Red Sign Soapstone

red sign soapstone

Online play item. Leave invasion sign.
Be summoned to another world as a dark spirit, and defeat the summoner to acquire a Token of Spite.
Some Undead persevere along the honorable path even after crossing into the dark. The Red Sign Soapstone is for them."

Red Sign Soapstone is a multiplayer item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Leave an invasion sign for PvP play, where the host summons you into their world for a fight.





  • You must be in human form and in an online area.
  • You don't gain sin if you invade with this option.


  • Using a Red Sign Soapstone DOES NOT count towards ranking up in the Brotherhood of Blood covenant.
  • The Red Sign Soapstone can still be used after abandoning the Brotherhood of Blood covenant.
  • The player's Red Summon Sign will automatically disappear if a White/Gold Summon Sign is placed, and vice versa.
  • If the player leaves a Red Summon Sign outside of the Looking Glass Knight boss, they can actually be summoned by the Looking Glass Knight in place of the NPC that attempts to break through the mirror. The player will then have the opportunity to kill the challenging player. Reward for defeating the world's owner (and any summoned players) seems to be a sum of souls. Determined amount is currently unknown.
  • If the player leaves a Red Summon Sign in the Dark Chasm of Old (Pilgrims of Dark covenant), he can be summoned as an abyssal spirit and prevent the world master from finishing the area.

Multiplayer Time Limits 

See Online for a complete list of multiplayer timers.

Item  Time Limit
Red Sign Soapstone 15m
Red Sign Soapstone w/ Name-Engraved Ring 22m 30s


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