Crestfallen Saulden

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1,320 800 Majula Ring of Steel Protection

Crestfallen Saulden is an NPC in Dark Souls 2



Crestfallen Saulden Information

  • Similar to the Crestfallen Warrior in Dark Souls 1, Crestfallen Saulden provides some useful information for early on in the game.
  • Leader of the Way of the Blue covenant.
  • Gives the player a Ring of Steel Protection when talking to him after dying at least 100 times.
  • After getting 4 new residents to Majula, for example: Melentia, Licia, Rosabeth, and Chloanne to Majula, he will give the player a Soul Vessel.
  • There seems to be a bug where he doesn't give the Soul Vessel to the player if  the player is in the Way of the Blue covenant. Leaving the covenant, then talking to him again will fix the issue. 




Majula. Sitting in front of the monument past the bonfire.




  1. Ring of Steel Protection




- First Encounter

  1. You're Undead…aren't you.
    You have that distinct scent. The smell of irreversible fate.
    This is Majula.
    It is a kind of settlement… A place where life is almost normal.
    And in Drangleic these days, there are very few places like that.
  2. I am Saulden. And like you…I lost everything, and now I'm here.
    You probably heard that it was possible to break the curse here.
    Well, that's not true at all.
    There's nothing here, for you, me, or anybody…
  3. Do you know much about souls?
    Even I'm not certain, but…
    I'm told that the soul is the essence of life itself.
    Anything living, sentient or no, supposedly has one.
    What we call the curse is traceable to the soul.
    Do you see what that means?
    To be alive…to walk this earth… That's the real curse right there.
    We Undead will never die.
    And that's quite a predicament, really…
  4. There are four beings in this land with giant souls.
    And wherever you go from here, you'll sooner or later come up against them.
    Each has a powerful soul, and a terrible curse…
    If that frightens you, then you ought to just give up right now. Like I have. Hah hah hah…
  5. Do you ever cry out for help?
    The journey of an Undead is long and treacherous.
    You'll face invaders from other worlds at every turn.
    If you need help… Why not proclaim faith in the Blue Sentinels?
    When you face danger, the Blue Sentinels will come to your aid.
    Protection is yours, if you wish. You need only accept their kind embrace.

- Answering YES to covenant invitation
That is a wise decision.
People are weak…But the Blue Sentinels watch over us in their benevolence.
Let the Sentinels cradle you in their embrace.

- Answering NO to covenant invitation
I see. Then, you'll have to brave this treacherous journey on your own.
If you ever require help, come back any time.
I will stay here, and pray for your safety.

- Re-encounter

  1. Life is a journey…And every journey eventually leads to home.
  2. You…need my help, do you?
  3. I will always be here…watching over you.

- Using Talk Option

  1. Do you see the way beyond the bonfire? That will take you to the Forest of the Giants.
    There was once a great fort, but little of it remains.
    You may just find something there that will be of use on your journey.
    But don't venture too far inside, or you might not come back…
  2. Heide's Tower of Flame lies beyond the far gate.
    In the cathedral, the apostles of blue gather.
    But the road leading there is perilous.
    The gate is rigged with some contraption…
    But how it works, I just don't know…
  3. Have you seen that pit? That gaping hole in the earth.
    I don't know what it's like down below, but I wouldn't suggest trying to find out.
    Besides, you'll never make it down there, not without a ladder of some sort.
  4. The flame you see there is a bonfire.
    They exist all across the land… beacons to we Undead.
    If you are tired, try resting beside the flame.
    The flame heals us.
  5. Long ago, a woman called a Fire Keeper watched over each bonfire.
    She kept the flame lit, and guarded it from those who would extinguish it.
    I wonder where the Fire Keepers went…
  6. Did you notice any letters on the ground on the way here?
    These are messages that have jumped the fissures between worlds.
    In Drangleic, the flow of time is convoluted. Things shift and waver, twist and turn.
    Poignant wishes, dashed dreams… The messages convey our very inner thoughts.
    If your will to soldier on falters, try leaving a message. Somebody out there is sure to listen.
  7. You may notice symbols that appear upon the ground.
    These are summon signatures…They call upon spirits from other worlds through the schisms in time.
    If you fear Hollows, find summon signatures to call upon spirits to help you.

- Regarding amount of NPCs in Majula

  1. Do you feel lonely here?
    It suits me just fine, as I've nothing left anyway…
    It will grow on you, this place… Give it some time.
  2. Look at our new neighbours…
    How they fret over all and sundry…Oh, those were better days.
    Oh dear me, it really takes me back.

- Quite a hive of activity we are, these days.
I'd forgotten how much comfort a little companionship can bring.
Once, I'd lost everything, but now…
I am grateful. For what you have taught me.
It is very little, but please, take this.

- When gifting the Ring of Steel Protection
You have died many times, yes, I understand.
Here, these are for you.
May they help you on your travels.

- When leaving
May you find peace on your journey…

- When running off
In a rush, are we?

- When attacked
What on earth are you doing!
Really now, stop that!
Ohgghh…ah! (no captions)
Have you come unhinged? (aggroed)
What could possibly come of this?! (50% HP)

note that the first three 'when attacked' samples sometimes play randomly or inconsistently

- When killing the player
How did this happen…

- Re-encounter after defeat
Still flirting with madness?

- When killed by the player
Finally, I will have peace…




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    • Anonymous

      Obligatory "Depressed cynical guy, who sits around and mopes all day" That's in almost every souls game, he even is voiced by the same voice actor for the Crestfallen Warrior and sounds the exact same

      • Anonymous

        honestly happy i killed him because he was finally at peace when you kill him if he said literally anything else i would delete that playthrough and admit getting his ring early was not worth it

        • Anonymous

          You can fight him forever; he never runs out of estus. I like to use him to practice parrying, because he usually won’t run down to fight you unless you go too close.

          • Anonymous

            This guy's a total bro. He's given up on his quest completely, but he's a well of knowledge and provides newcomers with items and means of defending themselves. Targray gives you **** for refusing to join blue sentinels to begin with, while Saulden "will always be here…watching over you."

            • Anonymous

              You know what would be amazing? If over the course of the game you could encourage him, and he eventually regains confidence and you can summon him as a phantom for endgame bosses.

              Of course, FromSoft hates happy endings and loves depression and regret so its impossible. At least he doesn't go hollow and force you to kill him like in DS1.

              • Anonymous

                Fwiw I don't think getting Cale to move to Majula counts towards the four NPCs requirement thing... I got Melentia + Chloanne + Rosabeth + Cale and he wouldn't give me the soul vessel, even though I had left his covenant and exhausted his dialogue... Getting Gilligan to relocate to Majula is what ultimately did the trick. My intelligence was too low for Carhillion and I had killed Licia so these two were pretty much unavailable to me.

                • Anonymous

                  I like him, he's cool, why? Because, he's not hostile, but friendly instead, he prays for you and wishes for your safety, I think that's cool, I know that there are undead but he said, "Finally, I will have peace...", what does he mean by that? Undead can't die, so how does he die? Is it something special that only we players can provide? Who knows, this is to much theorizing - RK14

                  • Anonymous

                    I tried to fix the bug by leaving the covenant via the cat, didn't work. Seems to have worked after I abandoned it to join another covenant.

                    • Anonymous

                      Ok good, I was checking if he's gonna die like the crestfallen warrior in DS1 and he's ok. Thank ***** lol he's a good egg.

                      • Anonymous

                        He wore the Knight Armor Chest + Gauntlet but the leggings are Wanderer Boots ? Pls confirm even it's 2017

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