Skeleton Shenanigans: Electric Boogaloo

Here's a PvP build that I have grown quite fond of. It's mostly melee, but retains some of the fun of spell casting, without going completely overboard with the 1k+ damage magic. Effective against most other builds I have experienced.
This build leaves room for challenge, while offering very high and relentless damage output.

Shaping the Skeleton

  • Class: Warrior or Knight
  • SL: 130 - 140
  • VGR: 26
  • END:26
  • VIT: 27
  • ATN: ...
  • STR: 40
  • DEX: 20
  • ADP: ...
  • INT: ...
  • FTH: 40



How To Play

I'll just go through some of the equipment advantages, and how / when to use them.

Thorned Greatsword

This sword is a BEAST. The move-set rocks, and the strong attacks rocks even more. The strong attacks fires a lightning bolt similar to the miracles. It's a little weaker, but much faster and subtle. Successful two-handed strong attacks can deal 300 - 400 damage, in addition to the fact that the sword can also still hit, making it possible to hit for 1k damage. It has SO many uses. Fleeing, estus sipping, distancing, whatever, just fire a bolt away or two.
Using the Sunlight Blade makes it harder to determine that your charging a deadly bolt of lightning up, so it can many times take the opponent by surprise.

Drangleic and Rebel Shield

Simply, use the Drangleic shield for melee focused opponents, and the Rebel's Greatshield for spell focused opponents. Enjoy watching mages panicking as their Crystal Soulspear does next to nothing on your HP when you block it. Extremely useful for people trying yo nuke you regardless of blocking or not.


Simply pop Sunlight Blade and Great Magic Barrier when you are about to begin a duel / fight. Great Magic Barrier adds some sweet additional protection against spell users, and sunlight blade simply just makes your already deadly sword even deadlier. Alternatively, you may ditch the Magic Barrier spells, and add something like Sunlight Spear (after Skeptic's Spice usage), or other spells. However I disencourage this, as this build should focus primarily on the Thorned Greatsword.

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      The broad range of equipment and defense here is really cool. Would have loved to encounter this build back when DS II was active.

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