Royal Rat Authority

HP 4,330 (Standard Game) xxxx (NG+)
Weakness Lightning
Resistance ?

The Royal Rat Authority is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Royal Rat Authority Information 

Royal Rat Authority is an optional boss in Dark Souls 2. It is located at Ordeal's End bonfire, which can be reached through Doors of Pharros.

The bonfire at Ordeal's End is seemingly out of the way, but nearby is a fog gate. Once you pass through, the fight against the Royal Rat Authority begins. This boss does not attack immediately and cannot be targeted right away. As soon as you aggro the smaller rats, the boss will leap from its perch onto the arena. The boss will then proceed to attack you (and may kill the smaller rats in the process.) Beware though, as you may get the toxic condition, which eats your health much more quickly than poison.

  • Note: This is a solo zone. You cannot co-op.
  • Note: The moveset for this boss appears similar to Great Grey Wolf Sif in the first game, meaning that largely you will get jumped on.


  • Those who choose to serve the Rat King must have the courage to face His challenges.









Counter Measures

Head Sweep Stands still for a moment; does a short dash towards the player and swings head  
Double Swipe Swipes at the player with the right paw, and then with the left  
Stomp Relatively slow stomp with either forepaw if the player stays too close  
Spin Quick, clockwise spin with roughly similar range to the double sweep.  
Acid Surge When the boss get to low health (~20%) he vomits on floor; damages equipment and health.  


NPC Summons

There are no NPC summons for this encounter.



  • Melee No Shield 1

You will need a bow, ammo and a weapon to kill the rats fast (I used a Fire longsword+6).
When you enter the room run to the back near the exit fog, use any buffs at this point(weapon buffs, greenblossom, etc.). Now you will want to shoot the middle dog, if you don't have the stats to do dmg with the bow you will wait for the rats to come close, if you have the required stats to use it kill the 1st dog and then switch to the weapon you will be the rats come close they will jump at you, as they do kill them mid air and they wont toxic you. If done right the boss should now be near you and the small rats dead, you want to make your way to under the back legs of the boss, as you do this the boss will keep jumping back and turning. I find for me the best way to get under the boss is to run right under the head, whatever attack he is going to use, run right under his face, if you think you might not make it try rolling as you go. If you can get this down its all over for this guy, get a few hits off on his back legs but don't drain all of your stam. he should go down fast with an ok weapon being 2 handed.Good luck =) (May not be the best strat but was posted shortly after the game came out so so there wasn't much help for no shields at this point)

  • Melee No Shield 2

There are four rats that can intoxicate the player relatively fast. To dispatch them as a melee character, the player has to use a wide swing, hard-hitting weapon. The first step in this fight is running to the right side of the room and baiting two or three of the rats to attack, then dispatching them two or three with one swing; if the player fails, it is advised that the player diverts his attention towards the larger dog and runs away towards him and dodge his incoming attacks, since the smaller rats can be killed safely if the player sticks to the left side of the dog (near his left hind leg) and attacks them there. After killing the smaller rats, the player should run and stick to the left side of the dog (near his left hind leg) and hit. There are dangerous spots in the middle and front of the dog, so staying there is risky. Another thing to avoid is letting the rat dodge or stay far away, since he his dangerous in that distance.

  • Melee 3 Twinblade

It is pretty useful to use a twinblade for the fight. A set of swings with the twinblade will take out all of the rats that initially charge towards you. Use any weapon you find useful for your character. Just dash under the boss' belly after each of its attacks, wait until it attacks again and then deal some damage. Afterwards, hide under its belly again.

  • Shield Strategy

Credit to Bluefiaze - I needed to share the way I beat the Rat Authority Boss. If you have a 100% damage reduction shield...after you kill the first 4 small rats (try a sword with a sweeping attack to hit multiple small rats, they have low hp) You can just block and walk toward the bosses head and try to get as close to him as possible at all times. If he charges you, it will just reduce your stamina to 0, but he will reset normally. If he doesn't charge you, all his attacks will miss because you are walking under his legs. Do this WITHOUT LOCK ON and he will continue his swipe attack animations while you beat on his back legs. (The head charge can still hit you while blocking if you try to strafe past its head on the right side, while being locked on to the boss. Doing so can result in the charge registering as a hit in your back, potentially killing you. To avoid this, walk under his head on the left side).

Some other things to know, for melee players:

  1. Stop right by the entrance to the boss room. You have extended lock-on range for this fight. This fight doesn't kick off until you are close to the rats, or until you damage one, so get in as close as possible without triggering the fight, and use a projectile to get a free kill on one of the smaller rats. That's one down.
  2. Wait for a calm moment, and then pick off a smaller rat. Repeat this while timing your dodge rolls with enemy attacks, and you will clear out the smaller rats.
  3. This fight plays a lot like Sif, the Great Grey Wolf. Stay under the giant rat's leg, and be cautious of any dangers coming to you.
  4. The giant rat mainly has a two-hit paw swipe, alternating with each paw, and a dash attack, where he lunges with his head, which does a lot of damage. You can avoid the dash attack by cocking the hammer for your roll when he stops rearing his head back, because this is very close up until the moment where he dashes, if not the exact moment. Staying to the side of one paw lets you spare yourself a dodge roll to do more damage.
  5. Don't roll spam, or get greedy. Use as little stamina as possible. This boss and his goons move and attack fast enough to insta-kill you for not having stamina to roll, or block with.



  • AoE Strategy

Alternatively, strong AoE such as Darkstorm can take out the four smaller rats simultaneously. The hind-leg strategy mentioned above is the most natural follow-up. Flame swath is highly effective.

  • Insta-Kill Pyromancy Strategy

Credit to ii iRAVE - Upon entering the boss chamber, I set 4 lingering flames down in close enough range where they could all do damage to a single enemy; the flames should be close to where the rats become aggroed if you take a couple steps forward. Take those steps forward to aggro the rats and, if you have enough attunement to fit it, cast firestorm in the center of the lingering flames once the small rats get close enough. The Royal Rat Authority will jump down and land inside the firestorm and the lingering flames, killing it instantly. Killed him before the boss music even started. (Tested on NG only) (hard to pull off)

  • Necromancer Minefield Strategy

This is actually one of the few bosses where the extra mobs can actually work in the player's favor. If you can kill the mobs all in a group together (a good way is to employ the lingering flame strategy used above), and then lure the boss atop the pile of corpses (if killed fast enough the boss will very likely land on top of them as soon as he enters the fight) casting the hex Dead Again can cause massive damage. Note: If allowed to jump around to much the boss can scatter the corpse across the room, so try not to wait around when he's in the trap. (CONFIRMED- killed the boss in one cast of dead again with the Black Hood, Lion Mage Set, Clear Bluestone Ring, and a +7 Black Witches Staff.. it might have gone off twice, anyway he only hit me once and i didnt even move the whole 5 second round)

  • Easy Caster Strategy

After entering the area, position yourself in the middle or even closer to the wall on the other side. Target the first rat and lure the pack with a Great Heavy Soul Arrow or similar. Immediately switch to your Pyromancy Glove and cast firestorm. This kills all the small rats. After that, the big one enters and attacks you, just evade it and cast Soul Geyser. Evade the next attack and cast again either Soul Geyser or Soul Spear and be happy about the dead rat, took me about 30 seconds to finish the fight like that.
Or, you could put couple of lingering flames before aggroying the small rats. Then shoot one and watch them to run in to the proximity mines. Then some firestorms to the bigger fellow.
Chaos Storm with a reasonably-levelled glove and/or Lost Sinner's Shackles (need this items info on the wiki, not listed) will one-shot him. Step toward the small rats until they begin to move, then immediately cast CS. Small rats die. Roll underneath the big rat, CS again. Done.

  • Pyromancy

A very easy way that I found to beating the Rat Authority Boss is to equip the Pyromancy Flame, and have a form of Firestorm equipped in your spells. The boss seems to be rather weak against fire, and Firestorm hits him about 3-4 times. So just run under him, and use Firestorm. It only took me 2 spells to kill him, but BE WARNED that sometimes after you do kill him, a huge pool of acid spawns (Needs to be confirmed, only happened to me once). This makes the fight extremely fast and painless.

  • An easy Miracle/Sorcery Strategy (Requires a 100% phys block shield and enough faith to do decent damage with the miracle: Heavenly Thunder.)

After entering the arena, walk forward enough so that you can use heavy great soul arrow to rapidly kill the 4 rats before the giant one comes down. (At this point if you have one you should be using a 100% block shield i recommend Drangleic shield, as you only need 16 str.) when the rat is going to charge lift your shield it will stagger but you will recover fast and wont take damage.
When he does the double paw sweep cast Heavenly thunder just a little bit forward under/between his hind legs, it only took me 5 casts of this on NG+ with 73 faith.

  • NG+ Strategy

Use Lingering Flame as above, then facing away with Gower's ring equipped cast Chaos Storm twice.

Attack Patterns to be Wary of

  • Head lunge: An extremely hard-hitting attack with an equally bad hitbox, and fast startup frames. To dodge this, the player has to anticipate the animation (the rat will stick his head down and charge) and immediately run backwards and dodge in the same backwards direction at a precise timings. This attack can also hit the player if he/she is near his mid-section and front legs (hitbox souls).
  • Acid attack. The rat will initiate this attack at low health. This can kill the player, had he/she decided to stay there and land the finishing blow—I did this and died, then repeated the boss (fair souls). If the player can successfully stay near the Rat's left hind leg, getting hit is nearly impossible unless the players lets the rat run away and initiate the Head Lunge (TM).


Video Strategies



  • Staying under his legs seems to work very well
  • Do not stand in his acid vomit; all of your equipped items will break quickly
  • The torch does not repel the smaller rats.
  • When he charges he can take damage from hitting the wall (needs to be confirmed)
  • You might want to farm the smaller rats for pharros' lockstones since they dont have a respawn limit



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    • Anonymous

      29 Mar 2021 17:43  

      Easiest method for faith build, shoot one spell or an arrow to lure the rats in, then cast Soul Appease, spell should finish as the rats get close to you, instantly killing all the rats since they're considered undead.

      • Anonymous

        03 Mar 2021 16:39  

        Do yourself a favor, go offline and cheat. put as much effort into beating the boss clean as from's mental effort into cleaning their asses after dumbing down from creating this abhorration so called boss.

        • Anonymous

          03 Mar 2021 00:37  

          If you're a dirty hexer like me, just use Darkstorm on the little rats, then cast dead again a couple times and fight over. Easiest, quickest boss fight you will ever do in Dark Souls if you have the means to cast those 2 spells.

          • Anonymous

            17 Dec 2020 08:22  

            From: Well we weren't able to create a memorable (or at least functional) boss, but don't worry! We'll add this toxic rat underlings to pester you while the boss stomps you :) That is challenging enough, no?

            • Anonymous

              13 Dec 2020 20:15  

              This boss fight wasn't as difficult as I had thought it'd be, but even after beating it I still don't have a strategy. I guess use a sweeping weapon to kill the first rats and kill the dog with a strong weapon after running under it. Not too terrible with a +10 Greatsword.

              • Anonymous

                30 Jul 2020 23:49  

                I was expecting a much more harder fight due to the Sif comparisons. But heck no, Sif is extremely smart while this rotten mutt is one of the dumbest bosses of the game. Just circle strafe him to the right and you should be cool.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Jun 2020 22:53  

                  He can be intimidating but isnt that hard, roll under his charge attack and get under or behind him. You'll get like 4 free hits before he can turn around.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 May 2020 03:28  

                    the weakness here is listing lightning? but... my Great Lightning spear on 60 Faith did like 114, meanwhile, a Great fireball was doing 500

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Mar 2020 15:56  

                      I like how theres nothing in any of the "counter measures" boxes for his attacks. As there's no way to dodge him besides hoping your spacing is on point for his claw attacks. But the body slam... This guy's hitbox is his body. And his body is the size of a literal blue whale! No getting out of the way of that. An attack he does 90 percent of the time...

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