A tiny bug that produces light. 
Brightbugs are said to comfort the dead, and are found in the marshlands leading to the Undead Crypt.
By ingesting a brightbug just before death, the moment at which they glow most brightly, one attains great power for a short time.
Often utilized as a last-resort for adventurers who have lost their way.
Has no effect in other worlds or for phantoms.

Brightbug is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2. 




  • 20% increase in damage done and 20% decrease in damage received. 
  • The duration of the effect is 120 seconds, not affected by the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
  • Cancels previously applied self buffs (Sacred Oath, Denial). The use of a self buff will also cancel the Brightbug.
  • Cannot be used if a phantom is present, even as a host.




  • Can be purchased from merchant Hag Melentia (at least in limited quantity)
    • Sells 3 Brightbugs for 6000 souls each, The shop will restock (3 Brightbugs ) every time one of the 4 Primal Bonfire bosses are defeated and lastly after defeating Looking Glass Knight. Price goes up each time: 6k, 12k, 18k, 24k, 36k and 48k. If the previous stock has not been purchased beforehand they will leave the inventory in place of the more expensive ones.
  • 1 after the Belfry Gargoyle in the area with the invader
  • Aldia's Keep.
  • Old Iron King DLC, Foyer bonfire: After the lifts are activated, take the first lift upwards. Run, or jump straight forward to a ledge with iron bars, under another ledge. You will find a metal chest containing 2 Brightbugs, and a crystal lizard.
  • 2 in an iron chest in Frozen Eleum Loyce in the room with the once frozen mimic.
  • 2 in a corpse on the floor in Cavern of the Dead (Shulva). Can be farmed with Bonfire ascetics, though  this requires defeating the area boss again.




  • Vendrick may or may not become enraged while using a brightbug.
  • Glitches ---- The brightbug's duration seems to reset each time the player saves, and quits his, or her game.


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    • Anonymous

      22 Feb 2021 12:44  

      Using a pharros mask will make you wet and thus be able to apply the inifinite duration glitch whereever you are

      • Anonymous

        24 Jan 2021 21:23  

        Item ****ing saved me from Fume Knight bossfight. Got my ass pounded 10 or so times, then popped this and beat the dude first attempt.

        • Anonymous

          02 Dec 2020 14:30  

          "Cancels previously applied self buffs (Sacred Oath, Denial). The use of a self buff will also cancel the Brightbug." - this page

          "Stacks with Red Tearstone Ring (x1,255) and Brightbug (x1,2)" - the Sacred Oath page

          which is it?

          • Anonymous

            19 Apr 2020 06:27  

            You can’t summon after using one, but you can use one before you summon. (Atleast with the “Head of Vengarl” outside of nashandra, I’m on SotFS)

            • Anonymous

              02 Oct 2018 09:43  

              they are a godsend! the ultimate hidden weapon, I must admit i don't generally use items in dark souls but when the blue smelter demon repeatedly kicked my hide I needed to look for a tactical edge and the bright bug delivered in spades, beat him first time using this. Instead of summoning (which I don't like myself) try one of these next time you get stuck

              • Anonymous

                28 Jun 2018 10:32  

                I play on ps3 on the latest patch. Why don't brightbugs exist in the game? And yet I see nothing about it? O.o"

                • Anonymous

                  20 Aug 2017 01:18  

                  "*Almost if not doubles attack and splits damage received to about half. "
                  That's not at all true, no idea where they got that from. It's more like 20% more damage done, 20% less damage taken.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Oct 2016 02:38  

                    Tip for anyone doing anything hard at all.

                    Stockpile these. Its outrageous how strong even the weakest weapons can become when you use these. I cant believe i didnt use any during my no death no fires run. Seriously its borderline cheating. 8 hit killed a Ruin Sentinel on NG7

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Aug 2016 04:56  

                      You can buy 1 brightbug for 6000 as soon as you reach FotFG, (later on) 12000, (even more later on) 24000 and finally it caps at 48000. They restock each time the price changes, I've bought them each time and I'm kinda of skeptical if they restock after the price hits 48000 but I'm not 100% sure because I don't really know what causes them to change the prices nor causes them to restock.

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