Twilight Herb


A grey herb that grows hidden among the rocky surfaces of tall mountains. Restores a certain amount of spell uses. There is no end to the scores of people who risk life and limb to forage for this valuable herb, which led to a banning of its harvest in some regions."

Twilight Herb is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




Restorative item.

  • Restores 50% of total number of spell uses



  • x5 Sold by Carhillion of the Fold for 2,400 souls.
  • One can be found below the Shaded Ruin bonfire, either by jumping out the window or using Fragrant Branch of Yore. In a chest guarded by a Basilisk.
  • Also occasionally dropped by Mummies in Lost Bastille.
  • One is dropped by a non-respawning Poison Moth near the Shaded Ruins bonfire. Jump down to where you would normally find the petrified Lion Warrior, and look up at the wall to his left.

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