In the Name of Fire

Any build with ATN focus!
Saints hood (add spells uses)
Penal Handcuffs (rise pyromancy damage)
Lion Mage Chest and legs (rises cast speed)

Pyromancy Flame +10
Dual Raw Avelyn + 5 with Fire bolts

Clear Bluestone Ring
King's Ring

Southern Ritual Band
Old Sun Ring

Great Combustion
Flame Swathe
Chaos Storm (for small rooms)
Immolation (its a visual trick.. see below)
Close combat:
Start with immolation.. its a risk.. try only if are badass... The visual of immolation makes the other players rolls to flee... so use Flame swathe while he is rolling and he can't escape from the spell.. probably OHKO..
Other way, Great Combustion is very strong sell and very fast.. you don't need a weapon..
Ranged Combat:
Dual Avelyn with power stance fires 6 shots.. causing large damage.. if the players rolls.. flame swathe .. X)

Until now, My LVL SOUL is 162
Rat: Rank 3
Bell keepers: Rank 3
Blue Sentinel: Rank 1
Way of Blue: Rank 3

It's works for me!

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