Rat Tail


A severed rat's tail
Demonstrate fidelity by offering it to the Rat King,
and strengthen the bond with your covenant.
The Rat King is proud and merciful,
as any king true to his stature should be.
The Rat King looks favorably upon those who
follow the path of right, even disgraceful humans.

Rat Tail is a multiplayer & Covenant item in Dark Souls 2.




Rank Requirement Reward
0 Upon entering covenant Crest of the Rat
1 10 Rat Tails 10 Small Smooth & Silky Stone
2 20 Rat Tails 10 Smooth & Silky Stone
3 35 Rat Tails Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring





  • Assuming you have the same amount of bonfire ascetics as the amount of Rat Tails you want, then these can be farmed quite rather quickly by using a bonfire ascetic, respawning, and then defeating the Royal Rat Vanguard; This boss is very easy to kill, even on NG7+ (Flame Swathe, weapons with wide sweeping attacks, etc.), and there is also a bonfire right next to the boss room.


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    • Anonymous

      04 Mar 2021 18:45  

      High SL build to farm rat boss:

      Stuff you need:
      8 Casts of Soul Appease
      6 Casts of Great Resonant Soul (or any high damage spell/weapon)
      Clear Bluestone Ring +2

      I have 65 Faith and Intelligence, but it shouldn’t matter too much.

      Run into the center of the boss room and spam Soul Appease. It should only take 4-5 casts for Boss to spawn. As soon as he spawns take him down with high damage spells. Switch to weapon if not enough damage.

      If you are too slow at killing boss, spam the rest of your Soul Appease. Getting surrounded means death on NG+7.

      The fight should only take ~45 seconds. Got the ring after 30 minutes. Good luck boys.

      • Anonymous

        11 Jul 2020 19:38  

        'weapons with wide sweeping attacks'

        Right. In the room full of unbreakable statues that rebuff your swing and leave you wide open.

        • Anonymous

          24 Jan 2017 17:30  

          don't believe the note, this boss is one of the most annoying boss in DS2. if you want to farm it, you should join covenant of champion and kill rats on 1st floor. CoC will never despawn them

          • Anonymous

            29 Aug 2016 04:57  

            Found an easy method to farm via PVP. To the right of the door at the beginning of the Doors of Pharros you can disguise yourself as a Sconce and sneak attack using your strongest ranged attack. Works wonders with Magic using builds. At 65 Faith and using Sunlight Spear you can take down anyone not wearing Glowers Ring in one hit if your lucky, timing it right and even the survivors will be hit by the Mammoth while recovering and die. During the entire affair I died maybe 5 times, two from guys with Glowers, once from a lag stab, and two from previous victims who wised up quick.

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