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Dyna and Tillo are an NPCs in Dark Souls 2.


Dyna and Tillo Information

You! You! Give us Smooth! Yes! You! Give us Silky!"
Give them something silky and smooth

Twin sisters residing in the ancient forest. Though they never show themselves to humans, and their true forms remain unknown, Dyna and Tillo are enamored of all things silky smooth and will cheerfully call out to passersby in hopes of adding new trinkets to their collection.

Dyna and Tillo reside in the bird's nest on the cliff just past the Fire Keeper's Dwelling Bonfire in Things Betwixt. To reach them you must enter the first Fog Gate on the left and proceed along that path until you exit through another Fog Gate onto a ledge. The nest is directly to the left, adjacent to a ladder which can be kicked down to allow an easy return. To trade an item to Dyna and Tillo, simply drop it in their nest using the "Leave" option ( do not select "Discard" or you will permanently lose the item without placing it on the ground ). If the sisters accept what you have offered them, the trade will take effect immediately and the item you left will be instantly replaced with the one you are given in return; there is no need to quit to the title screen as in previous Souls games. Dyna and Tillo do not offer fixed rewards for specific items and instead will randomly select a reward from their list regardless of what they received from you; however trading them a Petrified Something has the highest chance of yielding more valuable results such as Titanite Slabs, Petrified Dragon Bones, and the Demon's Great Hammer. Also, you can only drop one of the specified items at a time otherwise the birds will say "No, no not like that" regardless of whether it was a correct item or not. You don't need to pick up items before dropping a new one, you just drop multiple stacks of a single item and they all get traded at the same time.

  • They squawk and sound like Snuggly the crow from Dark Souls 1 and Sparkly the crow from Demon Souls that you could trade with.
  • Depending on what you offer increases your chance to receive a higher tier item, although it is entirely possible to receive any item from any of the below lists. All the information here was taken from the official guide, though likely needs to be adjusted based on testing.
  • You can drop all your stones without opening the menu to speed up the process, but if you drop stacks of items Dyna & Tillo will reject them.
  • When trading large amounts of trading items (20 or more) at a time, the frame rate can drop significantly (on consoles). As such, it is advised to trade a maximum of ten items at a time.




You can find them in Things Betwixt. From the bonfire outside the Old Firekeepers house, head towards Majula. Take the first fog door on the left and bear left. You will eventually come across the nest. Be sure to knock the ladder down to create a shortcut.







- Everytime the player passes over the nest area and when standing idle over it:
Dyna: "You, you, give us smooth"
Tillo:" Yes, you, give us silky"

- When given something that is valid:
Dyna: "Yah, yah, so nice, so smooth"
Tillo: "Yah, yah, silky smooth




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    • Anonymous

      27 Nov 2018 18:51  

      player: "here's a literal rock" D&T: "nice. here's the hammer from an ancient demon who lived very long ago in a land very far away"

      • Anonymous

        30 Sep 2018 17:48  

        They get a different dialogue that's not written on this wiki. It happens when you leave an amount of 2 or more items that they are asking for or simply dropping items they aren't asking for.

        • Anonymous

          Dyna and Tillo [DKS2 Wiki]19 Apr 2018 13:44  

          >stumbles across nest, hears noise, discovers they exist
          >looks up nest out of curiosity
          >reads list of rewards
          >sees Demon's Great Hammer
          >sees everyone else has literally no trouble getting the Demon's Great Hammer
          >gets excited and heads to Things Betwixt after stocking up on Prism Stones from creepy cat with a load of other Stones in tow
          >gets White Ring
          >gets Trident
          >gets practically everything except the Hammer
          >gets depressed
          >finds Petrified Something
          >GETS HYPE
          >gets Rubbish
          >ragequits because RNG hates me

          • Anonymous

            31 Aug 2017 21:21  

            Titanite Slabs are way too common. I'm nearly halfway through this game and already got five of them from these guys.

            • Anonymous

              09 Aug 2017 06:43  

              I got both the trident and the whip from a small and silky stone. Luck, I guess.

              Disappointed with the durability on the Trident, however.

              • Anonymous

                09 May 2017 07:58  

                Whether I use a petrified, large, or small stone I seem to have a 50% chance to get a demons great hammer. Halfway through the game and I have about 15 demon hammers.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Mar 2017 09:15  

                  I wish that there were concrete rewards tied to what you dropped them. Got my fourth Titanite Slab in a row now when I could really use a Petrified Dragon Bone or a Titanite Chunk

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