Emerald Herald

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?? 0 Majula Aged Feather

Emerald Herald is an NPC in Dark Souls 2



Emerald Herald Information

  • The Emerald Herald serves as the player's means of leveling up, replacing the Bonfires of Dark Souls in this respect.
  • She gives the player an Estus Flask upon introducing herself. Bringing her Estus Flask Shards will increase the total amount of flasks that you can hold.
  • She gives the player the Aged Feather when spoken to upon arrival in Dragon Aerie.
  • The Emerald Herald's real name is Shanalotte, a name given to her by the Ancient Dragon. She was created specifically to break the undead curse, but her creators failed and she did not come out as intended. It is possible that she was the result of one of Aldia's experiments. She also mentions that she is the one who draws the Undead to Drangleic in order to find the one who will break the curse and accomplish her purpose.
  • Royal Sorcerer Navlaan tells the player many people believe the Emerald Herald is the last firekeeper, though this is unlikely, seeing as she is not disfigured like the other firekeepers, nor does she stay in Majula to watch over the flame. Navlaan will also say she is sometimes known as the "Muse."
  • The end-game credits tells that there is a voice actress for Young (Child) and Old (Not mentioned, it was blank.) Shanalotte. Could she be the Firekeeper from the CG intro? She tells us that it's her own manifestation who bring us in Drangleic.
  • Child voice is in the Dragon Aerie. Normal voice everywhere else.




She is near the bonfire.

Drangleic Castle
She stands at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the Castle's entrance.

Undead Crypt
She stands at the top of the stairs leading to Vendrick as soon as the player grabs the King's Ring

Dragon Aerie
She looks at the Aerie, easily noticeable when coming out of the elevator which leads to this area.

Throne of Want
She stands to the left past the Drangleic Castle King's Gate, before the long path leading to the throne.




  1. Aged Feather




- When first met
Are you…the next monarch?
Or… Merely a pawn of fate?
Bearer of the curse…
I will remain by your side. Till this frail hope shatters…
Take this with you. May it ease your journey.
Go on, and see the King.
He who made Drangleic what it once was; he who peered at the essence of the soul.
King Vendrick.

- When talking a second time
Bearer of the curse, seek misery.
For misery will lead you to greater, stronger souls.
You will never meet the King with a soul so frail and pallid.

- When talking a third time
Seek those whose names are unutterable, the four endowed with immense souls.
Their souls will serve as beacons.
Once you have found them, return here to me.
So that hope will not fade away.

- When talking to her to open the interaction menu
Bearer of the curse…
Seek souls. Larger, more powerful souls.
Seek the King, that is the only way.
Lest this land swallow you whole… As it has so many others.

- When talking to her to open the interaction menu while holding an Estus Shard
Is that a shard you've found?
Here, let me see it. So that I may help you.
To see light, to see hope…
However faint it might be…

- When talking to her to open the interaction menu after obtaining a Great Soul
You have acquired the soul of an Old One.
That is more than most Undead can say.

- When talking to her to open the interaction menu after obtaining two Great Souls
The soul and the curse are one and the same.
Your soul has grown stronger still.
I only hope it brings you what you wish.

- When talking to her to open the interaction menu after obtaining three Great Souls
Proceed, bearer of the curse.
It is the only choice left to you.

- When talking to her to open the interaction menu after obtaining the Four Great Souls
You are blessed with a myriad of souls.
Bearer of the curse, make your way to the castle.

- When talking to her to open the interaction menu after going to Drangleic Castle
Bearer of the curse. I will always be at your side.
Until hope has fully withered…

- Using 'Talk' option
Over the hill and past the forest is the King's castle.
Where a man peered straight into the essence of the soul.
But what ever came of it…

- Using 'Talk' option
Those who come to Drangleic seeking salvation soon lose hope, and turn Hollow.
It happens to them all, sooner or later.
That blue knight at the base of the tower… His spirit is already broken.
Although he does offer sound advice.
Perhaps he is a foreshadowing of your own future?

- Using 'Talk' option
That tiny thing inside the ruins…
An ancient being that will mock your very existence.
She imparts sound wisdom.
Provided you find her on a good day…

- Using 'Talk' option
The sign you bear will drain your very souls…
And without souls, you will turn Hollow.
Stay strong, do not lose hope.
Even when you have precious little time.

- Using 'Talk' option
For when the Undead dies, it is never truly dead, but only one step closer to Hollowing.
Not all Undead are Hollows, but all Hollows were once Undead.

- Using 'Talk' option
If you find an Estus Shard, bring it to me.
So that I may ease your burden.

- When met outside of Drangleic Castle having opened the Shrine of Winter through Soul Memory
Your soul is still frail and pallid…
If you proceed regardless, your fate will be more terrible than mere life or death.
But I will not stop you, if that is your heart's desire.

- When met outside of Drangleic Castle having obtained the four Great Souls
This castle is isolated.
But nonetheless, you must forge on.
To bring an end to your journey…and mine.
End your journey…and mine.

- When alking a second time outside of Drangleic Castle

- When met in the Undead Crypt
This ring is the symbol of the King.
Use it to gain passage, through the King's Gate…
…and venture to the far east…
Bearer of the curse, if you are to be the next monarch,
Then, one day, you will walk those grounds…
…without really knowing why.

- When talking a second time in the Undead Crypt

- When met at the Dragon Aerie
Bearer of the curse.
Long have I awaited one such as you, one who might shatter the shackles of fate.
One who can set me free.
Bearer of the curse, it was my own manifestation that led you here.
The ancient dragon has watched over the world for aeons past.
Take this.
Do not resist. The dragon welcomes you.

- When talking a second time at the Dragon Aerie

- When met at the stairs leading to the Throne of Want
My journey is already complete.
My name is Shanalotte.
The dragon gave me this name, for I was born with none.
I was born of dragons, contrived by men.
By ones who would cozen fate herself… They are the ones who created me.
But they failed.
I did not come out as intended.
Fate would not be bested, and men were cursed once again.
If you proceed, Nashandra will come after you.
Knowing that you will take the throne, and link the fire.
She covets the First Flame, and the Great Soul.
Put Nashandra to rest.

- When talking a second time on the stairs leading to the Throne of Want

- Ending voice-over
You, who link the fire, you, who bear the curse…
Once the fire is linked, souls will flourish anew, and all of this will play out again.
It is your choice…To embrace, or renounce this…
Great Sovereign, take your throne.
What lies ahead, only you can see.

- When attacked
What are you…?
If that is your wish…




  • She serves a role similar to the Maiden in black from demons souls, Dark souls 3 would later use a similar NPC for leveling up.


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    • Anonymous

      05 Apr 2021 15:54  

      Is Emerald Herald blind? I know the firekeepers a blind but I don't think the herald is a firekeeper herself, although she never looks in your direction while talking to you

      • Anonymous

        06 Mar 2021 01:06  

        I used her as a test dummy for my sorcerer and ended up killing her. At least I found out that spell headshots deal quite a lot of damage.

        • Anonymous

          30 Aug 2020 07:58  

          I started the series on DS3 and I killed Emerald Herald after beating around 8 bosses in total and unlike in DS3, she does not respawn after reloading the area. Is it that much of a big deal or is it playable after her death ? No matter what you say I will not restart, too far into the game now, just want to hear your opinions or any advice you may have.

          • Anonymous

            25 Aug 2020 11:01  

            I poisoned her with the moon butterfly attire and now she wont talk to me or let me use the bonfire??? lmao

            • Anonymous

              23 Aug 2020 21:54  

              When she mentions "that tiny thing inside the ruins… an ancient being that will mock your very existence." What is she talking about?

              • Anonymous

                23 Jul 2020 10:33  

                so who was she? who conceived her, what for? am I understanding this right, she was created when some people had sex with dragon? why is she guiding the mc?

                • Anonymous

                  26 May 2020 16:42  

                  I like how "Emerald Dragon Longsword" os currently listed as one of the drops. Nice reference, but will probably be edited soon.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Aug 2019 15:35  

                    So i think i stumbled upon a major glitch or mechanic in the game. One day emerald harald disappeated. Never touched the chick and had no tombstone. Then the cat disappeared too. So i went along in my gameplay for sometime with no resolve. At some point i realized. What is this crushed eye orb thing? I looked it up and realized that i got it in the undead crypt. And thats around the time they disappeared. So i went and invaded licia with the crushed eye. Beat her. And when i came back they were both back. I also had aquired a sin before i had even envaded licia and wondered how that happened. Sense i play offline only and never killed or toched any npc. Maybe as soon as you get the eye. It counts as sin? I cleared my sin and it cost nothing. I guess ur 1st one is free? I did this before i invaded licia. And after i beat her i went to pardon my sin and there was no sin to pardon. Im thinking this is a glitch or a very strange game mechanic. Does emerald harald and the cat disappear if u are a sinner? Either way. If you have a missing herald. Maybe try this? I am playing on ps4. SOTFS edition. With the latest update.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Jun 2019 16:37  

                      "The end-game credits tells that there is a voice actress for Young (Child) and Old (Not mentioned, it was blank.) Shanalotte. Could she be the Firekeeper from the CG intro? She tells us that it's her own manifestation who bring us in Drangleic." Something else that supports this theory is that, in the opening cinematic, the firekeeper says "Without really knowing why". Emerald Herald says the exact same phrase to you in Undead Crypt after picking up the King's Ring.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Jan 2019 23:47  

                        *****...I wore the Moon Butterfly set standing beside her and now she’s dead. That’s pretty much the end of my game I guess.

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