Sunlight Spear

Spell Type



55 faith

Attunement SlotsSlots Used

2 Slot

Spell Uses



Short to Long Range

Sunlight Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Miracle, you must use a chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracle.



"A miracle that launches a spear of sunlight.
Powered with immense wondrous souls.

One of the ancient original miracles, said to have existed from infancy of the very world."

Acquired From

  • Reaching rank 3 in the Heirs of the Sun covenant (after offering 30 Sunlight Medals). You can acquire this spell only once per character, NG cycles do not apply to covenant rewards.



  • Hurled bolt of lightning, considerably faster cast than its Dark Souls counterpart, more powerful than Lightning Spear and Great Lightning Spear. This spell has a small AoE that will affect the original target and enemies that stand close to the original target. If the enemy is in any body of water, it will conduct a stronger AoE that will also affect enemies within the blast radius. The highest damaging miracle in game.
  • With 65 faith, Lightning Dragon Chime +5, Sun Seal and Lightning Clutch Ring it deals approx 1400-1800 damage.
    Knocks back the target.
  • ?


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    • Anonymous

      15 May 2020 10:55  

      For faith build, disc chime give +3% miracles, ring sunlight convenant give +5% Also i have 77 with those booster and this spear give 2200 in water against mastodont :)

      • Anonymous

        15 May 2020 10:53  

        If u are a faith build u can also use old iron crown from the dlc, give 20% of spells each 2 minutes, very good for pvp also(if u have some long fights)

        • Anonymous

          19 Apr 2020 02:01  

          1.falconner drop it multi-player, it's impossible to drop spell. Still in ps3:soldat755 for some multi-player

          • Anonymous

            05 Mar 2020 13:00  

            What a lot of people don’t know is that some of the clutch rings affect specific damage types that you wouldn’t expect in the first place. It says to use the lightning clutch ring when in fact the datk clutch ring gives the same effect as well as stack with the lightning clutch ring simply because dark offcourse is affected by faith as well. If you’re not certain what items help you buff your spells just press triangle (on ps4) in the equip section to check the effect it had on your weapon stat. Also, if you keep your maximum equip load low (since a mage build doesn’t require a high max equip load anyway) you can gain a huge benefit from using flynn’s ring as well.

            • Anonymous

              28 Dec 2019 15:36  

              So this spell is pretty much 'one-per-game' no matter how many times you NG+ etc the game, is this correct?

              • 15 Aug 2018 15:43  

                Is anyone interested do some Sunbro Co-op? I play on both PC (SOTFS) and on PS3 (Vanilla). I have several characters in different levels, from low ones till 17 million soul memory. My nick on PC is: King_Havel And on PS3 is: Dastiefeleid666 Praise the Sun! \o/

                • Anonymous

                  12 Aug 2018 07:43  

                  I'm playing SOTFS on PC. My nickname is King_Havel. SL 41 (16 million souls). Please reach me out if you need to farm sunlight medals or help me getting some for myself. Cheers!

                  • Anonymous

                    16 May 2018 19:57  

                    I recently play and get Platinum, this fckn miracle was tooooo hard to get! (people still playing it and I forgot to do coop constantly) I farmed Sunlight medals with the Falconers xD

                    Oh, and for the lazy people here, the medals and the Sunlight Spear cannot be dropped for other players!

                    GIT GUD

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Apr 2018 01:23  

                      That's the sad thing about locking content behind covenant ranks. Barely anybody plays the game anymore, so it's pretty much impossible to get that stuff...

                      • Anonymous

                        One shot Spear06 Sep 2016 05:37  

                        Shield chime in your left for increased damage, Dragon Chime+5 in your right, Sunlight Cov. Ring, and lightning clutch ring .

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