Charred Loyce Knight

external image CotIK_enemy_Charred_Loyce_Knight.png
HP 2140
Weakness Lightning
Resistance -
Respawns Yes

Charred Loyce Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Charred Loyce Knight Information 

Corrupted Loyce Knights of the Ivory King, they cast themselves into the Old Chaos in order to seal-off the Flame of Chaos for their dearest Alsanna, the only good Child of the Dark.

They wield various melee weapons as well as pyromancy, fight as a squad, and tend to spawn infinitely until the gates are sealed by the three out of four good Loyce Knights. Once the Burnt Ivory King is defeated, they respawn continueously for the armor set as well as Loyce Soul. Eventually they'll despawn, approx 45 times. The only way to save them is to retrieve their souls and let Alsanna to calm them with her embrace.





Strategy Tips

  • If you are summoned into another player's world as a white phantom to assist with the Burnt Ivory King, the Charred Loyce Knights will still be capable of dropping their entire armor set as well as Loyce souls. This makes it quite easy to farm the set and the souls while still engaging in Jolly Cooperation.
  • Focus on the Pyromancer Knight whenever possible, and always keep moving. The pyromancer tends to separate itself from the pack, but getting swarmed by the melee knights can easily kill you.
  • Time your rolls well and always know where the pyromancer is.


Move Set

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