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Hidden Moths are 


 Hidden Moth Locations

Bonfire Instructions
Lost Bastille
Servants' Quarters  
Huntsman's Copse
Undead Refuge  
Bridge Approach  
Undead Lockaway  
Earthen Peak
Central Earthen Peak  
The Gutter
Upper Gutter  
Shaded Woods
Shaded Ruins  
Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Chapel Threshold  
Shrine of Amana
Crumbled Ruins  
Rhoy's Resting Place  
Rise of the Dead  
Undead Crypt
Undead Ditch  
Aldia's Keep
Foregarden Bonfire  


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      I want to fill out this page with details since I have most of them in my private notes/walkthrough (playthrough 5, don't judge), but am not sure how? I'll do the wikia one in the meanwhile, but would appreciate a response letting me know how to update this one.

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