Miracles in Dark Souls II are a type of Magic that mostly Heals or Buffs a player. Most Miracle spells are self-buffs which augments the user's effectiveness in battle. The catalysts for casting miracles are called Chimes. Most Miracle spells deal Lightning Damage as well, and these spells primarily scale with Faith. Lightning damage increases with the Faith stat. The soft cap for lightning damage is 40 Faith.

What are Miracles in Dark Souls 2

Miracles are spells that primarily deal Heals, Buffs, and Defense to a player. Some of its spells have offensive capabilities as well and they have high damage output, but most of the spells will focus on buffing the player in some way. A certain amount of Faith and a Chime as a catalyst is needed in order to cast most Miracles, though there are weapons like the Mace of the Insolent and Black Witch's Staff that can also cast miracle spells.

Most Miracles tend to use Lightning-based attacks. Most enemies you'll encounter throughout your journey in the main story are not resitant to Lightning damage, so having a reliable form of elemental Lightning damage can always be useful. Take advantage of Waterlogged enemies as they can take more damage from lightning.


Best Miracles in Dark Souls 2

  • Sunlight Blade - This spell coats the player's weapon in lightning, dealing lightning damage whenever the weapon is used to attack. This is great for having an extra boost to your damage output.
  • Sunlight Spear - This spell is the final evolution of the Lightning Spear, this spell is best for opponents who tend to keep their distance. This spell has a small AoE that will affect the original target and enemies close to the target. If the enemy is in any body of water, it will conduct a stronger AoE that will also affect enemies within the blast radius. The highest damaging miracle in the game.
  • Great Heal - A good healing spell is essential for any miracle user. The Great Heal can used by just about any builds as it only requires a few points put into Faith and Attunement. This spell casts instant heal to recover HP instantly, useful when you've encountered a tough opponent and you're in a situation where you can't die just yet.
  • Bountiful Sunlight - This spell also casts healing to the user, but instead of healing instantly, it heals over time. It grants 850 health in 120 seconds. This spell is useful for going against a tough opponent or you can cast it before entering a boss fight to mitigate some damage.
  • Wrath of the Gods - This spell grants the player to explode with force, pushing away opponents who are up close. This spell is useful when you are up against multiple opponents. This miracles also deals high damage since it scales with Faith.



All Miracles in Dark Souls 2

Quick Search of All Miracles in Dark Souls 2

Name Uses icon attunement icon faith Description Acquired From Type
3-6 1 12 A healing miracle widely used by clerics. Slightly restores HP. (Heals caster and nearby allies for 500 HP.)
To use miracles, equip a sacred chime and attune a miracle at a bonfire.

Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt and Merchant Hag Melentia for 1,500 souls. Starting Miracle for the Cleric.

AoE Heal
med heal
Med Heal
2-4 1 18 Superior spell to Heal. Restores HP. (Heals caster and nearby allies for 850 HP.)
The strength of miracles are influenced by one's faith.
Miracles are tales of the Gods passed down long ago, but only a small number of the original tomes remain in their entirety, and most that exist are restorations.
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt  for 3,000 souls. AoE Heal
great heal excerpt
Great Heal Excerpt
1-3 1 14 A highly advanced miracle. An excerpt from the Great Heal tome. Greatly restores HP. Its effect is the same as Great Heal, but has limited uses. (Heals caster for 1300 HP.)
The erudite Great Heal tome requires extensive training to properly interpret, making it accessible to only a select few.
(Requires less Faith than Great Heal at the cost of fewer casts.)
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt for 4,500 souls. AoE Heal
great heal
Great Heal
3-6 1 28 A glorious miracle only accessible to a small minority of clerics. Greatly restores HP. (Heals caster and nearby allies for 1300 HP.)
Only a select few have learned to recite this epic romance in its entirety, but those who do are amply rewarded.
Acquired from Cromwell the Pardoner for 8,000 souls, Grave of Saints. AoE Heal
soothing sunlight
Soothing Sunlight
2-4 2 52 Heals caster and nearby allies for 1000 hp. Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt after killing her with crushed eye orb. Long-Range AoE Heal
2-5 1 16 An intermediate miracle. Gradually restores HP. (Slow health regeneration for 120 seconds. 840HP Total)
This miracle is used by the resolute Lindelt cleric knights when fighting on the front lines.
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt and Cromwell the Pardoner for 3,000 souls. Self Heal
resplendent life
Resplendent Life
2-5 2 25 A great miracle used by highly-ranked clerics. Slowly restores a large amount of HP. (Heals for 840 HP over 60 seconds.)
Cleric Forsalle of Lindelt was a master of miracles who fought battles across the lands. His allies called him a holy knight, but his enemies feared him for his "demonic powers".
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt and Straid of Olaphis for 4,500 souls. Self
bountiful sunlight
Bountiful Sunlight
2-5 3 38 Heals you and nearby allies for 840 hp over 120 seconds. Acquired from Blue Sentinels  (Rank 3), Chancellor Wellager  on NG++ for 11,000 souls. AoE Heal
caressing prayer
Caressing Prayer
4-15 1 15 An elementary miracle for clerics. Purifies the body, removing all poison.
Affects both the caster and nearby allies.
This spell was recently developed, and may not be an authentic miracle.
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt  and Cromwell the Pardoner for 2,000 souls. AoE Status Heal
10-20 1 12 An elementary miracle. Releases a shockwave that staggers foes.
Pushes nearby foes back, but leaves them unhurt. Does not directly cause damage, but can be highly effective with a little ingenuity.
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt  and Cromwell the Pardoner for 1,800 souls. Short-Range
wrath of the gods
Wrath of the Gods
1-3 1 30 Fast casting force spell that deals high damage in a bubble around you. Acquired from Blue Sentinels (Rank 2), Chancellor Wellager  on NG++ for 8,200 souls. AoE
emit force
Emit Force
4-10 1 20 A miracle derived from Force. Emits a forward-moving shockwave.
Throughout history, there have been many examples of imitative miracles. When discerning original from imitator is nigh on impossible, which is which hardly matters.

Acquired from Blue Sentinel Targray and Cromwell the Pardoner for 4,200 souls, No-Man's Wharf.

Ranged AoE
heavenly thunder
Heavenly Thunder
4-12 1 17 Emits lightning in random directions. Scholars bicker over whether this is the original Lightning Spear, or a derivative.
One can never gain full control of the power of the Gods, but with a little favor from lady luck, this spell will destroy your foes.
Acquired from Blue Sentinel Targray and Cromwell the Pardoner for 3,300 souls. Close-range AoE
lightning spear
Lightning Spear
3-15 1 22 A miracle that launches a spear of lightning. Said to be the legacy of an ancient clan whose leader was revered as the God of Sun. (Patch: Reduced uses to 3 but increased damage. Damage needs confirmation)
The name of the clan has been lost to time, but the gross incandescence of our magnificent father shall never wane.
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt  for 6,000 souls, Earthen Peak. Ranged Attack
great lightning spear
Great Lightning Spear
2-10 1 42 A miracle that launches a great light spear.
(Patch: Reduced uses to 3 but increased damage. Damage needs confirmation)
Acquired from Straid of Olaphis for 13,000 souls after obtaining the King's Ring, The Pit, Undead Crypt. Ranged attack
sunlight spear
Sunlight Spear
3-6 2 55 Lightning spear class of miracles have relatively long cast time, but rank among the highest single target damage spells, also cause very small AoE effect. Acquired from Heirs of the Sun (Rank 3). Ranged attack
soul appease
Soul Appease
4-5 1 19 Aoe spell that causes high damage to hollow enemies, but no damage to anything not hollow.

Acquired from Stone Trader Chloanne and Grave Warden Agdayne for 8,800 souls.

Large AoE
blinding bolt
Blinding Bolt
4-8 1 65 Fires a small ball of light in front of the caster. If it comes in contact with anything it dissipates, causing small damage. If it comes to a full stop, it will explode in a flurry of bolts. Acquired from Straid of Olaphis with the Old King Soul and 10,000 souls.  Mid-Range AoE
magic barrier
Magic Barrier
2-5 1 14 Increases magic, lightning, fire and dark defense by 150 for 90 seconds. Acquired from Head of Vengarl  for 2,700 souls, Felkin the Outcast. AoE buff
great magic barrier
Great Magic Barrier
1-3 1 28 Increases magic, lightning, fire and dark defense by 250 for 90 seconds. Acquired from Chancellor Wellager for 9,300 souls, Drangleic Castle. Self buff
1 1 18 A miracle that returns its caster to the last bonfire rested at. Traditionally, its destination was the caster's homeland.
The curse slowly erodes one's memory, until even one's birthplace is reduced to a figment of a clouded past. But the bonfires are constant, a beacon for the tragically afflicted.
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt for 2,400 souls. Utility
10-20 1 12 A miracle created to help those who have lost their way. Reveals more messages from other worlds.
Countless worlds loosely overlap, and at the seams of contact, kindred souls, who have lost their way, call out to one another with fleeting messages of hope.
Acquired from Licia of Lindeldt  for 3,700 souls. Self Buff
sacred oath
Sacred Oath
3-6 4 25 Increases physical attack damage by 50, and physical defense by 75 for the caster and nearby allies. Lasts 60 seconds. Acquired from Straid of Olaphis with the Soul of Velstadt and 3,000 souls. AoE buff
4-15 1 13 Casts red orb above your head that flies towards the location of the nearest enemy/invader. Acquired from Straid of Olaphis for 2,200 souls.  Utility
4-15 1 15 Increases resistance against poison and bleed by 15%, petrify and curse by 30%, lasts 60 seconds. Acquired from Cromwell the Pardoner for 3,500 souls. Self buff
sunlight blade
Sunlight Blade
1-3 1 36 Buffs weapon by adding lightning damage, lasts 90 seconds. Acquired from Straid of Olaphis for 12,400 souls after obtaining the King's Ring, Shrine of Amana. Weapon buff

Dark Souls II DLC Miracles

No new miracles were added with the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC.
Name Uses
icon attunement
icon faith
Description Acquired From Cost Type


1-2 3 24 An ancient miracle owed to the cardinal of Shulva.
Challenge fate one time when HP reaches 0.
Originally intended to grant the dying a few moments for a final farewell.
Dragon's Sanctum - Support

splintering lightning spear
Splintering Lightning Spear

2 1 50 "Developed from a primal miracle. Launch splintering spears of lightning."
CatalystSacred Chime.
DLC: Crown of the Ivory King.
Near the second Bonfire.
- Attack

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    • Anonymous

      One IMPORTANT DETAIL about miracles: cast on-self miracles DO NOT STACK, they OVERRIDE EACH OTHER!!!! For example, casting Resplendent Life on top of Sacred Oath will cancel the Sacred Oath's buffs. I did not test with all miracles and this might also apply to sorceries and pyromancies. I recommend testing combos before going ahead. This was not obvious to me at least and has caused severe hollowing upon my being. Good luck on your journey!

      • Anonymous

        I’ve done 2,000 damage to a guy in full gavels with one heavenly thunder before in pvp. It’s about spamming heavenly thunder and then baiting them into a sunlight spear, emit force (which has really dumb tracking and can even ignore iframes sometimes because it’s scuffed), or blinding bolt, wrath of the gods, which you then keep them away with another heavenly thunder after.

        You have to play it as an anorexic health low endurance build. But as frail as Jesus was, his miracles were the ****.

        • i'm with 30 faith and any miracle does minuscule damage to any enemy what should i do? the only miracle that is good for me is "denial" as healing miracles are replaceable with so many healing items in this game

          • Anonymous

            The Miracle achievement is so annoying. I did the Hexew first and all was good. But now for Miracles i have to wait hours just to get 3 miracles. Or play the games 3 times to get 2 instead of waiting. Come on. That sucks

            • Anonymous

              They need to balance the attack miracles in this game. They nerf'd the hell out of them so not only do they do crap for damage, but crap for # of uses. Lightning spear for instance, if they have it doing Soul arrow damage then give it a usage like Greater soul arrow (15-20 instead of 3-5) that way a pure miracle build can still do something to justify their dedication. Makes sense miracles are not as powerful as Sorcery, Pyromancy and Hexes. but don't completely handicap a pure Miracle build. Make Lightning Spear do Soul arrow damage and have usage like GSA, Great Lightning Spear do Heavy Soul Arrow damage and have 5-8 uses (close to Fireball) and Sunlight Spear do GHSA damage but have 3-5 uses...

              This makes these abilities somewhat useful while still keeping the theme of Miracles being more support, thus having weaker attacks.

              • Anonymous

                the otherwise useless miracles on ds1 or ds3 are very good on this game (stuff like homeward or the healing miracles)

                • Anonymous

                  is it possible for me to miss a spell with one character and get it with another character but miss a different spell and still get the achievement? i don't have sunlight spear but if i start a new character and get it but miss the late game ones will i get the achievement?

                  • Anonymous

                    man, can somebody say to me how to get more charges on the miracles? i have only 3 on my lightining spear and this is really sad

                    • Anonymous

                      Are the servers dead? I cant log onto the servers for xbone and im currently trying to get the medals by helping my friend as a sunbro

                      • I always thought those "looking for sunbro co-op" comments were annoying. Well now that I literally only have Sunlight Spear to get in order to finish all achievements and I'm losing my sanity farming falconer knights, I'm beginning to understand the mindset behind those comments...

                        • Anonymous

                          Fucc FROM! Why would they reduce the number of uses at all? It already had less casts than sorcery and sorcery does too high damage in comparison. Light ing spear is weaker than great heavy soul arrow, they have similar cast time, but here’s the kicker, you get more than triple the casts for great heavy soul arrow which again does more damage. More enemies are weak or neutral to magic because most enemies where light or heavy armour often lacking in magic defense. Did I mention sorcery has lower requirements and often has faster cast times and in some cases 10 times the number of casts? It’s ridiculous. Let’s say great soul arrow does half the damage as lightning spear and lightning spear does 200 damage. That means great soul arrow does 100 damage. Even though it does half the damage it has 5x the casts so lightning spear only adds up to 600 damage while great soul arrow does 1500 damage assuming every hit lands. What’s more ridiculous is that I rounded lightning spear’s damage up while rounding great soul arrows damage down. Against a heide knight who was weaker to lightning than magic lightning spear only did 198 damage while just an ordinary soul arrow did 120 something damage. Even more ridiculous is the fact that I had double my faith than intelligence(22 fth 10-11 intelligence at the time). Another thing, soul arrow has the same range as lightning spear in my experience but soul arrow has mild damage reduction when shooting from afar while lightning soear loses more than 50% of damage from the same range. It’s beyond ridiculous and they decided to nerf miracles?! If they should nerf anything it’s sorceries. Sorry about the rant but my favorite part any ds game is magic, espescially miracles but it’s been so unbalanced simce day one. They fixed the cast problem in ds3 but sorcery is still superior in damage and cost but it’s less effective against enemies than lightning now and they have more equal requirements making it a lot better than it used to be.

                          • Anonymous

                            So I'm kind of confused about Resplendent Life and Bountiful sunlight. Is Resplendent Life supposed to heal at a faster rate but with the disadvantage of it being that it's only a SELF buff?

                            • Anonymous

                              I'm playing SOTFS on PC. My nickname is King_Havel. SL 41 (16 million souls). Please reach me out if you need to farm medals or help me getting some for myself. Cheers!

                              • Anonymous

                                to the anonymous that thinks faith builds are trash .Maybe in PvP think faith is still very much viable especially in Pve . Just needs some different abilities . heavenly thunder is still a great aoe . as is soul appease. . and dont forget that healing spells imo . are better healing than estus , and for pvp you can use fast weapons and buff it good :D

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