Dragon Torso Stone


A stone containing the strength of dragons. Transforms the body into a roaring dragon, an effect that remain until death.
The Zealots who sought everlasting life are said to have conducted rites to imbue stones with the strength of dragons, but the truth of such claims is questionable.

Dragon Torso Stone is a special covenant item in Dark Souls 2.





  • Grants the armor, gloves, and leggings of the Black Dragon Armor.
  • Using the stone again makes the player roar; using up a large amount of stamina, slightly staggering enemies, and giving the player a damage boost for about 6 seconds.
  • The roar does not break objects.





  • Helmet is received from the Dragon Head Stone which is earned at rank 1 of the Dragon Remnants.
  • Cannot be removed until the wearer dies.
  • Very light armor.
  • Damage boost works with Pyromancies, Hexes, Miracles, and Sorceries.
  • The damage buff of the roar is affected by the Lingering Dragoncrest ring.


Effect Showcase


Aged Feather  ♦  Binoculars  ♦  Darksign  ♦  Dragon Head Stone  ♦  Hello Carving  ♦  I'm Sorry Carving  ♦  Petrified Egg  ♦  Rubbish  ♦  Thank You Carving  ♦  Tools and Calculators  ♦  Torch  ♦  Very Good! Carving

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