Petrified Something

petrified something

An unidentified petrified object. Pleasant to the touch, despite its looks.
A rare and peculiar thing, to be certain, but one without a known purpose."

Petrified Something is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.






  • In Things Betwixt, after lighting all scones, drop from the red knight which appears (Scholar of the First Sin on Xbox1/PS4/PC version only, confirmed that lighting all the sconces does nothing for players on Xbox360/PS3).
  • As starting Gifts when you make your character.
  • In The Forest of Fallen Giants, right before dropping down to kill the firebomb enemies who throw bombs down into to area across from the ballistas, walk towards the lit sconce and kill the enemy sitting on the ground next to it. He is invisible but he casts a visible shadow that can be seen on the floor. Can also drop regular Smooth and Silky Stone instead if you are unlucky. (only on Scholar of the First Sin edition)
  • Within a hidden room near Upper Earthen Peak's bonfire.
  • After The Rotten boss fight, in a chest to the right.
  • After Old Iron King boss fight, in a chest to the left.
  • Possible drop from any of the dragons in Dragon Aerie.
  • Rare drop from Mimics.
  • In a chest located in a door to the left of Captain Drummond in the Memory of Vammar. Only appears in NG+ and beyond. (Bonfire Ascetics take its place in NG.)
  • Three of them were temporarily available in the basement chest in Cale's mansion in Majula as part of a DLC promotional event.
  • One can be found in Brume Tower. From the Foyer bonfire, jump the gap, then find and defeat a couple of enemies. Open the doors in this room to find the item.



  • Dyna & Tillo will not accept stacked stones. You may stand in the nest and select "Leave" and drop them individually to receive a reward. You may drop multiple individual stones, one at a time, and receive all the rewards at once.
  • You will always receive a reward of the same or lower tier value.


Offerings and Corresponding Tier Rewards

Offer Tier Item Likely to Receive (Random)
Prism Stone Lowest Amber Herb,Small Orange Burr, Fading Soul, Homeward Bone, Small Blue Burr, Small Yellow Burr, Rubbish. Human Effigy
Small Smooth and Silky Stone Low Lifegem, Soul of a Lost Undead, Soul of a Proud Knight, Titanite Shard, Titanite Chunk, Cracked Red Eye Orb, Cracked Blue Eye Orb, Petrified Dragon Bone
Smooth and Silky Stone Medium Twinkling Titanite, Boltstone, Magic Stone, Firedrake Stone, Poison Stone, Bleed Stone, Darknight Stone, Raw Stone, Faintstone, Old Mundane Stone, Amber Herb, Human Effigy, Divine Blessing, Crimson Water, Titanite Slab, Demon's Great Hammer, Channeler's Trident
Petrified Something High Titanite Slab, Petrified Dragon Bone, Old Whip, White Ring, Demon's Great Hammer, Channeler's Trident, Twinkling Titanite



Alluring Skull  ♦  Amber Herb  ♦  Aromatic Ooze  ♦  Blackweed Balm  ♦  Bleeding Serum  ♦  Bonfire Ascetic  ♦  Brightbug  ♦  Charcoal Pine Resin  ♦  Common Fruit  ♦  Crimson Water  ♦  Dark Pine Resin  ♦  Dark Troches  ♦  Divine Blessing  ♦  Dragon Charm  ♦  Dried Root  ♦  Elizabeth Mushroom  ♦  Estus Flask  ♦  Estus Flask Shard  ♦  Flame Butterfly  ♦  Fragrant Branch of Yore  ♦  Gold Pine Resin  ♦  Goldenfruit Balm  ♦  Green Blossom  ♦  Homeward Bone  ♦  Human Effigy  ♦  Items  ♦  Lifegem  ♦  Lloyd's Talisman  ♦  Monastery Charm  ♦  Old Growth Balm  ♦  Old Radiant Lifegem  ♦  Pharros' Lockstone  ♦  Poison Moss  ♦  Prism Stone  ♦  Radiant Lifegem  ♦  Red Leech Troches  ♦  Repair Powder  ♦  Rotten Pine Resin  ♦  Rouge Water  ♦  Rusted Coin  ♦  Silver Talisman  ♦  Simpleton's Spice  ♦  Skeptic's Spice  ♦  Small Blue Burr  ♦  Small Orange Burr  ♦  Small Smooth & Silky Stone  ♦  Small Yellow Burr  ♦  Smelter Wedge  ♦  Smooth & Silky Stone  ♦  Soul Vessel  ♦  Sublime Bone Dust  ♦  Triclops Snake Troches  ♦  Twilight Herb  ♦  Vine Balm  ♦  Wilted Dusk Herb

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    • Anonymous

      It's pretty fun to pick this as a starting gift, trade it, then base the new character around your new OP weapon's stats

      • Anonymous

        I believe they are called "Sconces" not "scones". A scone is a pastry while a sconce is a thing that holds a candle or fire.

        • Anonymous

          Comment below:

          Don't know which shadow you are talking about, but the betwixt phantom is still there!

          IIRC there's like two scones behind the third door

          • Anonymous

            I am playing SOTFS and I could not find the red knight in things betwixt (lit all scones, but haven't opened the way behind the statue) and also could not find the shadow in forest of the fallen, there doesn't seem to be any. Could they have removed these in game updates ?

            • Anonymous

              offered a smooth and silky stone and got a damn cracked blue eye orb instead. I ALREADY HAVE LIKE 13 OF THESE FOR GOD'S SAKE.

              • Anonymous

                Found one in No Man's Wharf, next to the main house at the center of the level where you can use the Pharros Lockstone. Just to the left of this house is an invisible enemy like the one in the Forest of the Fallen Giants, kill him and you get the Petrified Something

                • I dont see a mention for the one i just picked up in belfry luna when u go down the ladder near the upper ramparts bonfire and theres 7 or 8 dogs and its on one of the 2 corpses along with an enchanted falchion and dragon tooth weapons

                  • Anonymous

                    The info about the chest after The Rotten is false. I don't remember what I got from that chest, but I know it wasn't a Petrified Something.

                    • Anonymous

                      neglects to mention that the petrified something in forest of the fallen giants is SotFS exclusive (original ds2 has no invisible hollows)

                      • Anonymous

                        The shadow at the Fire Scone in the Forrest of Fallen Giants dropped a "smooth silky stone" instead of a "Petrified Something"

                        I´m using Xbox One and The Scholar of the first Sin Edition

                        • Anonymous

                          Got a small silky stone dropped at the fire cone in the Forrest of Fallen Giants instead of a petrified something. (Xbox1)

                          • Anonymous

                            Saw a channeler's trident drop from leaving a small smooth and silky stone. It was the second weapon he got right after getting the dagger as deprived on a new character. Bloody lucky.

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