Homeward Bone


A white-ashen bone. Return to the last bonfire rested at.
Bonfires burn on the bones of Undead. And this bone, belonging to one whose journey was cut short, has the power to travel to bonfires. As if it yearns to resume its futile quest..."

Homeward Bone is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Consumable item. When used, it returns the player to the last bonfire they rested at without losing any souls
  • Can be utilized to flee a boss battle. Can be tricky however as you're vulnerable during the use animation.
  • Once obtained, the Aged Feather will have the same effect with unlimited uses.
  • Both this and the Aged Feather can be used as an early warning system against invaders or can reveal that you have been invaded if you happen to miss the message. If you are invaded, the item will be darkened out.



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