomb connects to that hole.
And there's…there's…there's something about some…some Rat King down there.
Hell, if the old rat is as rich as they say, maybe I should go and pay him a visit!

- Using talk option (After long ladder purchase)
Here you are my friend, you can have these, eh! It's a little bonus, you know, for your big purchase.
Ah come on, don't look so glum! I'm trying to be nice here!
You're hopeless, I tell you…

- Requesting Majula ladder service
You want to go down that awful hole? You must have lost your marbles! Heh heh!
Fine, sure, fine, I'm happy to be of service.
You need a ladder, then, sure enough.
But you'll…you'll have to show some generosity.

- Accepting 500 souls ladder
You just don't get it, do you.
Fine, then, now it's my turn.

- Accepting 3500 souls ladder
A very reasonable offer!
Just you wait! Hm-hm!

- Accepting 12000 souls ladder
Well! Really! A very generous offer indeed, especially from you!
I get such a warm feeling inside when I get the chance to help others!

- Declining service
Well! Fine, it's not my business, anyway.

- After purchasing Majula ladder
Hey, this ladder's not for sale!
Th…the only things I sell are miniatures. I mean, if that tickles yer fancy, you can buy as many as you like!

- Re-requesting ladder service
What, you're heading down after all?
Well, that's fine, but if you want my help, you'll need to make me an offer.

- Leaving after accepting service (Majula)
Cheers for that! Hah hah!

- Leaving without accepting service (Majula)
What? Don't waste my time.

- Leaving without closing menu (Majula)
Oi! Where're you off to now!

- When attacking
Hey! That hurts!
Hey! That hurts!
You ungrateful little git! (aggroed)
You vicious little! I'll not go down that easy! (at 50% HP)

- When he kills the player
It's your own damn fault.

- Re-encounter after dying to him
Why, you…I'll tear you limb from limb!




  • Laddersmith Gilligan speaks with a strong West of Ireland accent.
  • When killed, Laddersmith Gilligan's tombstone appears on the back corner of the Way of the Blue Shrine in Majula, closest to the sun.
  • Several users from various forums report that, if an enemy runs through the doorway (in front of the ledge where Gilligan is) and shuts the gate, he oftentimes will disappear.
  • Moves to Majula after player defeats Mytha the Baneful Queen / Dialogue has been exhausted
  • The most expensive ladder Gilligan offers has 131 rungs.
  • Makes a special cameo in Dark Souls III as a corpse that teaches the "stretch-out" gesture to the player in Profaned Capital. Incidentally, the area he is found in is full of ladders.


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