"Held in left hand, brightens dark areas. Used to light standing torches in certain areas and scare away some enemies.
Time-limited usage."

Torch is a special item in Dark Souls 2.


The Torch is a new feature to the Dark Souls series and is used in Dark Souls 2 to help with exploration. It has the simple effect of increasing the brightness in low light areas. In darker areas, this lowers the risk of unseen enemies, traps, and pits. However, a downside is that while using the torch, the player is unable to use a left hand slot (weapon/shield/magic); moreover, the torch can only block partially and at a high stamina cost. One can switch the torch away when in combat, though this extinguishes the torch; when you re-equip it, you must re-light it.

Instead of having a torch in your inventory, any torch you obtain in the game adds 5:00 mins to a counter. In this way, as you find torches, your total "torch time" grows, until you start using your torch(es), at which point the timer starts to count down. Consider being judicious with your torches, so that when you really need them, you have enough time. So far, no one seems to sell torches, so that, other than drops by enemies, there is a very finite number in the game.
As you move through the world, there are places to light your torch, and also things you can light with your torch. In particular, there are dark areas/levels (e.g., The Gutter) where you can move from one torch sconce to the next, lighting each as you go. This progressively adds light to the level, and gives you places where you can re-light your torch if you extinguish it (or it gets extinguished) for any reason.

Ways to Light a Torch

  • At a bonfire, toggle from the "Rest at bonfire" message to the "Light the torch" message
  • At a torch sconce which is already lit, select "Light the torch"
  • Use a Flame Butterfly



  • There is one torch in Things Betwixt near the first bonfire behind a wagon.
  • There are several torches you can loot inside the keep in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
  • Dropped by torch wielding enemies.
  • Can also farm using the Bonfire Ascetic in Majula and opening the chest in the manor on the second floor, this will net you 3 torches and 3 titanite shards.
  • 3 on a corpse in Dragon's Sanctum.



  • Other than lighting scones, the torch is only used a couple of times for other things.
  • The torch is also very helpful to spot pitfalls and hidden paths when you walk through dark shallow waters.
  • The torch will also help light your path in the poison mist caverns of Harvest Valley
  • Rolling in flammable pools (The Gutter, Black Gulch) while holding the torch will set them on fire.
  • Being hit with a tar bomb while holding a torch will result in an explosion, causing damage to the player.
  • Lighting a torch while soaked in tar will result in an explosion, causing damage to the player
  • Also beware that rolling in shallow water or walking under waterfalls will extinguish the torch.
  • Increases targeting range of about 1.5x.
  • Usage of a torch upon entering the area in the Undead Crypt near Grave Warden Agdayne causes him to become permanently hostile and unsummonable as a white phantom. He will become friendly again if you absolve your sins.
  • Lighting all sconces in Things Betwixt causes an NPC red phantom to spawn. I don't know if there are other similar secrets elsewhere.
  • The firelight from sconces as well as the torch will make spiders try to run away. They don't seem willing to attack a player holding a torch.
  • Holding a torch also greatly extends the aggro range of enemies. This can prove particularly dangerous in areas filled with ranged enemies, like No Man's Wharf. Another dangerous place to light a torch is Shrine of Amana, doing which will attract Amana Aberrations from a great distance, surprising an unaware player.



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    • Anonymous

      16 Jun 2020 05:30  

      If you light every sconce in the Gutter, it will cause the Gutter Denizen witch lady to spawn near the entrance to Black Gulch. She drops her set on death as a pickup, but make sure she doesn't die on wooden platforms as there's a risk her drop will fall right through the slats and get snuffed out by a bottomless pit.

      • Anonymous

        20 Nov 2019 21:08  

        To conserve torch time scout and kill mobs around the sconces you want to light up then go back to the nearest avaiable place to light your torch and immediatly run to the sconce to light it. Then aftet lighting it immediatly swap your lit torch out (no need to go to inventory, you can also 2hand ur weapon) Rinse and repeat

        • Anonymous

          12 Nov 2019 06:44  

          Umm, I got the torch in Things Betwixed... I then went into that first tunnel to the left and lit the torches as well as killing all the enemies. When I came out where the nest is, my torch disappeared. Now I can't even choose the option to light the torch at a bonfire or any scone I've already lit.

          • Anonymous

            15 Aug 2018 21:08  

            Sotfs BTW It appears at the lower garrison area in the building with two floors but will run full circle to the covetous demon and back to escape/ ambush u

            • Anonymous

              15 Aug 2018 21:06  

              not sure about the accuracy of this... But there is a maldron the assassin GREY phantom that appears in frozen eleum loyce, it has only appeared in 2 of my files. I believe the torches accessing the bone fist area triggers this? The SOB is slippery as hell and will follow you non aggressively until it gets a backstab....

              • 03 Jul 2018 21:57  

                It should be clarified that some torch mechanics are only SOTFS specific. Like the spiders in Brightstone Cove Tseldora are only scared of fire in SOTFS, not the original Dark Souls 2. Also the red phantoms that spawn/invade you when lighting all the torch sconces in an area are only in SOTFS.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Dec 2017 07:57  

                  I'd like to think it does something everywhere. I light every sconce I see. Makes it really easy to tell if I discover an area for the first time, and means I often don't need the torch when revisiting an area.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 May 2017 17:32  


                    It's not in the inventory, because it's "auto-equipped" to one equip slot... A slot which is solely for torch only (you can't unequip the torch/replace with another item)... A timer is written in this "equipped" item.

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