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Type Attribute
Effect Increases your HP, hit points.

Vigor is an Attribute in Dark Souls 2. Vigor determines your character's Health and Petrify Resistance. Attributes can be increased by assigning points into them when Leveling Up.


Vigor Information

  • An attribute that determines health points (HP).
  • Raises HP: 30 per point (0-20), 20 per point (21-50), 5 HP per point (51-99).
  • Raises petrify resistance (PR): 0.25 PR per point (0-25), 0.65 per point (26-99).
  • Note: Base HP at 0 Vigor is 500 HP
  • The Swordsman begins with the lowest Vigor at 4 and the Knight starts with the highest Vigor at 12.
  • Your maximum HP will diminish by 5% every time you die up until it caps at 50% of your maximum HP. Using a Human Effigy will remove this penality until you die again, bringing you back to 95% of your maximum HP and so on.
  • Being summoned (White Soapstone or Small White Soapstone) and fulfilling your duty will also restore your humanity and Maximum HP%.
  • Being Cursed will reduce your maximum HP by 5% without killing you, while Petrification will kill you and reduce your maximum HP by 20% instead of 5%.


Vigor Data Table

Vigor Level HP gain per level
4-19 30
20-49 20
50-98 5

Leveling any stat other than Vigor automatically grants +2 HP until 20, then +1 HP until 50 (then 0 until 99)

Items Related to Vigor

Ring of Binding
Ring of Binding

Limits HP reduction when Hollowing by 25%, and stops HP reduction at 80% of max HP instead of 50%.

Life Ring

Increases HP by 5%, 7.5% (+1), 12.5% (+2), 15% (+3).

First/Second/Third Dragon Ring
Increases HP by 3.5%, 5% (+1), 7,5% (+2) as well as stamina and equip load.

Blue Seal

Increases HP by 3% and while in the Way of the Blue covenant, allows players in the Blue Sentinels covenant to assist you when invaded by another player. (No longer requires the ring to be worn as of patch 1.0.4)

Various armor pieces also affect your Vigor:


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    • Anonymous

      Just reading up before playing. You are punished for dying? Losing maximum HP on death? That's a negative feedback loop. I better get gud

      • Anonymous

        What's there to say? It's Vigor. At levels 1-20 you get 30 HP per level, at 21-50 you get 20 HP per level and at 51-99 you get 5 HP per level. That's 600 HP for the first tier, 600 HP for the second tier and 245 HP for the third tier. This means that getting your Vigor to 20 is a good idea for most builds, given that it gives you the largest HP bonus. From there Vigor is always a good place to put a level or two into now and then unless you're very good at not taking damage. Vigor is far more effective at increasing your HP than leveling other attributes: having any other attribute at 20 is good for only 40 HP, which is only 2 points of Vigor at 21-50. Having a skill at 50 only adds 30 HP to that amount, which again is very easy to get with Vigor. Past that point you don't get any HP, while 50+ Vigor at least gives you something. Note that leveling up Vigor past 50 is a waste of souls that would be spent better anywhere else. Vigor also adds to Petrification resistance, but it's not much. At 1-20 Vigor the gains are 2 points of resistance per level, but you don't get your payout until every four levels. Past 20 this drops to only a quarter of a point, but this keeps going until 99. Adaptability gives you far more points per level (around 8 at 1-20 and around 1 every level past 20), so this is only a supplementary source of Petrification resistance.

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