An attribute that determines health points (HP).
  • Raises HP: 30 per point (0-20), 20 per point (21-50), 5 HP per point (51-99).
  • Raises petrify resistance (PR): 0.25 PR per point (0-25), 0.65 per point (26-99).
  • Note: Base HP at 0 Vigor is 500 HP
  • The Swordsman begins with the lowest Vigor at 4 and the Knight starts with the highest Vigor at 12.
  • Your maximum HP will diminish by 10% when you die and respawn but will not go below 50% of your maximum HP. Use the
Ring of Binding
ring of binding.png
Ring of Binding

    • Limits HP reduction when Hollowing by 25%, and stops HP reduction at 80% of max instead of 50%
    • Durability: 130
    • Weight: 0.2
    • Obtained from Cathedral of Blue

to limit this to 75%.
  • Being cursed will reduce your maximum HP by the equivalent of one death, which is 10% of your total health. You can be cursed multiple times and in succession, as unlike previous games being cursed does not kill you - only reduces your health pool as well as turn you hollow.
  • Maximum HP % can be restored with the use of a
Human Effigy
  • Being summoned (
White Soapstone
Small White Soapstone
) and fulfilling your duty will also restore your humanity and Maximum HP%.
  • Leveling any stat other than Vigor automatically grants +2 HP until 20, then +1 HP until 50 (then 0 until 99)
  • The
Life Ring
life ring.png
Life Ring

+2 equipped with the
Third Dragon Ring
adds 20% HP to your maximum.
  • Equipping armor that increases certain stats, such as The
Black Hood
, also increases max hp, by the amount similar to if you actually leveled up that stat.

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