Charred Loyce Knight

 charred loyce knight enemies dark souls2 wiki guide
HP 2140
Weakness Lightning
Resistance Fire
Respawns Yes

Charred Loyce Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). The Charred Loyce Knight, equipped with various melee weapons and skilled in pyromancy, engages in coordinated squad combat. They persistently respawn until three out of four good Loyce Knights seal the gates. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls.


Charred Loyce Knight Information in Dark Souls 2

Corrupted Loyce Knights of the Ivory King, they cast themselves into the Old Chaos in order to seal-off the Flame of Chaos for their dearest Alsanna, the only good Child of the Dark.

They wield various melee weapons as well as pyromancy, fight as a squad, and tend to spawn infinitely until the gates are sealed by the three out of four good Loyce Knights. Once the Burnt Ivory King is defeated, they respawn continueously for the armor set as well as Loyce Soul. Eventually they'll despawn, approx 45 times. The only way to save them is to retrieve their souls and let Alsanna to calm them with her embrace.


Dark Souls 2 Charred Loyce Knight Location


Charred Loyce Knight Drops in DS2

DS2 Charred Loyce Knight Strategy Tips

  • If you are summoned into another player's world as a white phantom to assist with the Burnt Ivory King, the Charred Loyce Knights will still be capable of dropping their entire armor set as well as Loyce souls. This makes it quite easy to farm the set and the souls while still engaging in Jolly Cooperation.
  • Focus on the Pyromancer Knight whenever possible, and always keep moving. The pyromancer tends to separate itself from the pack, but getting swarmed by the melee knights can easily kill you.
  • Time your rolls well and always know where the pyromancer is.


Dark Souls 2 Charred Loyce Knight Move Set

  • TBA


Charred Loyce Knight Notes and Tips in Dark Souls 2

  • Enemies defeated inside a boss room will have no impact on the duration of a co-op session. See Online for more detailed information about Multiplayer Time Limits.


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    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure they also get harder if you summon for the boss fight.

      They and the ivory king are very voonerable to dark.

      You can farm them as much as you want after the boss fight with the champion covenant ... but I would prefer not to.

      • Weirdly enough, great for soul farming Ig, for any normal NG playthru. Just simply get a great club and bonk em multiple times. And by multiple times, I mean like, whenever they start standing, bonk em again with a great hammer. Tried this with Great Club and it absolutely destroys them. Just watch out for those pyromancers tho. They sick as heck, but they're combustion is insane.

        • Anonymous

          The high health and poise combined with them coming in large numbers I can handle,
          the Pyromancers with very high damage and often very hard to avoid attacks I can handle,
          groups of at least three or four of them often completely ignoring your summoned teammates and Loyce Knight allies even if they're right in their face attacking them and you're nowhere near them just so they can all suddenly decide to come running at you from another country away before proceeding to violently gangbang you to death out of nowhere I can handle...

          But them completely blocking my attacks WHILE THEY'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF SWINGING OR CASTING PYROMANCIES Is complete bullshit and never fails to piss me off, doesn't help that these bastards are extremely hard to guard break and their shields almost completely negate almost any damage they take
          They're a cool enemy design, but gosh they can be insufferably annoying to deal with sometimes.

          • Anonymous

            Enemies with human invaders AI, it's a good challenge. They Pyromancer and the Sword Yielder are the most dangerous ones, the last will 3 hit combo you if you turn your back.

            • Anonymous

              The Pyro variant's Fire Whip is extremely deadly, will instantly kill you if you don't get out of the way in time.

              • Anonymous

                Don't give up skeleton. But no seriously, they are stupid. Even with leveled adp they sometimes hit you with their back after you fully dodge a thrust attack, they are VERY resistant, have a lot of health, and can be incredibly agressive. The weapon i found working the best was fume straight sword as it staggers them more consistently. Also the idea that the soul drops aren't guaranteed and you have to join CoC is stupid. Only tips i have are:

                -Don't kill the Ivory king, get aged feather first and bail out every time he spawns, it makes it far easier

                If you killed him also try these:

                -If you have decent amount of estus left don't leave, when they spawn it makes it easier to spawn pick one of them
                -Don't even bother with trying to hit multiple at once it will almost never works
                -Buff your weapon when you fall down, you need every second of extra damage
                -Targeting pyromancer is generaly a bad idea in my experience, he rarely stays close enough to hit when you punish and melee knights will activate demon mode second you press any button
                -Don't bother trying to use magic or anything they are too resistant to it, and need 2+ spells to get stuned usually
                -Since you will be wearing prisoner rags and symbol of avarice get smelter demon legs and hands they give very good phys resist it's even worth that **** runback
                -If 3 of them spawn as melee bail just downright bail it's not worth the effort, pyromancer is still dumb bot 3 melee spamming enemies with high health and VERY high damage are dumber
                -use dried root so as not to get ****ed over with health drain from symbol of avarice
                -if you use magic drink crimson water inbeetwen them spawning
                -always assume they will perform 3 hit combo
                -never ever try healing if you are not at least beyond pyromancers range, you will get hit
                -you might want to get mentaly ready, it's really boring and unfair, so try not to worry about it too much

                • Anonymous

                  In my experience they target the player over the allied Loyce Knights so be weary when healing as several if not all of the Charred Loyce Knights will start to charge towards you and can easily stun-lock you to death

                  • Anonymous

                    If I was good at the game I'd regret not trying to kill more of these guys for their drops, but since I suck so much and die to the king every time, I dont have to worry about not being able to farm them.

                    • Anonymous

                      ok, i was trying to farm the charred loyce knights before the bossfight because they despawn if i kill the Ivory King they despawn after 12 but they started having bullshit targeting.
                      When they spawn they go straight for me ignoring the normal loyce knights and if i am like half arena away from them they go for me.
                      The normal knights are straight up useless dealing low damge and they barely have any aggro.
                      Then charred kinght start piling up and you die because you just get hit by somethign you can't see or by 5 greataxes hittign you while you are healing.

                      This is not just because i suck (i know i suck) but even one of you proplayers that completed the entire soulsborn series first try no damage with broken straight sword SL1 blindfolded with no hands can go to the ivory bossfight and test the targeting of the charred knights

                      • Anonymous

                        Idk what hurts the most for them in our ugs ripostes: the ugs slash or the punch in the ****.

                        You open them to ripostes with attacks that would send other enemies flying backwards, like an ugs r2.

                        • Anonymous

                          I did some math, and I have a rough estimate of 4% drop rate for the loyce souls. Pretty bull**** if you ask me. By the time I had 5 loyce souls, I already had 2 charred loyce shields, 2 charred loyce greatswords, 3 charred loyce helms, 1 charred loyce armor, 1 charred loyce gauntlet, and 2 charred loyce leggings. At least I got some amount of stuff from it. This is without any discovery increase buffs, rings, or armor.

                          • Anonymous

                            I am fairly sure that without any item discovery buffs (gold serpent ring, coins, etc.) the loyce souls have a 4% drop rate, based on what I can tell

                            • Anonymous

                              Those pyromancer ones can kill you with a single stream of fire if you get too close. Kind of BS if you ask me.

                              • Anonymous

                                I found Red Iron Twinblade to work amazingly on them. Every hit stunlocks them, wich can result in almost 4 hit combo kill, with just one-hit hp left with RIT+10 and 40 STR

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you log out while in the old chaos arena area, then log back in, the Charred Loyce Knights will double spawn. At least, this happened to me.

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