Rampart Golem

Rampart Golem.png
HP ??
Weakness Yearn, Fire, Dark
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Rampart Golem is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Rampart Golem Information

The Rampart Golems were granted life by the Ivory King, charged with the containment of the creatures of chaos whithin the boundaries of the wall. When the doors of Eleum Loyce were flung open, the place turned frigid and lifeless, but the golems remained dutifully on guard. They carry a lance which can shoot magical projectile and a shield made of ice.

Extremely vulnerable to backstabbing, and they can be respawned with Bonfire Ascetic at the second bonfire, along with Dark Dance hex on a corpse.

Oddly, their idling breath sound is the same as Abysswalker Artorias in Dark Souls.






Strategy Tips

  • Backstab them with Shadow Dagger
  • Keep your distance and attack with Hexes


Move Set

  • Lance Attack
  • Piercing Ice
  • Ice Pillars
  • Ice Projectile



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