Covetous Demon

covetous demon
HP 4,440 | 8,436 (NG+)
Weakness Thrust, Magic, Fire, Bleed
Resistance Strike, Lightning, Poison
Immune None
Respawns NO

The Covetous Demon is a boss enemy in Dark Souls 2.

This large monster is encountered in the first floor of Earthen Peak right after crossing Harvest Valley, after defeating him the player will unlock the Lower Earthen Peak bonfire.
A white variant can also be found in the Ivory King DLC in the large cavern unlocked by a gate and lever near the Lower Garrison bonfire.


Covetous Demon Information

Eating is an expression of desire.
There once was a man whose deep affections were unrequited.
He transformed into the Covetous Demon,
which only made him lonelier than before.

   — Description of the Covetous Demon Soul


The curved spine of the Covetous Demon is as hard as rock,
and rather than slicing 
through flesh, this weapon seems to grind it apart.
That thing that ended up as a monstrous fiend, what was it to begin with,
and why did it never 
leave the queen? Perhaps it was entranced by some perversion of love.

   — Description of the Bone Scythe







Strategy Tips

Ranged strategy
Some sort of ranged capabilities are really great for this fight, though you can do it without them.
When you first enter the room, the Covetous Demon will be sleeping in the center. High above, suspended by chains, are Undead in jars.

If you use a ranged attack to break the jars, the Undead will fall to the ground floor and cower in fear.
The Covetous Demon will chase them around the room and try to eat them. This is a great chance to deal damage to him.
Note that while he is eating, he takes reduced damage - try to hit him as much as possible while he is chasing them. If you're quick, you can kill him before he even notices you

Bows and crossbows are very useful for attacking the jars, as they can be aimed manually.
Spellcasters should use the Binocular aiming technique to snipe the jars. This technique also works for Throwing Knives.

Melee strategy
If you decide to engage in melee with no distractions, be prepared to dodge his Leap as you close in.
Once you reach melee range, try to circle behind him. If you are in front, you need to watch out for his Eat attack.
His Swipes can be blocked, so keeping your shield up as you circle should help.
Watch for his Roll Over and Tail Slam attacks; you need to dodge them, but they are also good opportunities to hit the Demon.



Video Strategies :




Move Set

  • Claw Slash (Left/Right)
  • Leap (Body Slam)
  • Side Roll
  • Eat (Grab attack)
  • Tail Slam
  • Vomit



  • If you stay by the back of his hands, it has extreme trouble attacking you with its Claw Slash.
  • After killing Covetous Demon, you cannot break the jar above the room with arrows, however, you can break the jars with Soul Arrow, and it'll drop harmless Undead Citizen.
  • The Covetous Demon can be poisoned, but has high resistance to it. He can break the jars lining his room, causing him to poison himself.
  • He takes reduced damage while eating an Undead Laborer.
  • Enemies inside the vases spawn only once.
  • Defeating the non-boss variant will subtract 90 seconds from the duration of a co-op session. See Online for more detailed information about Multiplayer Time Limits.


Earthen Peak


HP Weak Resists Respawns?
NG: 4,440
NG+7: 16,029
Fire, Magic, Thrust Strike, Lightning, Poison No






Frozen Eleum Loyce


HP Weak Resists Respawns?
NG+: ?
NG+7: 15,034
? ? No






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