The Rat King Covenant is dedicated to protecting the sanctity of the Grave of Saints and Doors of Pharros location. Gnawing Covenant Trophy.png The scourge of human trespassers to this location is handled by Rats and honorary Rats (players who've joined the covenant). This covenant is PvP based but with an emphasis on protecting "your turf." This is accomplished through a summoning mechanic specific to this covenant. The player character, while in the covenant needs to wear the ring Crest of the Rat while in the Grave of Saints location (the bonfire near the boss fight, Royal Rat Vanguard room and Rat King room do not count as viable summoning areas) or the Doors of Pharros location (specific summoning areas when covenant symbol pulsates). If another player enters the summoning zones in THEIR world, they have a chance to be automatically summoned to the world of a covenant member for battle. What this means is that the trespasser (non covenant player) must do battle in the home turf of the covenant member. This yields numerous potential bonuses to covenant members. The covenant member can summon enemy players while they are hollow.


Covenant Leader: The Rat King
Where to Join: Grave of Saints, Doors of Pharros

How to Join Rat King Covenant

After defeating the boss Royal Rat Vanguard, the Rat King will be accessible directly after. Speaking to him (he looks like a normal rat on a pile of bones immediately after the fight) indicates that, although he hates humans, he has gained respect for you. Seemingly, murdering a large number of his followers is a good thing in his eyes. He can also be found at the end of the other dungeon in the Doors of Pharros area after defeating the boss there. You may also join the covenant just after killing the Royal Rat Authority inside of the Doors of Pharros

Firstly, covenant members benefit by all mobs (several hollows and numerous large rats) becoming allies at all times. A covenant member will NEVER be attacked by mobs while in the Grave of Saints. However, trespassers must face all mobs that aggro in addition to the covenant member. Mobs do still follow the respawn rules so covenant members can find themselves without backup if their buddies are killed too many times. Additionally, the Grave of Saints is littered with Pharros' Lockstone faces which may be used to alter the environment. Once placed, a stone cannot be removed, however placing stones allows the covenant member to alter their turf and lay traps for invaders. Two bridges for instance open a smaller secondary area that can be used to loop around the two primary walkways that make up the Grave of Saints. A group of additional rats can be a trap to lure trespassers to in this room. Rat statues with urns can be activated by Pharros' Lockstone as well on the upper walkway. They will pour acid on the floor which damages armor very quickly. The covenant member IS affected by this but they have the luxury of knowing which pools are active. Pools can be jumped over but this requires very precise timing. A ladder connecting the two walkways has a filthy looking waterfall when a Lockstone is used nearby. This does not appear to harm either party but can be used to hide behind and lure the trespasser into more rats unknowingly. If either party is using a torch it will be extinguished.

A trespasser will be summoned as a "Gray Spirit" and will always spawn at the entrance of the Grave of Saints. This means that they will encounter the large group of rats and several hollows at the beginning of the level (until they stop spawning) and of course the Rat King covenant member if they feel like being mean. If a trespasser kills mobs they remain dead until the covenant member rests at a bonfire (there are two easily accessed in this area). Trespassers CAN use a Black Separation Crystal to separate themselves from the world. This is dependent on being given enough time to use this however as the covenant member is given a warning that a trespasser is being summoned well before they arrive. In other words, there is no reason that the covenant member can't be waiting for the trespasser if they choose. If the covenant member wins they will gain a Rat Tail which can be offered to The Rat King to further one's devotion to the covenant. If the covenant member loses they must find their blood stain and suffer the normal penalties of dying. Recovering the stain is of course not an issue as nothing in this area will be hostile to the player.

  • There is also a 10-minute time limit to killing the summoned player, if it runs out, they will return to their own world.
  • In addition, there seems to be a three minute delay before another invader could be summoned. (This can be bypassed by quitting and re-launching the game, tested on PC 5/15/14. Simply exiting the invasion area and sitting at a bonfire does NOT work, the game must be restarted.)
  • If you are in the Rat Covenant and win you will receive: 1 Pharros' Lockstone, 1 Smooth & Silky Stone (Patch 1.10) and 1 Rat Tail.
  • If the 'trespasser' manages to make it to the end of the area they are given 1 Pharros' Lockstone, as well as returning to their world in front of the bonfire at the end of the labyrinth.



Rat King covenant members can also summon and engage in PvP in the Doors of Pharros area. Enemies beyond the Gyrm's Respite bonfire will not attack the player, and similarly to the Grave of Saints, traps can be created by placing Pharros' Lockstones. Upon defeating a summoned gray phantom, the covenant member is awarded with a Rat Tail and a Pharros' Lockstone, along with souls from the opposing player.

Rank Requirement Reward
0 Upon entering covenant Crest of the Rat
1 10 Rat Tails 10 Small Smooth & Silky Stone
2 20 Rat Tails 10 Smooth & Silky Stone
3 35 Rat Tails Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring


Notes, Hints, and Tips

  • Rats can put poison on enemies with their attacks. Additionally the Crest of the Rat ring will increase your poison effect. So if you use poison-weapons you could put the status very fast on your target. Remember anyway that grey phantoms can use their estus flasks when summoned here.
  • Unlock several traps with your Pharros' Lockstones, so your opponent will have to face more enemies, more traps, more difficulties. In Doors of Pharros for example, many doors will increase the number of enemies in the map, giving you a great help when fighting.
  • The opponent will always spawn at the beginning of the dungeon, so you can use that advantage to ambush him as well as you can.
  • If you hate to be summoned as Grey Phantom, you could play the game Offline while in this area.
  • Bonfire Ascetics can be used to upgrade the NPC mobs to the next NG+ level.
  • You have to go through water so it's recommended to use lightning and not to use fire. Also a shield with a high lightning defence can be a big help.
  • Door of Pharros is a large open area. While Grave of Saints is a more closed in area.
  • If you don't want to wait and fight other summoned players to get rat tails, you can always grind the 4 rats in the boss fight at Door of Pharros as they can drop Rat Tails, Pharros Lockstones, and Old Radiant Lifegems.


Dialogue (Link videos, no embeds please

Rat King Dialogue

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    • Anonymous

      22 Feb 2021 04:29  

      So if i am understanding this right, you basically can be boss of the area. Nice.. "they told me i could be anything so i decided to be mini boss in dark souls.." XD

      • Anonymous

        18 Feb 2021 19:59  

        Most rats seem to be very unimaginative with this covenant, which is a shame. You have this entire area with traps, mobs and ledges; give the grey a chance to get through the gauntlet and harass him with occasional arrow, urn or spell. Hell, if they're struggling, pop them a warmth to encourage them to keep going; maybe skip enemies' lockstones in favor of hit&run from yourself; turn yourself into a PvP boss at the end etc. Make it an interesting zone run.

        If all you do is just crystal spear the grey as soon as he engages the rat and mastodon to insta kill him, you're not creating a memorable experience. You're not even creating salt, since greys don't lose anything on death - you're just wasting the zone and the covenant.

        • Anonymous

          22 Jan 2021 05:03  

          Just standing nearby trespassers whilst they fight your monsters actually yields more than half wins :shrug:
          My indisputable champion is the first rat in the water at the entrance. His toxic is devastating you can give him that. Called him Marshal.

          • Anonymous

            01 May 2020 17:57  

            Shitty rewards, most likely waiting over an hour, and is really only good for players with no. Brotherhood of blood is where it’s at *****es.

            • Anonymous

              25 Feb 2020 12:15  

              Best covenant in all of DS. Soooo satisfying. Pour up a drink or pack a bowl while the next victim is bring found and then proceed to annihilate them with magic while they desperately roll around in the speed reducing water. <33

              • Anonymous

                25 Nov 2019 21:47  

                They should call this the "poison rats" covenant, just because of how useful the ring is for people who like inflicting status effect on people... tho "hate-mail bait" maybe better name, because I swear I get hate-mail just for trying to get their items to hand to the crows early on in the game. (and yes, it did get annoying fast...)

                • Anonymous

                  14 Dec 2018 19:10  

                  You get a small aura after a successful invasion(?), and you are at least rank 1 within the covenant. It looks like the petrification effect surrounding the rats.

                  • 09 Aug 2018 00:38  

                    Apparently, and I don't think this is mentioned or I missed it. But if you're in the Rat King Covenant none of the enemies will attack you or allow you to attack them in the Doors of Pharros. I had just reached rank 3 with the Rat King, and went to the Doors of Pharros to farm Titanite Chunks, and all my attacks just go through the enemies, and none of them even move. Now I checked to make sure this wasn't a glitch or that I was offline but restarting the game online. Same result.

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Jul 2018 23:40  

                      The rat covenant is not different than any of the other pvp covenants. And to all the people complaining, just play offline while you are in these areas.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Jun 2018 13:57  

                        Oh and BTW if the guy in covenant is being wimp and running you can use separation crystal or 10 time limit to leave/win (I think) I hear so yeah there's that. I just think its perfect for honing skills without having d bags dancing on your corpse fifty times over when your trying to advance.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Jun 2018 13:47  

                          I saw it as a place to practice pvp. It's perfect place to pvp where you have time to recover and unlike elsewhere the creeps are on your side not invaders.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Nov 2017 10:11  

                            they could at least add a higher cooldown for this invades. Just piss me off if you get summed by the same person in less then 30 sek and have fight over 10 mins. I wish i had not killed the boss... so i could spare me this*****.

                            Overall my tactic was always to run over the water left to the first exit and run up. Mobs could not reach you here and the invader was always a pussy to come up. Never had one who goes here up for some reasons, also he never tries to catch me before. (maybe bad?)

                            Did this 14 times so it was pretty fun.

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