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To reach this bonfire the player has to use the Eternal Sanctum Key to open the locked door on the left, after the entrance to Dragon's Sanctum, go up 3 ladders and turn right to a bridge, the bonfire is at the end of the bridge. (Warning: Before the player can reach the bonfire, there is a NPC invasion in the bridge).
This is the closest bonfire to the Cave of the Dead.



Bonfire Ascetic Use:

Burning a bonfire ascetic here respawns the following items/enemies/bosses:

  • Bonfire Ascetic x3
  • Brightbug x2
  • Alluring Skull x3
  • Torch x5 (Before Cave of the Dead; Found on a corpse on a ledge in the alcove halfway down the Priestess' Chamber elevator. Alternatively, you can grab these after defeating the area boss as that route leads back around to the elevator alcove)


Burning a bonfire ascetic here spawns the following new items/enemies:

  • Item
  • Item
  • Enemy
  • Enemy


BA/Brightbug Farming:

This area contains 3 respawnable Bonfire Ascetics and 2 Brightbugs, notably making it the most iconic Brightbug / BA farming location in the entire game. Doing so would also net you the Alluring Skulls and Torches, but not as noteworthy seeing how an infinite supply of both can be found from vendors later in the game. Just be ready to take on the 3-man boss battle each time - bring all the AoE damage you can! 

(Chaos dmg absolutely wrecks, a couple of the dlc pyros and lingering flames, swathes, great fireball and DoF and I was set, even the Havel can get decimated fairly quickly, as well as cheese free dmg off the others for the price of 1 cast as it's pretty easy to group them up and even backstab chain granted you have a phantom for aggro drawing. Tested with 32/32 full pyro+bone fist destruction build)

(Alternatively you can brightbug farm at Belfry Luna, though while the Gargoyles may be easier to pick apart this method only nets you a single brightbug each time and zero ascetics, making it more mundane than the former.) 


Notable Summoning/PvP Spots:

Notes :

  • Going down the nearby lift, you can jump to an area mid-way, to find Dark Greatsword and 5x Torches.

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    • Anonymous

      What do you mean "after the entrance to Dragon Sanctum"??? Is it when you enter the building that is referred to as the Dragon Sanctum? Is it the point where you're told you've reached the Dragon Sanctum? Is it the lower entrance by the Lair of the Imperfect? Is it the part after crossing the bridge to the inner Dragon Sanctum? Is it in the Dragon Shrine? You need to provide a location beyond "the entrance to the Dragon Sanctum" where 85% of CotSK takes place, and the other 15% is 5% for each of the doors you can enter it from. Try "City Entrance to the Dragon Sanctum," or "Imperfect's Entrance to the Dragon Sanctum," or "Entrance to the Inner Dragon Sanctum"

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