Alluring Skull


A skull of unknown ownership.
Smashing it releases traces of souls, which can attract nearby foes.
Does not work on all enemies, but can prove useful in unexpected ways.

Alluring Skull is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Can be thrown to attract certain enemies to that position.
  • The definition of "certain enemies" are mindless enemies such as hollows, Lion Clan Warriors and Skeletons.
  • Invaders can use this item to aggro Grave Warden Agdayne in the host's world by luring the Torch Hollow to his place.
  • It lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Affects less enemies than Yearn (i.e Yearn will aggro Rampart Soldiers, lancers and Retainers, but Alluring Skull will not)
  • See Yearn  for further explanation on its mechanics.



  • Small Mummys at Lost Bastille
  • Skeletons near Undead Lockaway bonfire
  • Sweet Shalquoir the Cat sells them in Majula
  • 3 can be found in the King's Passage on the side of one of the walls upon entering (look to the right of the statue of a Knight and his Sword)


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    • Anonymous

      Don't underestimate these! Works wonders on hollow types and skeletons. What would be a gank can be trivialised with either this or the Yearn spell... As long as you don't dawdle.

      • Anonymous

        Very useful if you have trouble fighting Royal rat vanguard early on in the game, specially ay los level with no good amor. Since yearn doesn't work on this rats but skull Will do. Very easy bossfight ir you have bought all 10 from the cat Shalquoir.

        • Anonymous

          Their only real use is for keeping skeletons off your ass for long enough to get run over during the chariot battle

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