Old Radiant Lifegem

old radiant lifegem

Stone made up of crystallized souls.
Gradually restores a large amount of HP.
A rare stone with so brilliant a shine would fetch a handsome price. But what value could it really have, without knowing who died to leave it behind?"

Old Radiant Lifegem is a type of healing consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Restores 1300 HP over 29 seconds
  • Gradually restores a large amount of HP, more than Lifegem and Radiant Lifegem.
  • Can be used while on a ladder.



  • Heide's Tower of Flame from a corpse just before the mist leading to the Old Dragonslayer boss
  • Sold by Chancellor Wellager in Drangleic Castle for 2500 souls in limited quantity.
  • One can be found in the Iron Keep after shutting off the furnace along with a green blossom
  • Three are found at the Foyer Bonfire. Go towards the elevators, turn left, and open the door (you need the tower key). To your left is a small room with a wooden chest that contains them.
  • Dropped by Archdrake Pilgrims in Shrine of Amana.



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    • Anonymous

      Imagine if DS2 had something similar to DS1's vagrant system.
      Losing a big bloodstain could have a chance to spawn lifegmes of different sized into the worlds of other players. Would make the description of this item really interesting.

      • Anonymous

        Although this lasts the longest, followed by Radiant Lifegem and Lifegem respectively, all three have around the same regen of ~45 HP/sec

        • Anonymous

          with a high item discovery, at the Royal Rat Authority boss they drop these at least every 2-3 times going in the boss room. They die easily to combustion and with the dragonwatch parma, jester's cap, covetous gold ring+1 and tattered clothes armor I would get them fairly often, along with a lot of pharros lockstones.

          • Anonymous

            these are firly droped from the dragon knights and whitches in the shire of amana´s thirth bonfire. in my opinion the best farming spot

            • Anonymous

              The rats in the Royal Rat Authority bossfight drop Old Radiant Lifegems so you can farm them for an unlimited supply. Drop rate isn't that great though.

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