Burnt Ivory King

HP 11,182 (Standard Game)
Weakness Lightning
Resistance Fire, Poison,Magic

The Burnt Ivory King is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Burnt Ivory King Information 

Burnt Ivory King is a boss in Dark Souls 2. Added by the DLC Crown of the Ivory King, the boss is also available to Scholar of the First Sin Edition owners.

    • The once kind king who cast himself into the chaos for Alsanna, his beloved Child of the Dark.



  • Boss of the Old Chaos, found after falling through the hole inside the Cathedral.





Attack Name Attack Description
Sword Buff Infuses his blade with magic. He gains two additional attacks while his weapon is buffed, the Crystal Pillar and his Charging Stab. All other attacks remain the same and his sword has no additional range, only additional damage.
Triple Slash He starts with thrust attack and follows up with a slash then a jumping slash.
Quadruple Slash He starts with a slash attack then moves into two additional slashes and finishes with a thrust.
Jumping Attack Leap to air and slash or thrust. The jumping slash gives a great opportunity for healing or damage.
Sliding Slash into Jump Attack Quickly slides past the player with a quick slash attack and then does a turning jump attack back towards the player.
Charging Stab Used either after a back step from the boss or when too far away. Charges player at high speed and impales him/her. Then proceeds to throw player away with blade, dealing massive damage.
Crystal Pillar Plunges the sword to the ground to emit crystals.


  • Dark (somewhat stronger againsts the boss than lightning, tested with various weapons and spells on different NG stages)


  • Very high Poison resistance
  • High Fire resistance



*Strategies are a work in progress. Feel free to edit the page and add yours.

The "Shield Camper" strategy (works to about NG++ before you need to switch strategy or get a stronger weapon)
Note also that the Charren Loyce Knights drop Loyce Souls, which you need in order to get the Armor of the Ivory King (50 Loyce Souls, then talk to Alsanna)
1. Summons (for some reason not found from anywhere else in this page)

  • Twiggy Shei can be summoned for this fight (summon sign is located near the altar in the Grand Cathedral)
  • Lucatiel of Mirrah can be summoned for this fight (summon sign is located near Grand Cathedral bonfire, stairs up and look in the middle)
  • The summons are just healthpools (and occasional staggerers) during the bossfight.
  • It's highly unrecommended to summon NPCs for this BOSS, who has many AoE attacks that means NPCs are unlikely to absorb much damage for you.

2. Loyce Knights (they will help most in this battle!)

  • There are 4 Loyce Knights, one provided by Alsanna, located in the room with the fog door leading to the Old Chaos.
  • 3 Loyce Knights are scattered around Eleum Loyce, you should just explore and you'll find them. (you'll get a ton of cool sh*t while looking for em')
  • A brief guide is that each of the formerly frozen paths should lead to a knight. They're rather deep within the paths so try to explore thoroughly. There is only one knight in each path.  
  • The Loyce Knights will play an important part in the bossfight. 3 of the knights will seal the portals (that spawn infinite Charred Loyce Knights) and the remaining one (with a nice healthpool) will stay with you to fight the boss.

3. Weapon, shield, and armor. (great importance what you wear)

  • The most important item in this bossfight is the shield (believe it or not) and the shield i used (and the one i suggest) is Havel's Greatshield, infused with Magic. (blocks around 98% of melee and magic, so the Burnt Ivory King's special attacks don't really deal any damage to you. Also very stable)
  • The next most 'important' item (you don't need a weapon, only just the shield. APPLIES ONLY UNTIL NG+) You should pick a weapon that's long and quick, like Washing Pole, or Sir Alonne's Bewitched Sword. Also Avelyn with dark/lightning bolts or dark/lightning magic works perfectly)
  • Any rapier with dark/lightning resin should work just fine. Do bring Repair Powders since it'll be quite a long battle.
  • Armor... Not so much necessary for the boss, but if you're planning to attack, or just have low stamina and cant really block much, use armor like Havel's Set(melee def) or the Chaos Set(magic def)
  • I suggest using Redeye Ring when there's only Charren Loyce Knights (remove the ring when the boss comes, unless you believe in your blocking skills enough)
  • I suggest using Ring of Blades +2 which provides a good addition to your damage output.
  • I also suggest using Chloranthy Ring +2 so you can quickly recover your stamina to block some mo'

4. Preparation
Now you probably wonder what's waiting for you behind the fog door, in the hole down there? It's Old Chaos, and it's full of nasty Charren Loyce Knights, some lava, and 3 portals that spawn those b**tards till they're shut. (yes, they just keep coming and coming if the portals aren't sealed)

  • 3 portals that spawn infinite amount of Charren Loyce Knights (if killed enough of them without the portals being shut, the boss will spawn, and you'll be fighting a sh*t-ton of Charren Loyce Knights among the Burnt Ivory King. If you have 3 or more Loyce Knights, they will eventually (after killing like 5-7 Charren Loyce Knights) go and seal a portal (1 Loyce Knight per portal) (You'll notice they're preparing to seal a portal when their sword flashes in blue and a blue aura surrounds them)
  • The Charren Loyce Knights are either Melee or Magic, the Melee versions using mostly swords and axes, and the Mages using only Pyromancies, mainly just Fireball, Fire Snake, and Combustion.

5. The pre-bossfight
Now, that you have the Summons behind you, the Loyce Knights polishing their weapons, and your armor, sword, shield and precious jewelry on, and you're gazing at that huge hole behind the fog, and you think, what am i gonna do when i go down there?
Just follow these instructions and it'll be a piece of cake.

  • Start out by circling the arena when Charren Loyce Knights appear, using the Redeye Ring, the Charren Loyce Knights will focus on you, and leave your summons untouched. Keep on circling and blocking, and watch that stamina! You don't wanna run out of stamina or they'll all pound you like a poundhound. If you get hit, don't heal immediately, as THEY WILL KILL YOU if healing is not timed perfectly. Be patient, block, move, win.

Now, the portals should be closed, or at least 2 of them when a huge portal emerges from end of the Arena, from the middle of two portals. When this happens, you choose whether or not you can tank all of Burnt Ivory King's attacks or not. If not, then unequip the Redeye ring, as the boss will appear if you get close to the big portal.
6. The Boss Fight
You should (hopefully) now have Lucatiel of Mirrah, Twiggy Shei, and one Loyce Knight with full health or almost full health, and all 3 portals sealed.
If so, damn good job! The boss will be a piece of cake no worries there.
Get close to the portal, and you'll notice the Burnt Ivory King emerging... You need to make a choice:
(A) DEFENSIVE POSITION (Harder than offensive position)
If you chose the defensive position, you'll need to have your Chloranthy Ring +2 and Redeye Ring equipped, along with (preferably) Havel's Greatshield (gyrm greatshield might work too, i'm not much of a fan so i don't know)
Start out by blocking, as the boss will charge at you. Now, you don't have to mind about his attacks, just block and dodge when you're running out of stamina, as some of his hits drain quite a lot of stamina, then wait till you have enough stamina, and continue with the blocking.
The boss will be taken care of by your allies, all you need to do is tank his attacks.
A few things you should know:

  • He will eventually 'enchant' his weapon with magic, which is very, very easy to notice, as his sword will begin to resemble a lightsaber. Attacks with the 'lightsaber' are very strong, and easily dodgeable by rolling backwards. Mostly blocking them is good, just mind the stamina.
  • If he for some reason loses focus and attacks someone other than you, attack him a couple times and he should be all over you again.
  • His 'lightsaber' charge won't last long, maybe a minute, tops, so you don't have to worry about it. He will rebuff, though. (not immediately after losing the charge)

Now, if you followed the instructions, he should be dead. Yay.
ONE LAST NOTE: Even though the wikipedia tells you that if you kill Alsanna with arrows you'll get the soul, don't do it. You will get the soul, but miss out on so much (you won't get the armor of the Ivory King nor the rest of Loyce Knight items)

(B) OFFENSIVE POSITION (the easy choice)
If you chose the offensive position, you don't really need to worry much... Just enough to know you're playing a game that doesn't quite like you, but not as much as that you're fighting a boss in that game. Stress-free.
You've now cleared out the Charren Loyce Knights, and the portals are shut. The boss is there, and you need to act.

  • Unequip the Redeye ring. You will be sharing the damage with your teammates.
  • Even though it seems Lucatiel of Mirrah will die (due to her bad healthpool), she probably won't. And if she will, don't worry, as the remaining Loyce Knight has a very nice healthpool, and Twiggy Shei uses Estus Flasks.
  • Twiggy Shei uses a bow, and i've noticed he is able to stagger the Burnt Ivory King. He will most likely do this more than a couple times during the battle.
  • The Burnt Ivory King, much like most bosses, hate healing, and when you're healing, they will target you.
    Now that you know your team, and what they do, you need to know what to do yourself:

Target lock the Ivory King, with Havel's Greatshield equipped to the offhand, and a long weapon/magic(hexes/miracles)/Avelyn equipped to the right hand.
The Ivory King uses a series of strong melee attacks, which should be either blocked or dodged.
If you want this to be easy, you just block, that's all.
If you want this to be quick, you attack him when he's focused on your teammates. If using a weapon like Murakumo/Washing Pole/Sir Alonne's Bewitched Sword you should throw 2-3 hits at his back after he has performed an attack, and then continue blocking. His attacks are easy to dodge, so if you're low on stamina and for some reason he's attacking you that moment, use that little stamina of yours to perform a dodge when you notice he's performing an attack. The easiest way to dodge his attack is by rolling under either of his arms. Some of his attacks are similar to the Fume Knight's, so it's not really much of a hazzle dodging them.
If you're not very good at dodging just use blocking.
The boss isn't really so hard, and your teammates are strong enough to kill him.
Basicly, just try to stay alive there. Blocking is the best method.
ONE LAST NOTE: Even though the wikipedia tells you that if you kill Alsanna with arrows you'll get the soul, don't do it. You will get the soul, but miss out on so much (you won't get the armor of the Ivory King nor the rest of Loyce Knight items)

It's not a flawless strategy, but has worked for me for literally tens of bossruns.The boss may seem like much of a hazzle due to being the main antagonist of the DLC, but he's pretty much just a slower version of the Lost Sinner, or possibly a weaker Fume Knight. Just remove the fear-factor and you'll see him as a regular scorned guy.

1. It is recommended that you find and talk to the 3 Loyce Knights scattered throughout the DLC, one is already waiting for you, to get allies in combat and to close 1-3 portals in the boss area that spawn Charred Loyce Knight enemies in the area.

  • Alternately you can put this as advantage for farming Charred Loyce Set. (I tried with only one knight and met the boss. After I beat a certain amount of enemies he appeared, but now you don't fight him alone).
  • This can be considered pointless because after you kill the boss you can go in by yourself and fight the loyce knights (no shades or phantoms though) Note: Killing the Burnt Ivory King will significantly reduce the drop rate for loyce souls and the corresponding armor sets. So it is recommended to farm the Loyce Knights before kiling the Burnt Ivory King.

2. Easiest with either full magic immunity + Gyrm Greatshield, or when using Havel's Greatshield imbued with magic, as the Gyrm shield + magic immunity will block elemental damage and also allow to block fire spells from minions. Havel shield will pass through 2,5% of physical dmg but block all magic. You can use armor for more fire resistance in this scenario.
3. Charred Loyce Knight at early NGs are vulnerable to Dark Crypt Blacksword +5 buffed with Dark Weapon, which can dispatch them within 3 two handed strong attack swings.
4. Boss seems to be completely resistant to poison. However his minions get poisoned with around 3 toxic clouds, so all 3 poison spells [poison cloud , toxic cloud, dark fog] and poison builds are viable here. (Boss can be poisoned, he has an extremely high resistance to poison, though. Needed around 15 hits or so with a Poison infused Spotted Whip at 50 ADP. Some more testing maybe?)
5. The boss doesn't seem to aggro on player who is casting healing miracles (offline player can summon both NPCs and focus on healing them during the boss fight)

  • When I was doing it with my friend he always seemed to favor the world host over all else so I believe this needs testing

6. If the Boss is too close to one of the knights while the knight is sacrificing himself to close one of the portals, the ice explosion will instantly kill the boss. With a bit of luck, you can lure him into fighting next to the knight while this happens for an easy instant kill. (No longer works in SotFS)
7.If your weapons break too fast, consider using Raw or Enchanted Santier's Spear +5. Or have it as backup weapon just in case. Alternately, repeatly cast Great Resonant Soul while using Loyce Knights and NPC Phantoms as distraction.


I used a gyrm greatshield + dark barbed club for killing the charred knights. For the boss I two-handed a lightining ugs, doing around 280-300 per hit. He is not so hard to dodge.

Video Strategy:

(( Please respect these video posting guidelines))


  • Ensure you have at least 3 Loyce Knight to seal off the spawning gate, or reunite all four knights to leave one to distract the Burnt Ivory King.
  • Alternately: summon all two NPC phantoms and reunite all four knights.
  • The Loyce Knights only seem to seal the portals when they have sustained enough damage. Therefore, it is wise to let 3 of the knights fight until they seal the portal so that you don't have to deal with extra enemies when the Burnt Ivory King enters the area. ( Definitely not the case. The front left portal always spawns 2 Charred Loyce Knights, the right one spawns 3, and the far left one spawns 4. The Knights won't seal a portal until all the enemies have spawned from it, so the only way to prevent fighting a Charred Knight and the Burnt Ivory King at the same time is to make sure you don't kill them too quickly )
  • PC DX11-Version: Both NPC-Signs will appear once you have gathered at least two Loyce Knigths.
  • Gathering all four Loyce Knigths and the two NPC phantoms to battle the Charred Loyce Knigths repeatedly is a great late-game soul-farming opportunity. Even on Ng8 you don't have to do much work, just stay alive and finish of some strongly wounded enemies, feather out when the Burnt Ivory King appears (please don't do this when summoning other players, it's annoying). On Ng8 with some soul farming equipment this yields >100k souls in <5 min. However, if using bonfire ascetics, keep in mind that the Burnt Ivory King on high Ng cycles is a challenging enemy.



  • The Ivory King is from Forossa⁽ˣ⁾. It is not specified whether he was born there or just lived there long enough to become an extremely high ranking knight.
  • The Ivory King share some strong similitudes with Gwyn, the Lord of Cinder: Both of them were powerful kings; both of them sacrifices himself in fire; both of them are "corrupted"; both of them are an "End Boss" (While Gwyn was the final boss of Dark Souls 1, The Ivory King seems to be the final boss of the DLCs... Or, at last, those who speak about the crowns!)... Oh! And both of them were followed by their faithful knights... and all of them burned! Plus, their move sets are quite close between each other: The slash combo, the jumping attack, The jump back dodge, the powerful grabbing attack, and the charge attack seems to work the same way.
  • The Ivory King seems to "speak" while you're fighting him. He mumbles "Fire" sometimes when he attacks and at others, he yells out "DIE!!!". You need to have music and voice off as his voice only comes up in the sound effects.
  • The Old Chaos has an almost identical visual appearance when compared with Lost Izalith in Dark Souls 1, where the Witch of Izalith generated The Flame of Chaos. It is arguably evidential that they are the same location in lore. 



    • Anonymous

      25 Jul 2020 07:52  

      He's like the Dark Lord Sauron. He comes out from this huge eye of flame and makes you use your homeward bone when he arrives. Just give him his ring back and be on your way.

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2020 21:03  

        People that contribute to these wikis need to get their***** together. On this very page, dark is listed under resistances, but a little further down it says he's weaker to dark than lighting. Ffs

        • Anonymous

          20 May 2020 05:16  

          If you have all the Knights with you then the fight is fair, not much of a problem. When it’s down to 1v1 with the King I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s nothing compared to what’s come before (blue smelter, fumey). A very fun and epic fight of medium difficulty.

          • 26 Apr 2020 16:27  

            And here im still farming loice souls and dun know when to kill ivory king because the loice souls drop like once every 3 farm cycle

            • Anonymous

              29 Feb 2020 11:08  

              Kill knights as quickly as possible. They like to group attack. Try and keep to three at a time. If you get surrounded run.

              • Anonymous

                18 Feb 2020 16:13  

                Mi się zbugował gdy atakował 3 Loyce Knight, gdy ten zaczął zamykać portal i nic nie robił przez całą walkę.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Jan 2020 09:21  

                  It says he's resistant to dark and weak to lightning, but then goes on to say he's weaker to dark than lightning due to tests. Which is it?

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Nov 2019 03:09  

                    The 7th time I fought Burnt Ivory King, I summoned NPCs to help and took advantage of the time bosses were attracted by NPCs to attack. The most effective attack is the jumping attack. in fact i use autohotkey to click for easy. I don't know why they always restrict many things while games on the PC 1 button corresponds to a skill.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Nov 2019 02:45  

                      I returned from the eighth journey of DS3 to complete the 7th battle with Burnt Ivory King. I could not dodge and die quickly??? My character moves terribly slow and runs out of stamina quickly??? Perhaps this is the difference between DS2 and DS3?

                      • 31 May 2019 22:32  

                        In german he is called just plain the "white king" translated back to english. Because for ivory elephants have to die so ivory is a bad thing? What were they thinking here?

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Mar 2019 18:24  

                          This is the 5th time I have fought the king but the feeling is even worse than before. My left hand was trembling and I could not press the keyboard to launch the attack to finish him because there was only one hit to win. finally the left hand was too shaky and lost. The king who can dance and move quickly makes me angry because after many times my character is still slow like this. 5 times with greatsword+10, magic is both slow and costly to use. The second time my hand was trembling like that but i still had time to finish him. NG++ I want to destroy the bosses of DLCs quickly but the game always makes them stronger.

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Feb 2019 18:01  

                            On my second character I beat this guy on my 3rd tries. Build a new paladin dude and 15 tries laters still haven’t beaten him. I keep messing up my rolls smh.

                            • Anonymous

                              10 Feb 2019 03:52  

                              Ok i am trying to farm the stupid souls. Unfortunately i killed the ivory king once so had to ascthetic the bonfire. I am just curious before i go too far will the charred knights stop spawning eventually even if i dont kill the king again? Should i join the champions covenant?

                              • Anonymous

                                21 Nov 2018 17:58  

                                The king and the Loyce Knights are what would have happened if they went somewhere with the silver and black knights story

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