Loyce Knight

Loyce Knight

  • Loyce Knights are allied NPCs found in Frozen Eleum Loyce, four in total, one of them is defaultly provided by Alsanna.
  • The player must free them in order to obtain their help with tackling the Burnt Ivory King by sacrificing themselves and stopping the portals that spawn Charred Loyce Knight enemies in the area.
  • If any Loyce Knights survive after the boss, they will stay in their positions above the portal and will not follow you down again unless you use a Bonfire Ascetic or go through another NG+ cycle.


Locations of The Loyce Knights

Inner Wall Reach the chest guarded by three Rampart Golems and find a path to the right that was previously barred off with Ice. Follow this path until you reach a door, behind which the Loyce Knight can be talked to.
Lower Garrison After the White Covetous Demon, find an exit from the cave on the left side. Following this path will lead to an elevator up, that leads to a temple inside which the Loyce Knight can be talked to.
Abandoned Dwelling Progress through until the ramparts area and access the staircase that was previously barred off with ice. At the bottom there is a shortcut to the Inner Wall bonfire and the invasion spawn for Castaway Witch Donna. After this there is a temple where the Loyce Knight can be found.

Loyce Knight Location:

    • Anonymous

      31 Aug 2018 16:16  

      I think these guys really make or break the fight, if you can keep the scythe ( halberd?) alive with a large pool of health on him great, if not you are dead, dead, dead. Try healing him if he’s low and you have the time.

      • 11 Feb 2018 02:47  

        Attention Admin: The image that is supposed to portray a description of Loyce Knights above, does not show on my iPab. Could you please update it? Thank you. Great guides by the way. Love Fextra!

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