One of the first covenants you're able to join in Dark Souls 2, The Way of the Blue, also referred to as "the covenant of the meek", is a co-op covenant that allows Blue Sentinels, wearing the Guardian's Seal, to summon themselves to your world automatically when you are being invaded, in order to protect you. This covenant is mostly aimed towards players who have trouble beating invaders or just like to have some added security. Covenant of the Meek Trophy.png


Covenant Leader: Crestfallen Saulden
Where to Join: Majula

How to Join Way of the Blue

As soon as you reach Majula, you can head up the hill past the bonfire, towards a large monument structure. Crestfallen Saulden is sitting in front of it, and he will invite you to join the covenant upon exhausting his dialogue. Crestfallen Saulden will give the player a Blue Seal upon joining the covenant. This ring slightly increases the wearer's HP, so it can also be useful for people who plan to join a different covenant later. It's NOT necessary to equip this ring in order to summon Blue Sentinels to aid you.



Ranks are obtained by killing invaders. You do not need to wear the covenant ring to acquire rank score.

Rank Requirement Rewards
0 Initial Blue Seal
1 Defeat one invading phantom Bloodbite Ring
2 Defeat 5 invading phantoms Hush
3 Defeat 10 invading phantoms Blue Tearstone Ring



Notes, Hints and Tips

  • Defeating invading NPC phantoms that show an invasion notice counts toward rank requirements as well.
  • Summoning an invader yourself via a Red Soapstone sign or a Dragon Eye and defeating them does NOT count.
  • Blue invaders, aka Arbiter invaders, do NOT count toward rank score.
  • Bell Keepers, also known as grey phantoms, do NOT count towards rank.
  • All of the items you get by gaining ranks in this covenant can be found or acquired somewhere else as well.
  • After patch 1.0.4 you do not need to wear the Blue Seal to summon Blue Sentinels.
  • If your Blue Sentinel protector dies, another (or the same) will be summoned as long as the invader is still present in your world.

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    • Anonymous

      The easiest covenant to get the Selfless Giver achievement without PvP as there are more than enough npc invaders.

      • Anonymous

        Query: If I defeat an invader as a summon in another player's world, does that count towards ranking up? Ex] Get summoned as white phantom and defeat an invading dark spirit.

        • Anonymous

          So I am a little bit confused about something, when I rejoined the way of the blue I got to rank 2 by killing only 2 invading npc's instead of 5. Is it a glitch ?

          • Anonymous

            This covenant seems to be the easiest way to get the selfless giver achievement offline. I got it so early on that I thought it was bugged for me lol

            • Anonymous

              When I joined this covenant, I stopped losing health while hollowed. I don't know if that's cause of the Blue Seal, or if that's an unmentioned perk of joining, but that what happened when I joined.

              • Anonymous

                I was invaded and was wearing the ring while in the covenant but nobody helped me, I had other summoned phantoms but no blue phantom helped me.

                • Anonymous

                  So when I'm in brotherhood of blood covenant I get tons of red phantom invasions, yet while in this covenant all I get are blue arbiter spirits.... I'm using delicate string and tokens of spite YET NOT A SINGLE RED PHANTOM INVADES ME. Then I switch covenants and BAM invaded under a minute.... WTF???!!?!? Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is being a sinner somehow breaking the functionality of this covenant somehow?

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