Aged Feather


An aged bird feather.
Return to last bonfire rested at.
Can be used repeatedly.
The child of the dragon, sequestered away from the world, imagined a world of boundless possibilities from the mere sight of a feather.

Aged Feather is a special tool item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Return the player to the last bonfire unless you are over the weight limit.
  • Unlimited uses.
  • Player keeps this item permanently, even when going into NG+



  • Given to you by the Emerald Herald when you enter Dragon Aerie and talk to her at the start of the area.
  • Alternatively obtained by killing the Emerald Herald. Strongly discouraged, this will require you to revive her for 2,500 souls, at her tombstone each time you wish to use her services.



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    • Anonymous

      So this is the feather of the "baby" dragon in ash lake in ds1 yeah? But which dragon did it breed with to make the others? All I can think of is the halfbreed in the painting but I have no idea how that could have even happened..

      • Anonymous

        I forgot to talk to her at the start of the Aerie, continued on through the game, went back and she is not there. I checked her out just past the big doors leading to the Throne of Want. She was there but made no mention of the feather either there or back at the main bonfire. I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a drop somewhere for it? If I do go to NG+ I will try to remember to kill her for it but I guess that will be sin that will carry over.

        • Anonymous

          This is also used in the royal sorcerer navlaan assassination questline after showing him the ladder miniature, cale's helm and felkin's sunset staff and yes u just have to show these items and not give him these so don't hesitate and yes u can obtain these items without killing them which is worth it if you're playing as sorcerer/pyromancer and want forbidden sun or an endgame item - unleash magic.

          • Anonymous

            I played nearly 300 hours and completely forgot i had the damn feather... I feel silly having wasted a attunement slot on Homeward for so long -_-" I'm basically at the end of the game now having farmed nearly 50 Loyd Souls so it won't do me any good now...

            • Anonymous

              There’s no real downside to killing her then, at least if your as stupid as I am. I get into sh*ttier situations than Seigward in DS3 at least 15 times an area. It costs me so much Souls for dying and homeward bones, that I don’t mind the 2.5k souls thing (Trust me, I’ve lost at least 200k since I started playing about a day ago)

              • Anonymous

                she never spawned for me. first game :( tried other places people said i could get the feather but no luck

                • Anonymous

                  So does this mean I can kill the emerald hearald at the start of the game, get the feather and then I have to pay 2500 souls each time I want to level up?

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